Saturday, April 30, 2011

The young one had learn from the Old ones.

PAP's Tin Pei Ling helps MacPherson residents cope with rising prices
Apr 24, 2011

SINGAPORE - Merchants and hawkers in MacPherson will keep prices stable for the next six months, according to People's Action Party (PAP) candidate Tin Pei Ling.

Ms Tin, a member of the Marine Parade Group Representation Constituency (GRC) team for the General Election, announced this while speaking to reporters after visiting a hawker centre at Aljunied Crescent yesterday.

The PAP team members spoke with residents and stall owners together.

Ms Tin said she had spoken to the MacPherson's Merchants Association on the matter, and added that she hoped the move would help residents cope with the rising cost of living.

When asked for her response to those who feel she is the single factor that could drag votes down for the entire team, Ms Tin said the election is being fought as a team.

"We should let the voters decide the outcome," she said.

Over the past few weeks, videos posted online of Ms Tin have stirred controversy.

Jeanette Aruldoss quote a stall holder in Old Airport Road compliant that that NEA raised his stall rent by 35% so how too keep price stable as per Tin Pei Ling promised to the resident.

Yesterday report ask Tin Pei Ling and the answer from her is Old Airport Road Hawker center not under MacPherson.

Good Tai Chi skill.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Nice work SDP!

Love this! Talk about creativity!

So be it!

PM Lee: No by-election if PAP loses a GRC

ST Online 27 Apr.

IF A GRC is lost at the May 7 General Election - and a Minister along with it - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong does not plan to call a by-election to try and get him elected and back into government, he told the Lianhe Zaobao Chinese daily.

'Elections are a serious thing,' he said in an interview published on Tuesday 'The voters have decided, and we will accept the voters' decision.'

He added that voters, too, would have to live with the consequences of their choice to turf a Minister out.

'There are no safety nets in real life. So it's best not to take the risk.'

Personally I won’t mind dropping a few Ministers.

They are dead woods.

I wonder what will PM think if he himself lost his AMK GRC?

Also I am sick of these PAP people tell us Election is important, we must vote carefully, think of the future, look at past track record…etc etc,

Damned it! We are doing that and is that why you are afraid?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Best joke on nomination day

This is priceless! From Yahoo SG.

126PM: DPM and PAP MP Wong Kan Seng @ Deyi Secondary School addresses crowd on SPP contest at Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC:"You know what we have done for the last five years. I know you will choose wisely." Crowd chants "Mas Selamat... Mas Selamat."

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The first Fear Card from PAP.

The old man has spoken again preaching that he knows more then any of you out there and he is the way to great prosperity and progress for our nation.

And as usual he is playing the fear card.

"In a statement issued just two days before Nomination Day, he reminded Singaporeans not to risk their assets, property values, and job opportunities."

Talking rubbish? So only if PAP must stay in power else our assets are will suddenly become worthless, our property price will crashed and suddenly we will be jobless and our women will be maid in another county. Hmm …. Sound familiar.

PAP is not Singapore. PAP is only a political party in Singapore who are given the opportunity to form the government by the people of Singapore.

"He said the People's Action Party is fielding 24 new candidates of proven character, of high calibre, and with a track record of performance that showed they will not fail in taking on responsibilities."

Check out my entry on these new candidates.

"Furthermore, his successors and their teams built on the foundations and they too had Ministers of integrity and high quality."

Wong Kan Seng? Mah Bow Tan? Vivian Balakrishnan? Yacoob Ibrahim? High quality?

"Mr Lee said young couples are impatient waiting for their homes. And nowhere else in the world can a couple getting married, look forward to a home well below market price and after five years of occupation, sell their homes at a significant premium. "

Major flaw here.

So where to stay after five years when you have that significant premium? You can’t downgrade unless you buy if from the open market or you have to upgrade to private housing. So all your “premium” are gone and you are further enslaved in this country to pay your housing loan. For GOD’s sake just price the bloody HDB flats at a cheaper rate!

