Thursday, April 27, 2006

Babe on TV

Guess the talk of the town now is election, election and election.

So no suprise you are seeing an unusual amount of publicity of a particular party on TV during the news.

Yesterday was a TV day for me.

During the news it shows one of our minister doing his walk about talking to some people eating away at a coffee shop. A scene in the news show him talking to rather happening babe wearing spagetti top. Haa... and it was show in almost all the news on TV5, 8, Channel U and Channel News Asia....

I wonder is being a babe is one of the criterial for the editor when he/she decide what scene to show during the news?

Food for thought..........


Yesterday I witnessed something on the MRT that give new meaning to BYO (Bring Your Own).
I was waiting for a north bound train at Cityhall MRT station and suddenly 3 person appeared next to me and each of then is carrying a dinning chairs!!

I presume they are a family, both parents and a teenage son.

Before anything happen, the father and the son set the chairs down and are sitting on them chatting away while waiting for the train. They are really geekish looking by the way, and judging from the way the talk they are fairly well educated.

Soon the train come and the family of three strolled to the the far end of the train and sat on their chairs.

Now this is a good suggestion to SMRT on how to solve the shortage of seats situation on our world class transport station!

: )

Thursday, April 20, 2006


Boy I really love election time.

Not only we get a day off. (Some of us don't have to vote at all due to walkover.) We also get a number of "goodies".

Today I saw a banner, yes a banner, which appeared overnight below my block stating. "New mulitpurpose court coming your way". My parents flat are not being scrubbed, repainted, drainage pipes change, surronding drains repathed for the 1st time since 5 years ago.

Its amazing how much can be accomplished during electoin time.

I love election....

Tuesday, April 18, 2006


Oh I hate SPAM!

All my emails are being SPAMed everyday! Fake drug, get rich scams, penis increments etc etc. Gosh someday I just wonder where did all these jokers get your email addresses? Now I even recieve SPAM on the blog comments page!! GOSH!

Spamguard are usless aginst these internet robbers. Somehow they will manage to get to you!! Everyday I spent at least 10-15 mins clearing all these rubbish emails that is jamming up the network and my email space.

I hope the Law is going to toughten up against these Spammer. I think the Death Penalty for Spammer will drastically reduce these nonsense emails we are receiving daily.

Monday, April 03, 2006

You know when you are in trouble when you hear them say...

1. Your Dentist – Ooops!
2. Gahmen – You didn’t vote for us the last time?
3. Traffic Police – I saw you threw that beer can out of the window….
4. Traffic Police - … and I was trying to catch up to you for the last 30min along ECP
5. Wife – My name is not Julie
6. Boss – Are you the one in that video
7. Car mechanic after fitting up your car – Err… where does this come from?
8. Your Surgeon after sewing you up – Hey anyone see the scissor?
9. You are fitting up the target board at firing rage – OWN TIME OWN TARGET CARRY ON!!!
10. Flight attendant – Ahem…is there a pilot onboard?
11. Lifeguard – Sir is that you swimming trunk at the far end of the pool?