Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Saving Grace!

12-12-12 - Speaker of Parliament, PAP MP Michael Palmer resigns due to 'improper conduct'

Ho say liao, Bus fare will not go up for the time being!

Thursday, December 06, 2012

Blowing his own trumpet.

Man arrested for filming upskirt video of woman in Sengkang

05 December 2012

SINGAPORE: Police have arrested a 55-year-old man for taking an upskirt video of a woman at a shopping centre in Sengkang.

The incident happened on Monday at about 7.25 pm.

Police said a passer-by had noticed the suspect behaving suspiciously behind some women shoppers.

Upon closer observation, the passer-by saw the suspect holding a pen-like object and pointing it up the skirt of a female shopper.
Sensing something amiss, the passer-by called the Police.

Officers who arrived at the scene searched the suspect and found two pens with pinhole cameras in his possession.

The suspect admitted to taking upskirt videos of female victims.

If convicted, the suspect could be jailed up to one year and fined.

Deputy Assistant Commissioner of Police Keok Tong San, who is the Commander of Ang Mo Kio Police Division HQ, commended his officers for their promptness and excellent investigative work which resulted in the arrest of the suspect.

It is good that the pervert got arrested.

But Keok Tong San is taking all the credit for the police.

How about the member of the public who call the police in the 1st place?

He/She is the one who did all the work.

First the police is not even patrolling at the crime scene.

Second they were alerted by the member of the public regarding the pervert behaviour. He/She probably waited for the police to arrive and pointed out to them who the pervert was.

Then the police searched the joker and found the evident.

Not even a word of thanks to the member of public who did most of the work.
Instead the Deputy Ass only thanks his officer for all the “Hard” work.

Well done Tong San

Friday, November 30, 2012

Same nationlity but different treatment.

Why nobody want the pandas to go home?

Sad that the panda home cost more then  4 years of the total salaries of these 160 drivers. 

Ironic isn't it?

A human life is less worthy then 2 pandas.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Strike by SMRT Chinese driver - Is there more then meet the eyes?

Yesterday a group of SMRT drivers from China had a strike.

Judging from the reaction from the public, I think most Singaporean want blood because these Chinese did what no Singaporean will dare to do and we all want the Chinese to be arrested and deport back home.

IF you don’t like the pay you can all go home FT.

Frankly that is what my thought was initially.

You bloody know what pay and what you are getting yourself into before agreed to work in Singapore……… wait… something not right…..

What if they really don’t?

What if they really don’t know they will be paid miserably, work 7 days a week and no leave etc etc?

I personally know someone who worked with a PRC as an air-con repair man. The PRC told him he was tricked to come to Singapore; the agent told him he will be working as a driver and will be paid $2000 a month. However he was ask to work as an aircon tech when he arrived in Singapore.

Since he had paid some money to the agent (I don’t know from China or Singapore), he had to pay off this amount before even consider going home. So this PRC has no choice but to work off his debt here before returning home.

I guess these PRC driver is throwing in the towels.

They are now asking to be paid equally as other foreign drivers and if not I guess they don’t mind being deported back home without needed to pay any penalty, maybe a few days stay in prison, full paid for by tax payers.

China is developing fast and I believe they can find a more decent working environment back home.

So the question is why is SMRT hiring cheap labour from China and making them work like slave? Is it because they are has no voice and SMRT is cutting cost so they can have their millions dollar profit?

Also we need to find out were these PRC drivers and all other foreign workers were told exactly what they will be working as and the terms and conditions before they come to Singapore.
If not then there is something very wrong and the government should come down strong on these errant agents, I call them slave traders.

I hope we can all look beyond the surface and look deep into what really cause this strike by the PRC.

Tuesday, October 02, 2012

The Clown is at it again!

S'poreans think govt is "not poor", expect more from govt: PM Lee

CNA Sep 30, 2012

SINGAPORE - Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said Singaporeans think their government is "not poor" and as such, expect the government to do more for them.

He said this in a wide-ranging interview with "The Australian" newspaper, ahead of his second official visit to Australia next week.

Mr Lee was asked if there were any lessons Singapore could learn from the Western world, which is suffering from a crisis of entitlement spending.

He said Singaporeans are not poor, but feel less well-off relative to others in society, and therefore have a relative sense that they should get an entitlement.

Mr Lee also said that Singapore's system starts with giving very minimal welfare, and goes on the basis of growth, high employment and low unemployment, so that those who are out of a job can find a new job.

He said Singaporeans will get help, but the help is not something they are absolutely entitled to.

Using Europe as an example, Mr Lee said besides entitlement spending, the idea of state welfare is also entrenched among the Europeans.

He said Singapore needs to adjust accordingly "without going overboard". 

Holy shit this Hsien Loong should be given a price for sprouting rubbish and shows, yet again, how out of touch and idiotic he is. Think he is catching up to George Bush.

First I do not think our government is “Not poor”, in fact I think they are bloody rich. If not how to have pay the world most expensive cabinet, if not how to pay our top civil servant super high salaries to prevent them from corruption?

What Singaporean want for the government to do for them is to have an affordable life, we want to have a simple quite life in Singapore where medical and housing is not a problem for us, where basics like public transports are not run by some greedy F who saved on maintenance to drive up profit.

We want to be able to express ourselves freely, no more Chao Wayang ball suckers to the PAP and no more ISA.

We want a good quality of life, a slower pace if economic growth has to be scarified then so be it.

We also want a fair and just society and a proper General Election and please get rid of the President if he is doing nothing important.
If Singaporean are not poor then why we see old aunties and uncle working as cleaners or picking up scrapped to support themselves?

Do you think they enjoy doing that Hsien Loong?

You have to remember most Singaporean are not earning millions and we do not have free unlimited medical cares at our disposal.

Yes Singapore has minimum welfare but that is only to the poor, where you and your cabinets are enjoying life to the maximum.

Now who voted for this clown? I hope you ends up as a cleaner when you are old and you only have yourself to thanks.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Don't take Normal for granted

Recently my boss got a bashing from his boss because of a chain of events in our department which cause the company some serious problems.

You see my department is doing the shitty and unglamorous job for the company. No doubt we are important but we are expected to be doing the right things every time and all the time so then things will look normal.