"The Minister Mentor reminded Singaporeans they are not living in Disney World."

Yes we only have clowns not Mickey and Donald but we have Woody.

"So his message to the electorate - vote for men and women of proven character and track records of high performance and make the right choice, to secure the future of their children and grandchildren. "

I will certainly do that but I can’t find this person from the PAP yet.

Look like MM is really "trapped in time warp".

Vivan scored own goal.

Vivian Balakrishnan makes me sick!

He is despicable to have sunk so low as using this kind of back end smear tactic against his political opponent.

To me his action has back fired. His behaviour has shown us what PAP Minister is made of.

He has no balls to accept an open debate with the SDP where he can asked SDP straight in the face regarding Vincent Wijeysingha stand on gay cause. In fact he didn’t even have the balls to say what he wanted to say.

This little episode shows that PAP has no style, does not treat opposition parties with respect and will not hesitate to use dirty tactic just to win. So how do you think they will treat Singaporean?

In their eyes it is for them or against them.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Fear from the PAP camp

I was watching the news over the long weekend and Singapore GE 2011 was indeed the top news at the moment.

I couldn’t help sensing some fear from the PAP camp.

Probably because this year the Oppositions are fielding more credible candidates and also because PAP know they had screwed up for the pass 5 years.

Its not easy to know where are the PAP weak links are, they are given lots of air times on national TV.

Almost everyday I see Mah Bow Tan, Wong Kan Seng and Goh Chock Tong’s face on TV and suddenly Vivian Balakrishnan and Liu Tuck Yew join in the parties via the internet.

Crunch time is coming on 07 May and it’s quite interesting to see these people blabber nonsense to defend themselves.

In fact I find the more they say the more they are discrediting themselves.

Mah Bow Tan statement of HDB pricing is both defensive and proved that he don’t know what the hell he was doing.

Wong Kan Seng said he took responsibility for Mas Selamat escape was a joke of the year.

Vivian has to sink so low to personnel attacked and brushed aside his YOG screwed up.

Liu Tuck Yew is famous now on facebook for being too proud to listen during his walkabout.

Its funny to hear the Lee Kuan Yew himself who said the result of the pass election got the country to where it is today.

I think I have to agree with him on this point.

Today our country is overwhelmed by cheap foreigners, public housing price is all time high, cost of living is getting unbearable, we are paying GST from 5 – 7%, we have the world most expensive cabinets who have no gut to take account in their mistakes, we got a government who are so proud that they are refusing to listen to the people and call us “stupid” and “lessor mortal”, a GIC that is screwing with our money, many town councils that are screwing with our money, public transport system that is like shit, health care are only for the rich as public health care is like from the 3rd world…….etc etc…

Vote wisely my fellow Singaporean.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

PAP newbies Parrots

Labour candidates criticise opposition

TWO new People's Action Party (PAP) candidates from the labour movement on Wednesday criticised opposition parties for introducing candidates only now, after the announcement of Nomination Day, and for using the elections as training ground for young suicide squads they are sending to GRCs helmed by senior ministers.

NTUC assistant secretary-general and PAP candidate for Aljunied GRC Ong Ye Kung said Singaporeans will have less time to get to know opposition candidates, as a result. By contrast, the PAP introduced its new faces earlier and let the public 'scrutinise us upside down', he said.

Mr Ang Hin Kee, chairman of NTUC's Employment and Employability Institute and a PAP candidate for Ang Mo Kio GRC, responded to a Singapore People's Party idea to send a suicide squad to Ang Mo Kio GRC, to take on a PAP team helmed by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Mr Ang said the opposition should consider if their aim in contesting was to serve residents or to use Ang Mo Kio as a training ground.

He added that response to the PAP manifesto has been good as residents are happy that the PAP wants to build a future for their children.
ST 20 Apr

I was waiting for the PAP newbies to talk rubbish and presto. These two started the ball rolling after Tin Pei Ling.

