Monday, July 24, 2006

Countries I have visited

Here's a map of the countries that I've visited so far. You can try it out at
So far I've been to 32 countries and 14% of the world.
The world is so small yet so large.

National Service

I was just thinking how different today youth are from us. Note that I am a city boy and never had the privilege to grow up in a kampong but still I can feel the significant difference between myself and those sissy kids these days. Haha…. Wondering how the boys are going to survive army. But against these days NS are not what they used to be.

Remember those days when we:

- Need to get everything out of the cupboard in 5min? (That’s Easy)
- Then need to arrange everything neatly back in 5min? (Now you try that)
- Fall in all cupboards in the corridor.
- Polish you boots till you can see your own reflection.
- Doing over 100 push-ups in a go.
- Remains in push up position for 45mins.
- Prone in muddy water.
- Take you rifle into the shower (YES I did that and wash the mud off it too)
- Dig that bloody trench overnight and experienced my first hallucination.
- Doing knuckle push up till you bleed (Don’t know whether is it still the same these days for unarmed combat training)
- Kiwi the tires of the 5-tonner (YES I DID THAT)
- Soaked completely in my uniform, then sun dried completely and then soaked completely again.
- Spending the weekend cleaning the cookhouse’s rubbish dump.
- Eating cookhouse food. (Yeah if you think the food is bad now, try those that were cook by the NS Ah Bengs YUCK)
- Scrub the toilet so clean that you can eat from the floor. (NO I AM NOT LYING)
- Pick up leaves in front of the bloody office lines with my bare hands for 3 months.
- Burnt by the empty cartridges from that idiot at the firing lane next to me.

Looking back these are some of the things that make the man out of boys. I am proud I did that and till today am still a combat fit soldier. No like those sissies or white horse sitting in office as clerk or drivers. Worst are those who Keng! I see you no up.

Although we lament that NS is a waste of time, I have to agreed that some of the things we do are totally useless (like burning weekend to support National Days/ CO passing out parade…blah blah blah). But looking at the bright side it makes a better person out of moi.

Happy National Day Singapore from my the bottom of my heart and I won’t be showing it by flying the flag.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Transformer - More then meet the eyes.

ToNot long ago heard that the new Transformer Movie will be out next year. So just happen to came across the official website the other day and Man the sneak peak is cool!!

I am a Transformer Fan since young. I even bought the original Soundwave toys back in Primary school days. Don’t have lots of money back then but having my all time favorite Decepticon is real happiness.

I think I managed to catch all of the TV series and the original anime Movie. So this Transformer movie will definitely be on my must watch list in 2007.

A few year ago when I was traveling in Japan, I came across a high quality Transformer toys by Takara. Bought the toys and it really brought back memories. As I was pondering where to get the subsequent ones, I was lucky to find someone who brought them in from Japan at a reasonable price. So after a few more purchase later I am happy. Although now I got more spending power compare to the schoolboy me, I do not have much time playing with them now as I would like. Sad isn’t it? But at least they are there on my shelve waiting for me.

: )