Not great but normal. But once you slipped up, it will cause a chain of events that could be catastrophic to the big boss eyes.

So it’s a important yet unappreciated role. My boss spent half an hour trying to drill that into our brains but we all know no one will give us the credit for doing a great job everyday so thing can be “NORMAL”.

Normal is always been taken fro granted.

When I look at our society, they equates to our rubbish collector, cleaners, bus drivers, cooks etc etc.

Do you think our country can go on normally just one days without them?

Yet these people are normally the lowly paid and are always been looked down on.

In the matter of facts, I think we can go one for months without the President, Emeritus or even the Prime Minister and we will not feel any impact but try going for months without a single rubbish collectors.

So it does matter if you are some top brass somewhere, you should be humble and thanks the person who cook for you, clean your toilets and clear your rubbish.

After all a job is a job, you may be at the top due to some connection so nothing to be so proud of.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wrong priority in Singapore.

'Greater accountability needed from SAF'

Today online Sep 18, 2012

SINGAPORE - Her son, Lee Rui Feng Dominique Sarron had died in April in a military training exercise. Last week, Madam Felicia Seah wrote an open letter - which was posted on a Facebook page set up in memory of her 21-year-old son - urging "all parents of Singaporean sons to stand with me, to advocate for greater accountability" from the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) "for the safety of our sons".

Recalling how her world "collapsed" when she learnt of her son's death, Mdm Seah claimed it would have been averted if his superiors had paid heed to his condition.

"It is clear to my family and me that my son's death was preventable. He was asthmatic. The incident that cost him his life was an urban training exercise involving smoke bombs in a confined area," said Mdm Seah.

As of yesterday, the impassioned letter was shared on the social networking site more than 280 times and was "liked" by more than 900 users.

Among other things, it called for "more thorough screening" of the medical history of enlistees and "more stringent monitoring of staff who oversee (full-time national servicemen), to weed out abuse of power at all levels".

Mdm Seah wrote: "We cannot allow for our sons to be at the mercy of the training officers ... who are very often little older and none the wiser than the boys they are tasked to oversee, boys whose lives often depend on the decisions that they make."

The Ministry of Defence (MINDEF) is awaiting the findings of its investigations. In response to TODAY's queries, MINDEF Director Public Affairs, Colonel Kenneth Liow, said that the ministry and the SAF "would like to again express our deepest condolences to Mdm Seah and her family" on Mr Lee's death.

MINDEF's Family Liaison Officer "has been in regular contact" with Mdm Seah and her family, and the SAF "remains committed to assisting the family and providing them the necessary support during this difficult time", Col Liow said.

Stressing that safety is a top priority for MINDEF and the SAF, he added: "Every incident resulting in injury or death is painful to us and gets top management attention. We will learn from every incident to continually improve our safety system to ensure high standards of training safety."

Last month, Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen announced that MINDEF is conducting a broad review of its medical support system, including its Medical Classification and Screening System.

Cardiologist Leslie Lam told TODAY that the screening should involve ultrasound scanning of the hearts of enlistees. This would identify underlying conditions which a normal electro-cardiogram (ECG) - currently a part of the screening system - would not pick up.

However, each ultrasound scanner costs about S$250,000 and Dr Clarence Yeo, a general practitioner, pointed out that cost could be an issue.

Still, he agreed that more needs to be done in screening certain parts of the body, such as the respiratory system and muscular-skeletal structure.

It is unfortunate for any NS boys to die during his service, more so if it is due the MINDEF trying to cut proper screening of Singaporean boys because of cost.

What is $250,000 is to MINDEF? For God’s sake a bloody missile cost more then this and I think lot of its senior officers earn more then this annually.

The least MINDEF could do for its soldiers is to provide a proper screening for its soldiers so to reduce the risk of death or serious injury to the minimum.

Saving life should be the top priority, not saving cost.

If Hsien Loong is to be enlisted today, do you think MINDEF will casually put him through the normal health screening?

A life is a life, don’t think one is worth more then the other.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Hsien Loong Screwed up again.

During the national day rally this year, Hsien Loong talk about inclusive society and he want Singaporean to give feedback to the government so together we can make a Singapore we want.

So dear Hsien Loong went on to have some tea session with bloggers before have a televised forum on Channel New Asia to have a “open” discussion on national’s issues.

However not only the PAP cannot take the hard truth, they are trying to pretend they can.

First the forum was for people who they want to be there. They disinvites some blogger and more skeletons in the closets had came out as netizen has indentified a fair number of people who took part in the televised forum are actually PAP members.

This gave an impression that the forum was staged and the PAP is insincere.

Hsien Loong still doesn’t get it. He did not learn from the last GE.

Singaporeans are not stupid. If you really want to win the next GE then I hope you better buck up and show some sincerity.

Listen to us with an open mind and not try to tell us you are but actually you only one to hear the good things.

PAP indeed is quite good at wayang but with social media, it has fell flat on its face yet again.

Bad publicity again!

Friday, August 31, 2012

I wonder how he became a Minister

Taxes must rise for social spending to increase: Ng Eng Hen

Yahoo News 31 Aug. 12

The money needed for increased social spending can only come from higher taxes, says Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen, reiterating a point made recently by Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong.

Speaking on the sidelines of a forum on the prime minister’s National Day Rally speech on Thursday evening, Ng said Singapore’s ageing population necessitates higher social spending by the government.

He noted that by 2025, there will be roughly two to three working adults for every elderly person in Singapore. The Ministry for Community Development, Youth and Sports also estimates that by 2030, elderly people aged 65 and above will form almost one-quarter of Singapore's citizen population.

“Our society is ageing, we will have more aged people, and we want to take better care of the disadvantaged and disabled,” he told reporters. “Just by numbers alone, even if you spend the same amount, social spending has to increase.”

Responding to a question posed in the forum and addressing an audience of about 200, Ng said, “If you want more social spending, you have to find the money only from taxes.”

Lee had said in his speech on Sunday that taxes would have to be raised within the next two decades to fund higher social spending. He also explained that, though people have said the government could rely on reserves to finance the increase, it has already in a way been doing so through the use of returns from investing the reserves.