Firstly there is seriously wrong with the Union being so close to PAP. Union represent the Singapore workers and their leader work for PAP?

Does not make sense at all. What about conflict of interest my friends?

This 2 parrots are saying that the opposition should name their candidates sooner so the PAP can “scrutinise them upside down”.

Hello does it matter?

It is still a week to nomination day and so what when PAP introduced their candidates earlier? Many people still don’t know who the hell are these newbies and what have they done to make them the special one.

Think Tin Pei Ling is the most famous among the PAP newbies. The rest does not ring a bell to me.

In fact we don’t even know much about some of the existing PAP MPs nor what have they contributed to our nation.

I only know who is Ex Ang Mo Kio’s MP Wee Siew Kim after his famous Elite daughter Wee Shu Min incident.

Christopher De Souza? Hawazi Dapi? Heng Chee How? Hri Kuma Nair? Lam Pin Min? Ong Ah Heng? Zaqy Mohamad?

Who the hell are these people?

These 2 jokers even criticised the opposition for sending “young suicide squads” to GRC helm by Senior Ministers.

So? What is wrong with this?

If the people decided they prefer Sweet Young Things then some Old Farts to represent them in parliament then who are you to say anything? You two have not even win a single vote yet and already you talk like a MP.

Moreover some of these GRC are not tested and until recently we only know only 66% of the people in Ang Mo Kio love the Secretary General of PAP.

Singaporean deserve to have the right to vote and for this I have to thanks all Opposition parties.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Quick get me into Parliment!

PAP candidate first to collect nomination papers
By Jessica Lim & Melissa Pang

FORMER army chief Chan Chun Sing, 42, who is expected to be fielded in the People's Action Party's Tanjong Pagar GRC team, was the first candidate to pick up the nomination papers at the Elections Department on Prinsep Street on Wednesday morning.

He also collected a CD containing the eligible voters in the GRC, which is helmed by Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew. The other PAP candidates are likely to be Ms Indranee Rajah, Mr Baey Yam Keng and Dr Lily Neo.

Major-General (NS) Chan told reporters later: 'We just have to fill up the forms. I didn't know I would be the first... I didn't want to squeeze with the lunch crowd.'

The second earlybird to turn up at the Elections Department was Mr Abdul Rasheed Abdul Kuthus from the National Solidarity Party . He was there to collect the application forms for the certificate for Malay, Indian and other minority communities candidates.

Shortly after, NSP campaign manager Tan Chee Kien arrived and picked up what looked to be 10 GRC and 10 single-member constituency forms. He was followed by another NSP member Noraini Yunus.

All candidates must submit their applications to contest the May 7 General Election by 1 pm on Saturday, April 23, ahead of Nomination Day on April 27

This is interesting.

Look like MG(NS) Chan is quite free as he is jobless now since he retirement so he has all the time to run errant for his boss.

Being the newest member of Tajong Pagar GRC, I guess he is being tasked to collect the nomination papers for them. Well you can’t expect the emperor to collect the paper himself right?

Er… I didn’t know the Elections Department too will be crowded with “lunch crowd” according to MG(NS) Chan.

The only places that always full with lunch time crowd are at the eateries, banks or poly clinics. Either Singaporean always visit the Election Department for God’s know what reason or MG(NS) Chan has lost touch with Singaporean since he been eating at Officer’s Canteen for the past 20 years.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

We are good they are Bad.

The WP has expressed interest to stand in the GRC again in the coming election and is likely to field a strong team, helmed by its chairman Sylvia Lim and included its star candidate, corporate lawyer Chen Show Mao.

Dr Chen has degrees from Harvard, Oxford and Stanford.

Mr Yeo acknowledged that Dr Chen has good credentials but would like to know more about him.

"I think it's important that we hear more from him and have a sense of how much he feels for the people of Singapore and what his views are. I think it's a very interesting CV," he said.

CNA 16 Apr

George Yeo was one of a few people in PAP that I quite like. But I thinkg his comment above is a little bit of a cheap shot.

