Wednesday, December 31, 2008


With just a blink of the eyes today is the last day of 2008.

At the end of a year I normally try to reflect back and think of any significant issue or events that had happened.

So in 2008:

World Financial Crisis:

Well it is still affecting us now and I think this will impact 2009 as well. Many people had lost their job and I think most of us will get a pay cut sooner or later. Good think is exorbitant bankers salaries are thing of the past! : ) Well can’t say that for our Ministers though.

Mas Selamat Escape:

Where is he now? Also notice his WANTED poster are disappearing from the public.

Opening of KPE:

This shortens my taxi journeys between home and town.

Death of Sir Edmund Hillary

First man on top of Everest passed away Jan 11th. This closed a chapter in human achievement.

Beijing 2008

Ok we won the first Silver Medal since Mr Tan Howe Liang did it in 1960. but somehow I am still not impressed as we depends on foreigners. In-face I am more proud of our Para Olympians Yip Pin Xiu who won 1 GOLD and 1 Silver and Laurentia Tan who won 2 bronze instead.

Formula 1 Racing in Singapore

This is quite interesting. I had been a F1 fan since 1996 but these since these days you got to subscribe to cable to watch all kinda sport therefore I have not been following it closely. Anyway it is actually quite nice to see they try to promote the sport in Singapore but look like several teams are going to withdraw from the sport due to the financial crisis.

2008 has not been to bad on the personal level.

I managed to travel to Taipei, Seoul, Hong Kong and Tokyo for Holidays and did manage to travel to Mexico, Cancun for my business trip. First time in Mexico and on the way transited at Houston and Moscow, first time in this 2 cities as well.

Also went for a Health Check this year, both personal and FFI.

On the whole I am fit but my Triglyceride is high at 400, instead of the healthy 160, so need to work on my health in 2009.

Need to wish all my friends and families a healthy 2009 ahead. (Nothing beat good health) And remember to stay cool and pull through this financial crisis.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just follow the book

Retired US lawyer's last wish: Scatter my ashes at Tiong Bahru Park
30 December 2008

HIS last request - to have his ashes scattered in Tiong Bahru Park
Those were the instructions of a 76-year-old American who had grown to love Singapore since his first visit in 1993, reported Shin Min Daily News.

Retired lawyer Paul Lawson had even developed a passion for durians and nonya food.

He first met Singaporean Kit Lam, a 51-year-old manager, at a party in San Francisco 16 years ago. They hit it off immediately.

At that time, the American had never heard of Singapore and had never visited Asia.

In 1993, he visited Mr Lam here. He liked it so much that he returned every year, staying at Mr Lam's home each time.

Mr Lam lives near Tiong Bahru Park, and Mr Lawson would go for morning walks there, even making friends with other park goers.

Then Mr Lawson was struck down by cancer earlier this year and underwent two operations.
He eventually lapsed into a week-long coma before dying on 2Jul.

Mr Lawson's family sent his ashes to Singapore, following his instructions. But he could not have his park wish fulfilled.

The National Environment Agency website states that after cremation, 'the ashes of the deceased can be stored at home or in a columbarium'.

The ashes can also be scattered at sea, 'at the designated site located about 1.5nautical miles (2.8km) south of Pulau Semakau', off the main island of Singapore.

So Mr Lam decided to place them in his home in Tiong Bahru.

Last Saturday, Mr Lam also hosted a farewell gathering for Mr Lawson.

Mr Lam said: 'I believe that Paul wouldn't want a tearful goodbye. He'd want us to remember him with a smile on our faces.'

Er.. … to me I just think Mr Lawson just got “Tua” by his Singaporean friend Lam Kit Man.

When Kit Man’s deceased friend’s LAST WISH to have his ash scattered at Tiong Bahru Park was put upon him. He just has to check the NEA website and denied Mr Lawson’s LAST WISH by some ambiguous statement on the website. (In fact I can’t find anywhere on NEA website that prohibit people of scattering the ashes in the park)

Geezz… I suspect some people have been scattering some or all of their ashes in some parts of Singapore already and more so NEA website did not say you Cannot scatter the ashes but only suggest what you can do with the deceased ashes.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The poor will always suffer first.

By Channel NewsAsia
03 December 2008
CapitaLand executives take pay cuts of 3-20% amid economic gloom

SINGAPORE: Property developer CapitaLand said on Tuesday it will not be laying off staff for now.

Instead, executive-level staff will take pay cuts of between three and 20 per cent as part of the company's cost management measures.

In a statement, CapitaLand said the cuts are due to the deteriorating global financial environment and economic uncertainties.

President and CEO Liew Mun Leong will bear the maximum salary reduction of 20 per cent.

According to CapitaLand's annual report, Mr Liew earned S$1.15 million in base salary in 2007, and was paid S$5.35 million in bonuses.

All salary reductions will take effect in January 2009.

CapitaLand said the salary reduction exercise is one of several cost management measures it has taken. In the last crisis from 2001 to 2003, CapitaLand had also implemented a salary freeze for management and staff.

Management subsequently took a significant pay cut when the recessionary environment persisted.

Despite the latest pay cuts, CapitaLand said it will continue its training and development efforts and review its business operations for future growth opportunities.

Its good that the top is taking the lead to take a pay cut but my question is, “Is it really enough?”

Are they taking pay cut just for show and to appease the share holders only?

Look at Liew Mun Leong’s announcement that he is taking 20% pay cut, WOW not bad you may say.

Annual Pay : $1,150,000
After Pay Cut: $920,000
Pay Cut: $230,000

Actual Pay loss in % = 230,000 / 1150000 + 5350000 = 3%

If you look at Liew Mun Leong’s pay after his pay cut, he is still taking home more then $70K a month excluding bonus.

Gosh there are really some rich people around in Singapore.

Why there is so many charities asking money from the public at bus interchange and MRT stations? They should go to where the moneys really are, AT THE BOARD ROOMS. As you see, the rich don’t take public transport.