When asked by a forum participant about the possibility of using budget surpluses to fund the nation’s increments in social spending, Ng pointed out that the government does not have surpluses, noting that PM Lee had even mentioned in his rally that it took out S$8 billion from Singapore’s reserves in the last financial year.

“If our economy grows, if the size of the economy grows and revenues come in, then perhaps we don’t. But as you know, we have some limits of growth in terms of labour and our land, so our economy is projected to grow one to three per cent,” Ng added.

“But these are issues I think that are best dealt with when we need to, it’s just that we first have to determine the national conversation — how do we better take care of the disadvantaged groups... and then decide from there how much, what we need, what we can afford and how (we can) husband our resources to take better care of them. I think that’s a better conversation."

This guy is nut! I wonder how he became a Minister but again history has proven that you don’t really need one to be in the Cabinet.

Ok I agreed with him that we need money for “social spending” and raising taxes is just one way of generate the fund.

First we must look at who you are taxing to fund your social spending and the money needs to be really given to those who really need help. Are you taxing all Singaporean to buy a gold taps or fund a Singer career?

I have a few suggestions on how to increase fund for social spending.

First cut the Minister’s pays, after all they are public servant and already have all the benefit of transports, medical and pensions.

Tax should increase only for the top earners in the country and reduced for the rest. This is so because the rich must have social responsibilities to the society since they earn their wealth from the people.

Although our population are ageing but technology is improving, so why should taxes be increased for the next 20 years? In fact it should remain the same if not cut due to advancement of science.

Finally what is happening to our reserve and country investment? If GIC earns from its investment, which it claims, then these profits should be used to fund social spending and not just for the government to play with. These are money belong to Singaporean.

Eng Hen scenario above is like:

You give your father 20% of you salary as an allowance. But on top of this you need to pay rental and utilities. Your father wants to rent his flats to an expat and he reduces the size of your room but increase the rent yearly. Meanwhile he used the money he earn from your allowance and the rental fees to gamble in the casino and claims he won every time but now he is asking you to give him more allowance for the next 20years so he can take care of you when you stop working.

Face palmed!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Hero who I think worth more then the whole cabinets.

I happened to catch Tuesday Report on Channel 8 yesterday.

It was the last episode of the “Who is my Neighbour” series.

It feature Mr Foo Chee Tun who had been giving free tuitions at void deck to family for need help for the past 20 years.

His did not seek any help from any organisation nor did he seek any form of recognition. He selflessly gave up his time and money simply to help others.

There were times why jealous people broke the light at the void deck trying to prevent him from teaching but he went bought batteries powered lights to teach in the dark.

This guys is a hero man!

He should be given PBM or BBM.

I still wonder why these national awards are given to people who organise function for the MP and Minister instead of people like Mr Koh who quietly help others shying away from fames which so many jokers yearn for.

Sad country.

Try to catch this episode on XINMSN if you have missed it, it really shows the human spirits.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Same man, Same Speech, No Solution and he is on every channels!

I tried to watch the PM rally yesterday; actually it was quite easy as every channels on TV are showing it. I really make me wonder the logic behind it?

As usual, the same old stuff.

I didn’t really paid 100% attention to him (not like those at the auditorium who spontaneously break into laughter at every punch lines PM said) so these are some points I caught.

Hsien Loong as usual started off threatening us, telling us the world is in deep shit so you people have to keep your expectations low. Cost of living going up but not worry, his team are giving Singaporean lots of lots of helps but still no minimum wages.

He acknowledge there were shortage of pubic housing (he did not acknowledge is was a screwed up by his Minister a few years back), public transport are crowded so he is asking for Singaporean to be patient so his million dollars teams can come up with some long term solution hopefully before the next election.

Then he go on painting more dark pictures, telling us the world is not going to come out from the deep shit soon. So his team is asking you as a citizen to contribute to these million dollars Ministers who finally had learned to blogged, Twitter and are on Facebook. They want to engage Singaporean online! I guess he finally realised they cannot control the medial anymore.

Then again the talk about our need for foreigner and we need them for our country so we can have big bucks. We need to integrate with them and no worry his team will always give Singaporean first.

This is where my mind started drifting away.

But never mind, what Hsien Loong said is not much different from last year nor last last year.

He is telling us what problems Singaporeans are saying but again he did not offer any concrete solution. In fact, he is asking us to give him some solution.

This is a waste of time rally again.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Dumb Mother and Son

Teacher cuts pupil's hair, mum files police report
ST ONLINE 23 Aug 2012

A mother has lodged a police report after her 12-year-old son's teacher cut his hair an hour before his PSLE oral exam last Thursday.

The mother, Madam Serene Ong, is outraged that the teacher did this just before a crucial exam, that it was done without her knowledge - and that it ruined the boy's $60 haircut.

She claimed the teacher - Ms Belinda Cheng of Unity Primary - also threatened to deduct marks from the boy's exam if he refused to have his hair cut.

On Wednesday, the school's principal, Mrs Jasmail Singh Gill, agreed with Madam Ong that the teacher had no business cutting the boy's hair.

Ok I admit it is not the teacher business to cut the boy hair. She should just refer him to the school dicipline master and maybe this bloody Ryan missed his PSLE exam.

The paper did not report what really happend before the teacher cut the bloody kid's hair. Maybe he was challenging the teacher? Maybe he was showing off his $60 hair cut?

Look at this stupid Ryan, if I am the teacher I will give him a few tight slaps, so there is a reason why I am not a teacher. He look like a bloody cock and dear Susan, you wasted your $60.

The article points out the social problem of Singapore, we are all too self centered.

Ryan only care about his hair, although we don't know what happened in school before the exam so we cannot comment much.

Susan felt the teacher ruined her son $60 and may have caused him failed his PSLE (Which I think he will), and not doing what most parents will do, that is to report to the school principal, but she felt it was so important and dangerous that she has to make a police report. Poor policeman, I wonder what they want to charge the teacher for? Maybe they will give her a award!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Reasons for not having children in Singapore

1. I am not able to commit 100% of my life to the kids.

If you can’t spend time with your children then please do them a favour and not have any. I have seen people have kids just for the sake of having kids. They don’t spend time with them. Don’t educate them. Don’t play with them. They just dumped them to the maid and this is very wrong.