But this is opening up a big can of worms.

Look at PAP’s own camp.

Janil Puthucheary, came to Singapore in 2001 only became a Singaporean in 2008 after being spotted by PAP. I question his motive.

Foo Mee Har living in Singapore since 1989 and only became a Singaporean in 2010. I too question her motive.

PS: Its difficult to find out the true date when these PAP newbies became Singaporean as the data has mysterious disappeared from the new PAP website.

And last but not least. Look at Tin Pei Ling credential.

Gosh it’s a joke. The most attractive part about her CV is her marriage.

I also think it's important that we hear more from them and have a sense of how much they feel for the people of Singapore and what their views are. I think it's a very interesting CV too.

Monday, April 18, 2011

PAP newbies by PM Lee

I may be missing some point when I read the following articles about PM giving his take on the 24 PAP newbies.

I have to read it a couple of times trying to understand what PM Lee is trying to say but finally I conclude it is an amazing speech of saying something without saying anything.

He did not say what make these PAP newbies special.

If PM Lee truly are impressived by these newbies by the following he said then I am slapping for forehead.

See my inserted comments in Blue.

ST 18 Apr IN HIS speech at the 25th anniversary celebrations of Young PAP on Sunday, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong gave his take on the 24 new People's Action Party candidates.

Here's what he had to say:

Desmond Choo: 'He started out as a police scholar. He's no stranger to tough battles.'

So being a police involved lots of tough battles. With bosses?

Ong Ye Kung: 'He's now the executive secretary of the NTWU (National Transport Workers' Union) and also chairman of NTUC's e2i, and he will work hard for workers.'

Then why are you taking up additional job as an MP?

Janil Puthucheary: 'Janil grew up in Malaysia but married a Singaporean and made Singapore his home. He's a paediatric intensivist, which means he takes care of the sickest babies and children in KK Hospital.'

Huh? Taking care of sickest babies make you a choice of PAP candidates? Can tell how much he is being paid to do this job?

Foo Mee Har: 'She's worked in China and Thailand other than in Singapore so, truly an international experience.'

Er ok. So working in China and Thailand will make you have truly international experience. I went to Thailand and Taiwan for Army training so I also have true international experience.

Desmond Lee Ti-Seng: 'He was doing very well in the legal service, we spotted him, we asked him, he agreed to stand as a candidate because he wanted to improve the system that he had benefitted from.'


Steve Tan: '(His) father used to work for the PUB so he lived in a one-room flat in PUB quarters at Woodleigh, which is in the Potong Pasir area. Later on his parents bought an HDB flat, also in Potong Pasir and they still live there. He still lives in Potong Pasir too.'

He stay in HDB. Er.. so? Most Singaporean does. Maybe its is a novelty for the people in PAP but not to the rest of us PM Lee. Get in touch with the people please!

Zainal Sapari: 'He knows about hard work because his father used to hold three jobs. He was a cleaner, a security officer and also a gardener, all at the same time, and he did this to feed the family.'

Another novelty for PAP. Think most don’t know hard work.

Gan Thiam Poh: 'The father was an odd-job labourer. As a young boy, he was going house to house selling home-made popiah. Now he wants to give back to society.'

More hard works.

Tin Pei Ling: 'She may be young but I think she has steel in her and she knows how to connect with people and that makes all the difference on the ground.'

Huh? Steel by keeping her mouth shut and need Ministers to come to her defence. Connect with people? Make difference on the ground? I am lost.

Vikram Nair: 'He speaks Tamil and Malayalam which is quite useful for connecting with older residents.'

This is hardly a choice for choosing new candidates. Most people I know speak 2 languages.

Ang Hin Kee: 'Hin Kee introduced himself as a repeat student because he took the O levels twice but eventually he made it, he went to NUS. So he knows what failure and disappointment means but also how to pick himself up and succeed the second time.'

How man time PAP has failed Singaporean? Hope Mr Ang know how it feel and tell PM Lee that.

