Monday, December 28, 2009

Danger lurking in Singapore.

Singapore is getting more and more crowded. This is being made more so by the influx of migrants.

I was just at Orchard road the week before Christmas and as usual, the malls are packed with shoppers and the link between Wisma and Takashimaya was so packed that human traffic came to stand still.

This got me thinking. Does malls in our country has to pass any Fire Regulation test? Is there a maximum number of people allow to be in a particular building?

Please note that many countries have fire safety regulation to their malls.

In Taiwan and Japan, there is always a sign at the entrace showing what is the maximum number of people this building is licensed to have and there is a counter showing you how many people are in the building now. This is to prevent the building from being overcrowded and make safe evacuation possible in case of fire or emergency.

This is definite lacking in Singapore.

The matter is made even worst with temporary push-carts and store blocking walk ways and exits of malls.

I really doubt a safe evacuation is possible for our malls during emergencies especially during weekends or festive seasons.

So why is Singapore, being a First world country, chose not to look into this matter?

Well, firstly, I think your life and my life is cheap. You won’t see Minister shopping in a crowded shopping center right?

Secondly, land is expensive in Singapore, so as a mall owners, I will packed as much stores I can into my building and even create temporary stores during festive period so I could get my return in investment ASAP.

So folks, be careful when you go to crowded malls the next time. Always keep a look out for the nearest exit because it is just a disaster waiting to happen in Singapore.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas 2009!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Transformer Toys

Time to reveal another purchase from Tokyo.

This is from Takara's Device Label, a 2GB USB Memory, TIGATRON.

It has a twin Black colour Decepticon brother but it was still not on sales then.

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Careful with your GST when you travel.

Dec 2, 2009
Holiday trip spoilt by GST shock at airport

MY FAMILY recently returned from a holiday in Europe.

As usual, we bought some gifts from the countries we had visited.

But we were stunned when the Customs officers stopped us and slapped us with 7 per cent goods and services tax (GST) for the gifts we purchased abroad.

Even the watch I was wearing on my wrist was not spared.

We were told that the maximum limit for gifts purchased overseas is $300 - anything exceeding that is taxable.

I checked with many friends and relatives and none of them knew that this rule exists, not even the tour agency.

Needless to say, the incident dampened our spirit after a great holiday.

Patrick Lim

Ignorance does not meant you are not guilty.

This letter serve no purpose except to remind the rest that such rules exist.

I knew this requirement long ago and has been telling my friends about it.

Dear all, Please note you are required to pay GST for you over-sea purchase if they exceed $300. Note it is total worth and not individual items.

So do not waved your new LV bags, which are still in their paper bags in front of the custom officer, any jokers will know you should declare and pay your GST.

Peter and his many friends and relative need to know the rule book man.

The custom has been closing one eye for many years but I guess now Singapore’s economy is not very good and gahment is noticing people of spending their cash over-sea to avoid the GST here. Therefore to dig more money from us, the are really strict at the custom now. Also I got a tip that GST will go up to 10% after the next election as MIW had spent too much on the Stimulus package and I guess they will not increase the corporate tax in order to attract foreign investments.

Sad… the rich the richer, less taxes, the poor get the stimulus package, and the middle income get SQUEEZED again and again. Time to migrate…

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Stuff from Tokyo

New find this year. Death Note, cute got 8 designs in mysterious boxes so this is the 2 I got this year.

Domo Kun! Tokyo Station Limited! One of my favourite character this year. Haa... and of cause Naruto Key Chain, missing Nin, Konoha. Made In Japan too.

Naruto Tokyo Tower handphone strap. Cute!

And finally Hello Kitty in the famour Black Egg clothing from Hakone.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Nano Block

Earlier this year, I blogged about buying a Nano Block Set of the WWII Japanese flag ship Yamato.

Sad to say I still have not find the time to buid it. Maybe lucky for me, Haha.... I admit I took a look at the instruction for a couple of time and I knew it will not be easy.

For this trip to Tokyo, I found that Kawada came out with more Nano Block product. There is another super high level 1000 plus set of a Japanses castle (Like the Yamato). And they also came out with many more easier smaller sets.

I grab the Tokyo Tower and the Hokkaido Inu.

I told myself better start with the easier one and boy was I correct.

The Hokkaido Inu set took me 1.5 hours to complete! The blocks are quite small and you spent more time looking for time.

Anyway here is the finished Hokkaido Inu.

Tokyo Tower Here I come!

Coin added for scale.

Monday, November 23, 2009

One more join the family.

My New Sinn U1 White has arrived last Saturday. Pop by to collect it today.

Think I will be having a lovely white Christmas!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Taking a much awaited break: In the Land of the rising sun.

Its been 6 months since I went for a holiday.

So ofcause I am happy to get our of the country.

See you all in 9 days time!

Thursday, November 05, 2009

風雲II Trailer

Oh right! Think one of the better HK movies for the year!

Bring back some memories man. Gotta dig up my comics and re-read again....