The kids will just ends up as social pests and make other Singaporean life like shits.

2. Singapore is an expensive place and not pro-family.

Imagine the cost of houses, public transports, education. We need to have 2 working parents to support a family in Singapore these days. Not to mention a high stress working environment, long working hours, MOM rule don’t even protect graduate mothers which were forced to leave the companies when they are pregnant.

We are constantly competing with cheap foreign workers and the government only give lips service or “baby bonus” without solving the root cause. Singapore needs a pro family society.

3. Education in Singapore is ridiculous.

I remember the time where I actually enjoy going to school. We study and play. Nowadays the kids have no time to play.

Parents are crazy, kiasu and mad. They start to educate the kids while they are still in the womb! Then send them for pre-school at 1 year old! Holy shit! The kids’ childhood are being robbed even before they are born.

Besides going to “branded” school, you are seen as a failure if your grad is no good. Therefore parents are spending billions on tuitions every year. Where are the funs of learning? It’s all competition these days. No wonder tuitions centres are earning big bucks these days. They prey on the parent’s kiasuism

Monday, July 30, 2012

Social problem in Singapore. All need sex and Money.

Female teacher's sex romp with pupil: Prestigious school imposes gag order on students

Raffles Institution imposes gag order on students, warning them not to discuss sex scandal involving former female teacher .

Singapore’s top boy school Raffles Institution has imposed a gag order on its students warning them not to speak to the media or discuss among themselves the shocking sex scandal involving a former female teacher in her 20s.

The state media reported two days ago that a former teacher in her 20s from a “top secondary school” in Singapore is currently under police investigation for allegedly having sex with an underage student who was a member of one of the school’s sports teams.

The woman was the teacher-in-charge of the team and was described by those who know her as ‘demure’ and ‘outgoing’. She is a married MOTHER of two kids.

She reportedly had sex with the male student more than once at the school and incident came to light after the boy’s parents lodged a complaint to the school.

According to an email we received from a RI student, the Head Prefect of RI sent a mass email out to its students last night asking them not to comment on the incident:

The female teacher has since left RI and she was described by those who know her as ‘demure, easy-going and approachable’ and was ‘well-maintained’ such that she appeared younger than her age.

The student who had sex with her is currently studying in Secondary Four and is reportedly the ‘envy’ of his classmates for having ‘shagged’ his teacher who is more than 10 years older than him.

Dear oh Dear what has our country and society became.

If you ask me what happened in Singapore for the first half of 2012 I can only recall scandalous stuff.

Underage prostitute who got 51 men in trouble include some high profile customers.

Corruption trial of High Ranking Official in the Central Narcotic Bureau and Civil Defence due to sex with their customers.

Corruption trial for Kong Hee and gang.

Sex for grad between a law student in NUS and her professor.

Now RI boys shagging his teacher. Still he became an envy of his classmate!

Happy National Day Singapore.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Standard or Singapore News

Jurong MP Desmond Lee falls, fractures arm at bike event
He had stopped to check phone and was trailing behind group when the accident happened, Shin Min Daily reported.
Wed, Jul 18, 2012

Desmond Lee, Member of Parliament (MP) for the Jurong GRC Group Representation Constituency (GRC), has fractured his left arm after falling off a bicycle during the Bond & Bike overnight cycling event held on July 14 and 15.

In a Shin Min Daily report published on July 17, Mr Lee was said to have been taking part in the awareness event organised by the People's Association Youth Movement and the Singapore Association for the Deaf.

According to the paper, MP Desmond Lee had already begun cycling from East Coast Park and was in the vicinity of Kallang when the incident occurred.

He told the paper that he had stopped to check his phone and was trailing about 20 metres behind the group of 150 cyclists.

Mr Lee fell when he was making a turn and could not lift his bicycle when he got back up on his feet. The roller chain on his bicycle also broke in the fall.

As he could no longer continue cycling, he decided to take a taxi back to East Coast, where his car was parked.

There, he called his wife for help.

Despite his wounds, Mr Lee did not think his injuries were serious, he told the Chinese daily.

It was only when the pain did not subside the next morning that he realised something was amiss.

A doctor told him that his left arm had been fractured, Shin Min reported.

The MP also suffered from injuries and abrasions to his knee and arm.

I can’t believe that they actually classified this as news. But again it’s Shin Min anyway.

I also think no one really care that Desmond broke his arm while cycling.

Since it is written I will be “Bo-Liao” and go in depth about what this story said.

Firstly we know that Desmond is not a very good cyclist, as he was trailing behind the group by 20 meters. In fact he is the last rider of the group.

 I am actually quite surprise that there weren’t any bootlickers beside him during the ride to help him when he was in trouble.

 If it is true then the cycling event was not very well organise as I think there should be a safety rider at the end to help if there is an accident.

 Another question is what happened to his bike when he gave up riding and took a cab to East Coast from Kallang? Unless his bike is a foldable one or the taxi was a London or Space Wagon Cab, you simply cannot fit a normal adult size bike into a regular sedan taxi.

 Lots of un-answer questions.

On a serious note, I am quite shock that our quality of media had fallen into this level.

There report unimportant events and don’t report important events just because it is not pro-government.

Also if you want to be a tabloid then be the best, go dig deeper into the details and not give us half F report.

No wonder our newspaper is rank 135th by Reporters without Borders in 2011-12. Gosh we are even behind Nigeria and Ethopia!

Monday, July 16, 2012

You sacrify while we continue to get rich.

Public support needed to balance foreign talent and economic growth: Ng Eng Hen15 July 2012

“SINGAPORE: Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen said Singapore will be able to strike a proper balance between economic growth and foreign talent - with public support.

He urged Singaporeans to play their part in helping to achieve such a balance.

Dr Ng said it will always be difficult to do so, and added that Singapore should not pretend that it is going to be easy.