Ang Wei Neng: 'Wei Neng knows a lot about transportation because he works in SBS Transit and manages 1,600 public buses but that's not so hard. What is tougher is managing 3,000 staff, including 2,800 bus drivers.'

Does he take public transport everyday? If not its “talking about army on paper”

Edwin Tong: 'Very quiet and modest person but I am confident that as an MP he will care for his residents and look after their interests.'


Low Yen Ling: 'At first she started working in a bank, then she left to join a start-up, the start-up didn't do well. Subsequently she worked for EDB.'

Cannot make it so join EDB then join PAP?

Tan Chuan-Jin: 'He served as army attache in Jakarta for one year, learnt Bahasa Indonesia, got in touch with the Indonesian senior officers and later he commanded the SAF tsunami mission in Meulaboh in Aceh, where this experience proved invaluable. When I visited Meulaboh during the tsunami, he showed me around and he was on top of the situation.'

Good tour guide makes you a MP.

Patrick Tay: 'Patrick believes in volunteering. He's been involved in grassroots work for 25 years although he's only 40 years old and he comes highly recommended by Prof Jayakumar.'

Good connection also makes you a MP.

Intan Azura Mokhtar: 'We interviewed Intan before and after her latest baby. She was a lecturer at Abu Dhabi University so she's quite adaptable and I'm very happy to have her in the Jalan Kayu branch in Ang Mo Kio GRC.'

Thank you for kicking out Wee Siew Kim. Glad to know you are still the same after your baby.

Lawrence Wong: 'Served in various ministries. In Finance, he implemented schemes to help Singaporeans cope with restructuring. In the Ministry of Health, he helped Khaw Boon Wan to improve the Medishield system with the Medishield reforms. Most recently he was CEO of the Energy Markets Authority.'

Failure in all ministries.

David Ong Kim Huat: 'He grew up in a two-room flat in Queenstown but made himself a successful businessman, running his own publishing firm.'


Alex Yam: 'Grew up in a well-to-do family but has believed in community service from young.'

Now we all know he is a rich kid! And I am sure more money for him soon.

Heng Swee Keat: 'Grew up in a kampong but made it to Cambridge.'

Geez… the way they choose candidates is getting weirder. Growing up in Kampng can be rich too mah if my father is the landlord.

Ong Teng Koon: 'He introduced himself as a heartlander because he grew up in Ang Mo Kio and still lives there with his extended family nearby, so he's one of my reliable voters.'

Gosh! Now heartlander can also a good candidate. 2 millions of us can be MP already.

Sim Ann: 'Both parents Chinese educated and herself, as you have heard, completely bilingual and represents a new generation of bilingual Singaporeans, like Gan Thiam Poh and Tin Pei Ling.'

Hey bilingual is a key now. We all can are bilingual but how competent in both langueages are us?

Chan Chun Sing: 'Another RI boy with humble beginnings. He preferred to join the Scouts for his CCA but he hesitated because the Scouts had to pay for their uniforms whereas NPCC uniforms were free. But finally he did become a scout and he picked up navigating skills which proved useful when he went to NS.'

I am speechless. RI boy! Stingy to pay uniform made him hesitate for a while and navigating skills help him in NS? So what else he does make him special?

Friday, April 15, 2011

Money Money Money!

To highlight how obscene our MIW are getting from taxpayer.

In 2008 we pay $1,924,300 annually for entry level Minister. So I can assure you we are working with a very conservative figure.

This work out to be about $160,000 per month!! $5000 per day! $666 per hour! And we are not talking about the Prime Minster, the SM, the MM nor the President yet.

This is a mind bogging number bearing in mind these are tax payer money. If this is not greed I don’t know what it.

Lets try to see how much can I spent on my $160,000 pay check.

