Tuesday, October 31, 2006

What to do when the card reader don't work?

Recently somebody wrote into TODAY to highlight that commuter were “penalized” or overcharged when the EZ-Link system on the bus is faulty.

Here is the response from Kathryn Lau the Assistant Corporate Communications Manager at Transit Link Pte Ltd replies with a 2 pages super formula on what to do and how much to pay when the system broke down.

Bus card reader faulty? Here's what to doTuesday

• October 31, 2006Letter from KATHRYN LAU
Assistant Corporate Communications Manager
Transit Link Pte Ltd

We refer to Mr Law Sin Ling's letter, "Do not penalise commuters for ez-link flaws" (Oct 16).

We would like to share that when the ez-link ticket payment system was not in place, only cash was accepted for fare payment.

With the ez-link system, both ez-link card and cash payment methods are available.

Nevertheless, there is a higher processing cost for cash payment, hence cash fares are slightly higher than cashless payment method.

If the ez-link software is not functioning, cash payment method has to be adopted so as to ensure that the public transport is not disrupted. Commuters may pay ez-link card fare in cash, rounded down to the nearest 10 cents.

For instance, $0.65 ez-link card fare will be rounded down to $0.60 in cash. Commuters do not pay the higher cash fare.

If the card reader is faulty before the bus leaves the bus depot, the bus will not be deployed and will be sent for maintenance.

Breakdowns of card readers in buses are minimal as buses are scheduled for regular maintenance.

If the card reader is faulty when the bus is already on the road, commuters are advised to take the following steps:

•If both entrance card readers in a bus are faulty, commuters may pay ez-link card fare in cash, rounded down to the nearest 10 cents. Commuters may file a claim for the refund of the transfer rebate (if eligible).

•If all card readers fail but bus is serviceable, commuters may pay ez-link card fare in cash, rounded down to the nearest 10 cents. Commuters may file a claim for the refund of the transfer rebate (if eligible). If commuters are already on board and all card readers in the bus become faulty, commuters may simply alight without tapping on the exit card reader and file a claim for refund.

•In cases where two exit card readers breakdown, commuters may exit from the front door by tapping ez-link card on one of the entrance card readers when the bus doors open at the destination bus stop, after the entrance card reader switch to "Entry/Exit" mode.

Commuters may file claims for transfer rebate or any wrong fare charge within five working days of the incident date in one of the following ways:

(i) TransitLink website www.transitlink.com.sg under "Customer Claim".

(ii) Toll-free TransitLink Hotline 1800-CALL ONE (1800-2255 663), open from 8am to 6pm daily and closed on public holidays (leave voicemail after operating hours).

(iii) TransitLink Ticket Offices.

The claim will be investigated. If valid, refund will be given after five working days and will be valid for three months.

Commuters may request for refund via cheque by post or direct credit to a DBS/POSB bank account. Alternatively, cash refund can be collected from any TransitLink Ticket Office.

In the event of wrong fare charge due to system error, commuters are given the option of a cash refund of the fare deducted or a complimentary bus ride voucher issued by TransitLink on behalf of the operators.We thank Mr Law for sharing his feedback.

I find this somewhat hilarious, here’s my one sentence solution.

Just don’t pay.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Notice to all

Over the Hari Raya Puasa holiday, somebody left several piles of rubbish next to the dustbin at the lift lobby at my block.

Overnight I saw this notice pasted on the wall…haha… quite a good one.

Monday, October 09, 2006

3 days experience in the CBD

I happened to go for a 3 days course at International Plaza a couple of week ago.

The impressions I got from people who work in town are “rush, rush, rush!”

When I got out of Tanjong Paga station, oh boy, these people are mad. The were dashing towards the escalator. Mind you these people are very well dressed but their manner are worst then an aunties you see at the hawker centers.

Lunch time its another “rush, rush, rush!” People were “choping” table with their tissue. This can happen even when you are about to sit down at the table in front of your where suddenly you see the packet of tissue appear out of no where. How sick is that.

Going home its another mad rush.

If you want to see ugly Singaporean, go to our financial districts. Sad…..

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Standard of out Public Transport

Read this on TODAY newspaper.

(The above link had been "removed" from ST website. Basically is someone who wrote in to complain about a train which failed to stop at a station.)

Personally I had encountered the same experience on the MRT. These happened quite a few years back and I would expect their service to improve after all these years.

Not to forget that they keep increase their fare too and judging from things that are happeing on their trains, E.g Dirty Seats, Long interval betwen trains (try Tanah Merah to the airport or Raffles place or City hall on weekend, Over Crowded Cabins during peak hours, Smelly Cabins, Escalator which took a week to maintains (work was STOP over weekend too!)

One just have to wonder how did they justified the fare hike? Note that their profit before Tax this year was $124.1M up from $83.9M in 2005.

The only improvment I've seen over the years are the free toilets and Lift Access to the platform. Maybe the recording CCTV? But don't forget they took away all the dustbins and the fine for littering still stands, how clever is that.