He said: "The balance depends very much on what Singaporeans are willing to support. Because if you tighten too much, your jobs are at risk. And not only your jobs, because you become less competitive. But not only that, for example in essential services, we need people to build our homes, man our hospitals, so on and so forth. Your quality of life will be affected…. “

S Iswaran urges new citizens to integrate, be part of larger society
15 July 2012

“SINGAPORE: Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, S Iswaran, has urged new citizens to learn to integrate and be part of a larger society.
He said this on the sidelines of a racial harmony event in his constituency, West Coast GRC, on Sunday morning. …..“

Approach integration with same spirit as racial harmony: Chan Chun Sing
15 July 2012

“SINGAPORE: Singapore will be able to integrate new immigrants in the coming years, if it approaches integration with the same spirit it has approached racial harmony.

Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing said he is confident of this, but stressed that everyone needs to play a part.

He said: "That will require two hands to clap, it will require fellow Singaporeans to remain open to people from different backgrounds.

"Yet at the same time, it will require new immigrants, our new friends, to come on board and play a part in our society, to reach out, to understand our social norms and to reach out to fellow Singaporeans. Only so, will we be able to build an inclusive society for everyone."

Holy shit! Channel News Asian ran not one but 3 articles with 3 different Ministers telling Singapore the same thing yesterday.

They are telling you to “integrate” with immigrant and you have to sacrifiy else Singapore will be doomed.

Ok to be fair S Iswaran is telling to the new citizen to buck up else Singaporeans will hate you.

These 3 jokers no doubt is being task to echo Hsien Loong message last week, they are reminding Singaporean that we need the new immigrants, we must bite the bullet and accept them else our country not have any growth and they can’t have their millions. But they also claims they are telling the new citizen to behave like Singaporean else they will face discriminations.

Also note Eng Hen is telling you to sacrifice my friends, not him nor the other Ministers nor the Elites. They want you to share resources with the new citizen while they still live in their private house, travel in their luxury cars and eat their lunch at expensive restaurant with no immigrant. Meanwhile they are enjoying their million dollar salaries while you and I are competition with the new immigrants for bus seats, MRT standing space, food in the hawkers, medicine at the clinics and urinals in the public toilets.

This idiot go on saying your quality of live will go down if you don’t have the immigrant, maybe yours but not the poor Eng Hen, how will the poor quality of live go down if we minus the immigrant? So what we are less competitive and our economy don’t grow so fast? I rather have less pay in a country that is less expensive and less crowded.

You just worry for yourself not ordinary Singaporearn.

So my dear Singaporeans, do you want these idiots yes men to be your leaders? You think they will work for your or your children to make this country a better place for you?

These MIW has been living in their ivory towers for too long and they sound stupid even when they try to understand your plight.

Vote wisely come 2015 else we will be slave forever.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Elites will always be Elites.

Govt 'will manage social impact of immigration'
PM Lee urges newcomers to the Republic to play their part in adapting to society
Jul 11, 2012

SINGAPORE - Hong Kong and Singapore, which have seen an influx of Chinese immigrants in recent years, have had to adjust to the social impact of a rising China, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday.

Speaking at the closing dialogue of the FutureChina Global Forum, Mr Lee said Singapore deals with this issue by managing the inflow of immigrants and getting them to adapt to the local way of life.

He felt it was "completely understandable" that Singaporeans may feel uncomfortable with the recent influx of mainland Chinese immigrants, who may look the same as Singaporean Chinese but sound and behave differently.

Mr Lee said the Government will continue to manage the social impact of immigration and urged newcomers to play their part.

"We have to encourage the non-Singaporeans who are living here to adapt to the circumstances in Singapore and understand that this is a different society with different values and cultures, and (a society that is) multi-racial and religious," he said.

"(They) have to make those adaptations which the Singaporean Chinese have adapted and learnt over several generations.

"Of course, we also have to manage the numbers and the flow and make sure we're not overwhelmed. We have to make sure there is effort on both sides to make this a working, adapted and well-adjusted relationship."

The forum brought together more than 60 speakers to share insights on China's evolving society and culture.

On the issue of attracting and retaining talent in the Republic - a problem faced by cities around the world - Mr Lee said: "We must expect that people will go and, at the same time, we must attract people who can make a contribution to Singapore to come to Singapore."

Singapore is an attractive choice because there are opportunities here and it is an exciting and good place to live, he added.

"We try to make it such that if you come (to Singapore) and make a contribution, you can do well and fulfil your potential. I think we have to be like that if Singapore is to prosper."

On the business front, Mr Lee said Singapore companies can benefit from the continued cooperation between the two countries. The key to success is to ensure that companies continue to deliver and that the Singapore brand does not get tarnished, he said.

It took a lost of a GRC for the PAP to realise the seriousness of the situation on how ordinary Singaporean are sick to the neck of the open immigration policy of the government.

Hsieng Loong used to tell Singaporean on how much we need to rely on foreigner and Singapore will be collapse and lose it competitive edge if we don’t have them.

Now after losing the record number of seats in the parliament the PAP is stating to sing a different tune.

They are now finally putting a filter on the open flood gate and is now telling the immigrant to changed instead of asking the Singaporean to change.

Frankly I think it is too little too late and I foresee the PAP will lost more seats in parliament in the next GE. Why? Because the changes PAP promised in the last GE is taking too long and till now I don’t see any concrete improvement of Singaporean lives since.

What we need now is to send stronger signals the incumbent that your Elite pro policy is obsolete and we demand changes. Give me back the Singapore we want!

These policy makers are sitting comfortably in their ivory towers, they don’t sit and eat at the same table with the immigrants, they don’t fight for seats with them on the MRT and buses, they don’t queue up at the supermarket with them and they don’t wait in line at the polyclinic with them so how can the Elites know the Peasants problems?

Till now I cannot see how serious the PAP is to make life in Singapore better for the ordinary folks.

So I guess the people will not take you seriously too dear Hsien Loong.

Friday, June 29, 2012

The scary thing about the power of brain washing.

Head Pastor Lawrence Khong urges fellow pastors to pray for Kong Hee and to speak ‘well’ of CHC

Posted by temasektimes on June 28, 2012

Influential Head Pastor of Faith Community Baptist Church (FCBC) and Chairman of ‘Love Singapore’ Pastor Lawrence Khong (pic left) has called on fellow pastors to rally behind disgraced founder of City Harvest Church (CHC) Kong Hee and to pray for him.