Monthly installment for my house - $20,000

Monthly installment for my other house and condo - $80,000

Monthly installment for my Ferrari - $5000

Monthly installment for my BMW - $3000

Monthly installment for my Benz - $3000

Utility fee - $10,000

Family maintenance - $15,000

Food and Petrol - $20,000

Geez I still have $4000 left for that Chanel bag.

I want this job!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The $3M man.

Can't believe this acutally come out of our PM mouth.

“When you have to make a choice on who goes first and who goes second, then I think that one has to pay attention to who supported the Government more, and who didn’t,” he said.

This shows that PAP already had the mind set that they are the government. They think they are Singapore.

Let us not forget the PAP is only a political party elected by the people who happened to have the majority in the parliament therefore are handed the authority by the people of Singapore to be the government until the next election.

PAP is not Singapore.

Addressing concerns about the lack of private-sector representation in the new batch of PAP candidates, Mr Lee acknowledged that it was tough drawing those from the private sector into politics.

He added that money cannot be used as an incentive to attract them. “If you want to make money, you won’t become a minister. Be a lawyer, be a doctor, be a banker, you’ll do far better.”

What a Joke! In 2008, the annual salary for entry-level ministers was $1,924,300. Persons who have reached the age of 50 years and retired as MPs and who have served in this capacity for not less than nine years may be granted a pension for the rest of their lives.

Looking at Michael Page’s survey average top dog with 10-15 years experience in the Finance Sector earn about $300-400K annually.

This is way below the pay for our entry level ministers.

I think I will rather be a minister even if I am doing far less better per PM Lee.

Responding to a comment from grassroots leader Khartini Khalid, who noted that people have not been pleased with the new candidates, Mr Lee said: “I think there are double standards: people expect less of the opposition; people have higher expectations of PAP candidates. Some candidates are like lightning rods, they attract attention.

That is because none of the new PAP candidates are standing in any of the Single Constituencies and they are most likely getting a firm ticket into Parliament by riding on the GRC system.

“But I have confidence in our candidates. We went through the process very carefully...but I would say, let them prove themselves...If they don’t prove themselves, they will be dropped.”

Meanwhile these newbies are drawing $15K per month of tax payers money and even if they are crab since day one, we have to face with it for the next 5 years. Period!

That is a total of $900,000 without considering service increment and bonuses my friend. I suggest paying newbies MP step up salary. Say paying them 20% of $15K and stepping it up every year until they get the full $15K after they had proven themselves.

Last night, Mr Lee also cleared the air over speculation that the Goods and Services Tax will be raised after the election, saying that “I very much doubt that” the Government would do so.

Yeah right!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

When complacency sets in

My company has been utilising the service of a service provider since day one which was a long time ago.

Reason being that they were the only one providing the service then and they did a pretty decent job at a reasonable price.

Many moons have passed and things had changed.

Today there are many companies out there providing the same service at a much more competitive price. But why my company is not switching? Well I guess there is just too much emotional package between the top management.

They will quote relationship, synergy but to me I think it is also because bosses had been moving between my company and this service provided so nobody wants to rock the boat. Things are like that since day one so don’t try to do different thing.

So what do we get? We are getting average service at a premium price and customer support is like shit.

This is because the service provider knows we will use them no matter how bad the treat us.So they see us like a fat cow providing them a stable profit and meanwhile they concentrate to give top services to their new customers.

This is exactly what is happening to PAP.

They started off being a good political party with a good ideology but after being in power for too long they have changed and become complacent.

The think it is their birth right to be running the country and they start to think that the votes they get during elections are their rights and not given by the people.

So they start to do things that benefit themselves rather then for the people.

This is what I call blinded by pride and being too comfortable and therefore getting complacent.

Think its about time they get a wake up call from the people.

Monday, April 11, 2011

How you know when some Big Shot is coming.

My block was being invaded by throng of painter over the weekend.

I meant really invaded!

There were like at least 8-10 painters touching up the entire ground floor for the past 2 days and gosh they even changed all the lights at the lift lobbies.

Guess I will be expecting the Minister to do his walk about really soon.

