Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Clown is at it again!

S'poreans think govt is "not poor", expect more from govt: PM Lee

CNA Sep 30, 2012

SINGAPORE - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Singaporeans think their government is "not poor" and as such, expect the government to do more for them.

He said this in a wide-ranging interview with "The Australian" newspaper, ahead of his second official visit to Australia next week.

Mr Lee was asked if there were any lessons Singapore could learn from the Western world, which is suffering from a crisis of entitlement spending.

He said Singaporeans are not poor, but feel less well-off relative to others in society, and therefore have a relative sense that they should get an entitlement.

Mr Lee also said that Singapore's system starts with giving very minimal welfare, and goes on the basis of growth, high employment and low unemployment, so that those who are out of a job can find a new job.

He said Singaporeans will get help, but the help is not something they are absolutely entitled to.

Using Europe as an example, Mr Lee said besides entitlement spending, the idea of state welfare is also entrenched among the Europeans.

He said Singapore needs to adjust accordingly "without going overboard". 

Holy shit this Hsien Loong should be given a price for sprouting rubbish and shows, yet again, how out of touch and idiotic he is. Think he is catching up to George Bush.

First I do not think our government is “Not poor”, in fact I think they are bloody rich. If not how to have pay the world most expensive cabinet, if not how to pay our top civil servant super high salaries to prevent them from corruption?

What Singaporean want for the government to do for them is to have an affordable life, we want to have a simple quite life in Singapore where medical and housing is not a problem for us, where basics like public transports are not run by some greedy F who saved on maintenance to drive up profit.

We want to be able to express ourselves freely, no more Chao Wayang ball suckers to the PAP and no more ISA.

We want a good quality of life, a slower pace if economic growth has to be scarified then so be it.

We also want a fair and just society and a proper General Election and please get rid of the President if he is doing nothing important.
If Singaporean are not poor then why we see old aunties and uncle working as cleaners or picking up scrapped to support themselves?

Do you think they enjoy doing that Hsien Loong?

You have to remember most Singaporean are not earning millions and we do not have free unlimited medical cares at our disposal.

Yes Singapore has minimum welfare but that is only to the poor, where you and your cabinets are enjoying life to the maximum.

Now who voted for this clown? I hope you ends up as a cleaner when you are old and you only have yourself to thanks.