Kong Hee was charged in court yesterday together with four others for misappropriating up to S$50 million dollars of the church’s funds and diverting them to further the music career of his singer wife Ho Yeow San.

Despite being condemned roundly by many Singaporeans including Christians, a senior figure from the Christian community Lawrence Khong had spoken up publicly in defence of Kong Hee.

In a note posted on his Facebook, Pastor Khong urged fellow pastors to unite behind Kong Hee:

We read with sadness the charges brought against Pastor Kong Hee and four senior leaders of City Harvest Church.

“We must stand ever more united in love and stronger in prayer for Pastor Kong Hee and the church. This is a time of testing for the Body of Christ. Truth is, we are all on trial before a righteous God. We must ask ourselves: Do we truly love the Body? Let there be a powerful prayerbuzz—on earth as it is in heaven! Let’s tell our members to talk more with God and less with others, especially on social media.”

He reminded them that Kong Hee is ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and implored them not to ‘prejudge or make baseless assumptions.’

“We must seek every opportunity to speak well of City Harvest Church. Its impact on the youth of Singapore is phenomenal. Its community service is outstanding. Its social arm meets a wide range of needs,” he added.

This is another joker who is getting his priority wrong. I am really shocked that he can actually become a pastor.

Yes Kong Hee is “innocent” until proven guilty. But should Lawrence be asking the community to pray to Jesus for the truth rather then pray for Kong Hee.

So what if Kong Hee is proven guilty? Is Lawrence asking the people to pray for the thief?

One thing to ask yourself, is it morally right for a pastor to stay in a multi millions dollar home in the first place? Something is already out of place if the pastor live a life of luxury.

Mark 10:21 Then Jesus, looking at him, loved him, and said to him, “One thing you lack: Go your way, sell whatever you have and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven; and come, take up the cross, and follow Me.”

I think Jesus must be quite sad now.

Monday, June 18, 2012

An weekend event

The Community Centre of my constituency held a charity “BaZhang” making event over the weekend from 15 till 17th June.

I don’t have the exact details on how or who is buying the finished product or maybe they just delivered to some charity organisation, but let me share what I observed.

The even started on Friday evening when the contractor set up a stage and tent. Early Saturday’s morning I already saw many “aunties” volunteer making the “BaZhang” in the makeshift tent under the hot sun throughout the day.

They wrap, cook, and had their lunch and dinner in the makeshift tent all in name of charity. To me they are the true hero of this event.

Now early Sunday, the band came and set up their equipment, dragon dancer were hired to welcome the VIP DPM and many boot licker starts to turn up on Sunday to make sure the area is fit for the VIP.

I guess money must had been spent for this elaborate welcoming party.

So what is the VIP role in this charity even? Did he help with the making of “BaZhang”?

What was he purpose for gracing this event? I am sure the charity even can go on without him being around?

So how much was spent of the welcoming event? Should his money put to better use for the charity? Or at least buy the helpers better lunch and dinner.

To me something is being misplaced here. Pubic money and effort from volunteers are somehow used to publicise the PAP MPs in the constituency.

To the volunteer aunties I salute you and to the balls licking RC and “VIP”, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

They never learn

Election period is an exciting time in Singapore, too bad it comes only once every 5 years.

During these times you suddenly see the incumbent becoming humble.

They start to walk the ground, Ministers, DPM and event the PM himself! (I never see my Minister MP during non-election period except when he was invited for some free dinner parties by the CC).

The incumbent also suddenly give out goodies and also start apologising to Singaporean for their failed policies and ask us to vote them in again so they are correct it.

I got to say with social media, more unbiased reports are available to the public and I think PAP themselves know they can’t really control the media anymore. In another words they cannot censored what we see and hear.

Also during this period suddenly the IQ of Ministers somehow dropped drastically.

The things they say when they try to counter the opposition somehow don’t really make sense and they do sound stupid at times.

Now everyone, be it the incumbent or the opposition parties, are being shown to the publics and Singaporean can choose for themselves who they want to believe in.

This is good for the democracy of Singapore.

So my advice to the PAP is to do your job sincerely, don’t bullshit us and the people will definitely see for themselves and vote for you if you are the best candidates.

They should abolished the GRC system so every man and woman no matter which political parties they are responsible for his or her own votes and are voted in by his/her own merits.

Instead the PAP starts to do weird stuff to shoot themselves in the foot for what reason I do not know.

After GE2011 when the lost Aljunied GRC, they start taking away the management of some public facility from the town council and gave them to the People Association which is chaired by the PM himself.

They penalised constituencies that voted against them by putting them last in upgrading and the removal of amenities.

The PAP still failed to realised that old method cannot be used to pacify new voters.

All we asked for is a fair and just government which treat us sincerely so Singapore can be a wonderful place to live in.

Until the PAP change I can assure you they will be loosing vote.

Monday, May 21, 2012

The more the speak the more stupid they sound.

I listen to the WP rally over the weekend via youtube and I did tried to do the same for the PAP one so I see for myself how different the views of this two parties are but 4min into Desmond’s speech nearly killed me so I have so stop.

I have to resort to summary by our press and luckily I did not listen to Chee Hein nor Denis Phua’s speech cause I am sure they will send me straight to hell.

I can’t believe how dumb and brainless the PAP camp can be and the argument they put up is really what I call jaw dropping.

I still think the more rally they host the more vote they will lose, look like they still think we are in the 80s where there is no social medias and people have to be informed with censor informations.

Even people like me can easily find flaws in PAP’s rally.

From CNA:

Chee Hean says:
"Is Hougang so special, that the WP is sending you a candidate that they themselves decided not to send to Parliament when they had the chance?"

I say: Why Mah Bow Tan and Wong Kang Seng which were PAP best men for Ministers job lost their post after GE 2011? At that time it was only a nominated MP post avail for WP as the loser with the highest vote. So does it matter who they send it then? In the first place the GRC system is flaw as the PAP has no balls to let each men stand for election base on his or her own merits.

Desmond says:
"I work hard to raise funds from many private donors, sponsors and businesses. I pushed for government funded schemes to be fast-tracked in Hougang. I also worked with charitable organisations on projects to benefit residents. But somehow, someone on Saturday thought it was wrong for me to have done so. Do you think I should continue helping people?"