I was having trouble getting my town council sending his sweeper down for the 2 years but suddenly everything is sparkling clean when election is near.

Think we should have Election every year.

Friday, April 08, 2011

Best Job in Singapore is to wear White.

Young PAP chairman Teo Ser Luck said it "takes a while to convince" potential candidates to step up to the plate.

Mr Teo said: "What I try to do is let them see the bigger picture of why they are needed if they have the capabilities and the skills set, why that sacrifice on their part could be necessary. For example, family time and for some even more drastic, their career - you are bound to sacrifice a part of your career."

CNA 06 Apr 2011

Here Teo Ser Luck is talking rubbish.

These people who ends up as MP get at least $15000 a month for doing part time work and when you get into the cabinet it is better then striking the lottery as you are paid millions every year.

Sound like a good sort of drastic sacrifice to ones career here.

Family time scarified, Yes!

Career? Its sure look like a promotion to me.

Thursday, April 07, 2011


“Mr Tharman said the bulk of GST is collected from higher-income groups and foreigners, so cutting the rate would benefit them more.
He said that based on 2010 collections, the bottom 20 per cent of Singaporean income earners contribute only about 4 per cent of all GST paid, while the bottom 60 per cent contribute roughly 16 per cent.”
ST Mar 03 2011

Last Saturday on the CNA political forum Finance Minister Tharman again argued that GST for staple should stay as it is to help the poor echoing his parliament speech on 03 March and by PM Lee statement when he was Finance Minister in 2003.

Up till now I still cannot make sense to this argument put for by these two multi millionaires who are suppose to be quite bright.

Firstly how much collected from GST are channel back to the poor? Nobody know.

Secondly it is only logical to cut GST for Staple product. Rich people don’t eat more rice then the poor. Yes they do eat better food at high end restaurants but the money spent on basic necessity should be the same for all, both rich and poor.

We are not asking for the GST to be cut across the board but let it remains for luxury item like air tickets, restaurant, branded goods and be eliminated from the staples.

So since the riches spent lots and lots on high ends stuff then the high income earners are indeed paying more GST.

Tharman argument for foreigners paying for GST is not 100% too especially if the go the GST rebates before the leave the country.

New Purchase

My hoot from Seoul last week.

The Spring 2011 Converse Spec Hi by John Varvatos. Loving it!

Spend you money oversea my friends the GST is going up to 10% after the election.

Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Walking the Ground

I have been staying in Pasir Ris for the past 5 years and not once did I see my MP nor any of his sidekicks do his walkabout.

The only time I did see DPM Teo was during the pre-election in 2006 when he stand around Paris Ris MRT station to gather support. Still remember clearly as he leg was in a cast due to some badminton accident. Haha…

So seriously how will the person I elected to be in Parliament know my plights if they don’t even bother to reach out the people by walking the ground.

Walking the ground is very important if you really want to know what the problems in your estate are. I meant the real walk the ground not those sterilized by the grass root leaders before the Minister arrived.

If I am the MP I will always do in prompt to walk about so my grass root leaders will not censor the things they don’t want me to see.

Sometime it may not be the MP fault as the grass-root leaders are anticipating too much in advance. But still there is no excuse when you are paid million of dollars a year if you still chose to act blur in how your estate are being run by these useless power craze people in your RC.

At the end of the day if the resident are not happy with your grass-roots then you will not be getting their votes and in the worst case you will not be elected but even so these people in the RC will still keep on working for the next MP.

Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Vote for the person and not the party.

This is precisely why there should not be GRC. Frankly I like some individual in PAP and absolutely hate some in there. Same goes for the opposition parties.

GRC is a ploy by the incumbent to select those they like and not whom the people like into the parliament for reason they can always create the majority so PM will have to spent time fixing the opposition.

So tell me how to vote if I like some and hate some in my GRC? Remembering that I am paying their salaries for the next 5 years is sending me to the direction of forgoing one good one rather then to let 4 idiots into the parliament.