I say: So where Desmond get his money from? The government? PA? If so why only give tax payer money to a PAP grass root advisor while the elected opposition MP are not given these public funds? Why penalised tax paying Singaporean from their own money just because they voted for a different political party? National issue is not a political issue my dear PAP.

From ST:

Denis Phua says:

“HOUGANG residents need no longer fear that voting in a People's Action Party (PAP) candidate will affect the number of opposition voices in Parliament, said PAP MP Denise Phua on Sunday.

PAP MPs are also independent-minded and can speak 'boldly and without fear'”

I say: Can Desmond voted against his party? Will he be free from the party whip? If he is an individual voice then stand as an independent candidate Desmond.

Friday, May 18, 2012

It is better to be an animal in Singapore.

Pandas to get five-star treatment in Singapore
They will enjoy $8.5m enclosure and four types of specially grown bamboo
ST 18 May 2012

The endangered pandas are the national treasures of China, and Singapore has every intention of treating them as such when two of them come here.

In the run-up to Kai Kai and Jia Jia's arrival - which, it is hoped, will take place by year-end - a lot of work has been put in to make their 10-year stay here a five-star experience.

Everything - from the types of bamboo that they need to be fed to the exact spots for installing lights - is being fine-tuned months before their much-anticipated arrival.

The $8.5 million panda enclosure in the upcoming River Safari obtained its Temporary Occupation Permit.

It is indeed better to be an animal in Singapore.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Why we need Opposition in Singapore

A year after the GE 2010 and now Hougang is fuelling the sentiment of Singaporean again.

If you asked yourself, did you life got better or worst after PAP re-took Singapore in 2010 I am sure most of us know the sad truth.

Even with a new President life in Singapore for the ordinary folks had gone from bad to worst.

Inflation, record COE, MRT breaking down, influx of foreigners, increase utilities price etc etc.

Why things are not getting better? Although Hsien Loong asked for some time but a year is not a short so why are things not improving?

I think the reason is simple, the PAP has lost touch with the ground, they are prioritising on the wrong issues.

Most of the time they are busy making life good for the rich and not the poor, whether they are doing it on purpose or not I do not know.

I personally had met people from PAP and the opposition although they are all friendly but there always seem to be a barrier when I talked to the PAP.

Everything is so robotic and efficient in the PAP camp that there is no personal warm at all.

Maybe it is all the protocol and procedure in the Party that made the PAP the way this way.

I met an incumbent Minister way back before he joined politics and he was sincere and talking to him was easy and he seem to understand “lesser motal” like us then.

These days when I read what he said on TV and in parliament, it sounds ridiculous and stupid at times.

So my dear Singaporean, do you think a millionaire can empathise with your problems?

Do you think he will know how you struggle to make ends meet everyday, how you squeezed into crowded public transport, how you queue 3 hours to see a doctor at the poly clinics, how you waited 3 months to see a specialist, how you have to work longer hours to pay off your HDB debt, how you dare not to work shorter hours as your boss is threatening to replace you with cheaper FT etc etc….

Ask yourself do you want a Yes Man as your MP or a ordinary guy who dare to speak up for you when things went wrong?

You may not see it in this few years but think for your children, think for them what kind of Singapore you want them to grow up to.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hsein Loong's Cheap shot is making me sick

By-election a chance to elect reliable candidate: PM
Thu, May 10, 2012

Prime minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday called on Hougang residents to make use of the by-election to elect a reliable and committed candidate to serve them well.

In a post on his Facebook page, which he started just over two weeks ago, Mr Lee wrote: "I encourage Hougang voters to use this opportunity wisely, to elect the best candidate with commitment and integrity: someone they can rely upon to express their hopes and concerns, address their needs, and make a real difference to their lives."

He explained that he had already made known his intentions, during Parliament, to call for a by- election in the single-member Hougang ward after it was left vacant in February. But he reiterated that "the Constitution does not require me to call a by-election within any fixed timeframe".

Mr Lee said he advised President Tony Tan Keng Yam yesterday morning to issue the Writ of Election, which he attached to his Facebook post.

In his post, Mr Lee wrote that the Workers' Party (WP) and former Member of Parliament (MP) for the ward, Mr Yaw Shin Leong, had "let down all those who voted for him".

In February, the party said it had expelled the beleaguered former MP from its ranks after he failed to come clean about his rumoured extramarital affairs.

In a strongly worded statement issued at that time, the WP added that Mr Yaw had "broken the faith, trust and expectations of the party and people".

He was reported to have left the country a day after he was expelled.

Last Saturday, The Straits Times reported that he and his wife were in Hanoi.

But Mr Lee said yesterday that the WP "has not given Singaporeans a full and proper account of what happened, or why it acted in this way".

He added: "Mr Yaw himself has said nothing, either to explain or to apologise for his behaviour, and has reportedly left the country."

He noted that the WP had, initially, chosen to keep mum when the allegations surfaced.

"The WP first kept totally silent, then supported Mr Yaw, and then, three weeks later, suddenly expelled him from the party," he wrote.

"I hope these events will not distract us from focusing on our national priorities, and building an inclusive Singapore."

Mr Lee posted the note just before 4.30pm yesterday and, by 7pm last night, it had attracted 70 comments from netizens and was shared over 265 times.

Many of those who responded to his note welcomed the call for the by-election.

Netizen Benedict Jacob-Thambiah wrote: "As someone who lives within Aljunied GRC, I am tired of sharing MPs with the people from Hougang. Besides, the MPs for Aljunied weren't elected to speak for the people of Hougang in Parliament."

Aljunied GRC was also won by the WP last year.

Another netizen, Subramaniam Thirumeni, said: "This is a positive step in a new and fair political direction that our nation is hopefully embarking on."

Others, like Jmm Limm, questioned the timing of the by-election, saying that rumoured PAP candidate Desmond Choo had been given "enough time to make inroads into Hougang" as a result of the delay

Ah the excitement of the Election is coming again, good opportunity and a reminder to us how stupid, dumb and ridiculous the incumbent can be. A pity it is not a public holiday.

Hsien Loong lead the way to shows how ridiculous the People Action Party is.

He took this opportunity to take a cheap shot at WP (Maybe he is afraid?) reminding people how lousy the last MP was and it is not for the resident to choose someone a reliable guy from his camp.

That’s strange there are quire a few un-reliable guy from his camp now and some even became Minister and I am sure they did let down Singaporean not once but on quite a number of occasions. *Cough* Mas Selamat *Cough* MRT breakdown *Cough*Lesser Mortal *Cough* Mee siam mai Hum *Cough*

Hsien Loong went on babbling on how lousy WP is and hey for God’s sake can you be a gentlemen and make this election a fair and proper one and not going down the dirty path?

I dare Hsien Loong to relinquish his seat for Ang Mo Kio GRC and come and run in Hougang to see how popular he really is.

One on one a fair fight. Don’t see many Men In White have the balls to do it.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Making mountain out of mole hill

PM on Facebook: 29,200 'likes'... and counting
Apr 22, 2012

A day after its launch that saw thousands of netizens clicking on the thumbs-up icon in support, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's Facebook page continued to draw 'likes' on Saturday.

By midnight, the number of 'likes' had crossed 29,200, doubling what he had on Day 1.

His Twitter account, set up at the same time, had more than 7,100 followers.

PM Lee also showed a determination to stay active online: Late last night, he posted messages on Facebook and Twitter, describing what he had done in the evening. 'Just returned from AMK (Ang Mo Kio). Was at a Welcome Party at Teck Ghee Vista, and an MUP (Main Upgrading Programme) Completion at Teck Ghee Grandeur,' he wrote on Facebook. He then went on to talk a bit more about what happened.

I can't believe the main stream media persistence on this piece of news.

I been seeing this old news for at least 2 days, updating the readers how many followers and likers Hsien Loong has.

I wonder how many the 3 legs from the grass roots?

Ok ok we all know Hsien Loong has his own Facebook page and Twitter account and many many people “Like” him.

My point is “SO WHAT”?

So what if you have 1 millions Likes on you Facebook and 2 millions followers in Twitter?

Just do your job properly and engage the citizens, listen and try to do some good for the nation. Then people will definitely LIKE you for who you are and not some virtual Likes in a virtual space.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Paying millions for idiots.

Breakdown unavoidable on heavily utilised train system
Ministry of Transport will try to minimise disruptions as much as possible. -myp
Tue, Apr 10, 2012

Disruptions on a heavily utilised rail system such as Singapore's are unavoidable, but breakdowns longer than 30 minutes are considered major disruptions, said Transport Minister Lui Tuck Yew in Parliament yesterday.

He said the Ministry of Transport "will try and minimise as much as possible the major disruptions and to keep them in check".

But with an average of 2.7 million passenger trips daily and thousands of train trips in more than 18 hours a day, "there is no way you can prevent disruptions from occurring".

He was responding to Member of Parliament for Nee Soon GRC Lee Bee Wah's queries on whether more can be done to address the spate of breakdowns.

"If they do take place, you then have an incident-management plan in place that will try to ameliorate the effects on commuters," he added.

Mr Lui also gave details of the resources spent by transport operator SBS Transit on preventive maintenance of the rail track and tunnel of the North-East Line (NEL).

He said it spent about $16 million from 2007 to last year in this area, adding that it was "a fraction of the total maintenance cost that they spent" on the line.

The operator, which has an in-house team of about 470 maintenance staff, also conducts regular inspections in accordance with approved maintenance plans, he said.

This includes a monthly deployment of an engineering vehicle to detect track faults, six-monthly tunnel inspections to check for cracks and leaks, as well as nightly checks to look for signs of defects or wear and tear.

On March 15, some 90,000 commuters were affected by a disruption on the NEL, which lasted some 10 hours. It was the biggest train disruption here since two major incidents on SMRT's North-South Line on Dec 15 and 17 last year.

Mr Lui said he has asked the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to work with the operators to put in place a "condition- monitoring regime" to give a better idea of how to prioritise some of the maintenance efforts needed.

Mr Lui also addressed the issue of employing foreign bus drivers. He was referring to a recent accident in Sengkang, where an SBS Transit bus driven by a foreign driver killed a 66-year-old woman.

While everyone is "saddened" by the incident, Mr Lui stressed that regardless of nationality, it is crucial that every driver is adequately trained and appropriately qualified.

"Especially if they come from abroad, then (they should be) given the kind of orientation that will help them familiarise themselves with the peculiarities of the system here in Singapore," he said.

In the public-bus sector, about 61 per cent of drivers are Singaporeans and permanent residents, about 26 per cent are Malaysians and about 12 to 13 per cent are from China.

Mr Lui added that the training of foreign drivers should include infusing them with the responsibility that they carry and to make sure that they operate their vehicles in a safe manner.

While the two public-bus operators will need to hire about 1,600 more drivers for the additional 800 buses in five years, Mr Lui said the Government will not micro-manage their wages and employment terms.

The LTA is also exploring the use of buses from private bus companies to supplement the public-bus fleet, he noted.

But there are constraints as private operators are trying to maximise the utilisation of their fleet, and are also needed to ferry workers and students during the peak hours, he said.

He added that the current system of rotating an average of two drivers to operate every bus through the course of a day was adequate.

Mr Lui said: "There's the morning peak as well as the evening peak and, in between, some of the drivers will then get to rest in the interchanges."

Now you have a million dollar Minister telling you that it is acceptable for train to break down. This is like throwing in the towel before the match even start.

Terrible mentality I wonder what kind of “quality” people Hsien Loong select to be Minister.

Meanwhile in Tokyo, it is UNACCEPTABLE for any break down.

Say you pay for a cheap “Guess” watch, I believe it is acceptable if it breaks down 10 years later. But if you spent a premium on a Rolex, I will expect it to be working 50years later with proper maintenance.

We now have the most expensive cabinet in the world telling us that too bad you have accept these failures.


Then change a cheaper person to run the show or cut the cost of transport then maybe we can accept some sort of disruption.

Running an efficient transport is possible it is just a matter of will and the resource you are willing to pour in.

If we have money minded Minister and Transport operator, do you think their priority is the commuters or bottom line?

The answer is obvious.