Monday, November 02, 2009

Old SIA advert.

Love the classic music... cool man.

Sunday, November 01, 2009

Don Music

This is really a classic and one of my fav sesame street character.

Haa... Sesame street can be quire violent.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Air Traffic Control

Its amazing what you can find on the web these days.

Try this webite. You can listen to live conversation between the pilots and Air Traffic Controller.

Use together with this website, where you track the live location of all flight, you have your very own Flight Control on you PC.

Interesting, I was listening in to Hong Kong ATC. Mm... too bad Sinagapore is not covered by this website.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Win Win for them and Lose Lose for You

Drop in public transport share in Singapore: survey
26 October 2009 1458 hrs (SST)

SINGAPORE: A transport survey in Singapore has shown that the public transport share has shrunk.

The survey of some 10,500 households revealed that despite efforts by the authorities to get more people on buses and trains, challenges still remain.

Singapore aims to boost the usage of public transport among its population to 70 per cent by 2020. But the Household Interview Travel Survey showed that the target is now harder to achieve.

The survey found that 59 per cent of respondents used public transport last year, down from 63 per cent in 2004.

During the same period, the number of daily public transport journeys went up by 16 per cent as Singapore's population grew. The number of car journeys increased by 31 per cent as the car population also grew.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) explained that this behaviour could be due to a lack of major infrastructural improvements in public transport during that period.

Speaking at the Second World Roads Conference on Monday, Transport Minister Raymond Lim said that there are some positive signs.

He said: "Between 2004 and 2008, the number of train trips made each day rose 30 per cent, from 1.3 million to 1.7 million. Even though the public transport mode share island-wide has fallen, the mode share in the North-East corridor, served by the Northeast Line (NEL) which opened in 2003, has bucked the trend and shown significant improvement."

LTA said it will continue to make bus services more efficient and will be expanding the Mandatory Give-Way to Buses scheme in the next two years.

LTA said the expansion of normal bus lanes and full-day bus lanes have already improved bus speeds for services using the routes by between eight per cent and 13 per cent respectively.

From next year, LTA will also take over as the Bus Network Planner to further improve the overall connectivity of the bus network here.

An expert said reliability is key when convincing people to use public transport.

Professor Brian Collins, chief scientific advisor from UK's Department of Transport, said: "Making buses punctual, making trains punctual, and making them more frequent - refining that predictability of travel time is one of the issues that people really like. They will like to know when they are going to arrive, arrive safely and in comfort."

LTA said it will push through two key strategies under its Masterplan to make public transport more convenient. The strategies are to reduce the growth of vehicles on the road and double the existing rail network by 2020.

For now, the introduction of Electronic Road Pricing to more roads last year has improved the traffic conditions of affected roads.

LTA said there has been marked improvement in traffic speeds within the CBD, especially during evening peak hours. Traffic speeds there have been restored to the optimal range of 20-30 kilometres per hour, from 18 kilometres per hour previously.

Our Gahment is just ignoring the root cause and just want to make money. Period!

To ease traffic and to boost public transport rider-ship, they go for the simplest and best solution for themselves – RAISE THE ERP COST. Mind you, next they will raise the parking fee then the COE and then the road tax…. Win – win for them and too bad for you.

It’s easy to encourage public transport usage, just like Professor Brian Said, you just have to HAVE A EFFICIENT PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM.

More frequent buses and train, more punctual trains and I bet if you slash the fare by 50% your rider-ship will shoot up immediately.

I will suggest doing away with those bloody surcharges on taxi as well. Taxi driver here in Singapore are just too spoilt. I think we are the only countries in the world with such a complex taxi fares structure and ironically I feel our taxi services are one of the worst.

I also question the survey accuracy. Out of the 10000 households interviewed, how many are Foreigner? I doubt so as they most probably are renting room or stay in hostel. You may say less Singaporean are taking pubic transports but I can assure you that trains and buses are packed these days due to new immigrants and FT. Rider-ship is no where low my friend.

And did they question WHY less people are taking public transport now?

I can tell you, the only reason why will I consider getting my own ride is: THE PUBLIC TRANSPORT SYSTEM SUCKS.

1) Overcrowded
2) Expensive (Not value for money to be more correct)
3) Erratic timing
4) Long waiting time.
5) Stupid people eats and blast their f**K phone in there.

Monday, October 12, 2009

Grumpy me

I need a break!

I got to admit that I am addicted to traveling and if I don’t get my regular dose I will slip into a withdrawal symptom being grouchy and grumpy the whole day.

Why I like to travel? Well maybe because I hate this place?

Food sucks here. For good quality food you have to pay a premium.

Weather sucks. No need to explain.

Public transport sucks. No need to explain.

People? Kiasu and now ¼ of us are “foreign talents”.

Things here are overpriced and not much of a design.

I usually travel on the average of 4 times a year and normally I get into the travel drought between May and Oct. (YES this is exactly why I am grumpy now!) No a good period to travel due to the monsoon.

Just counting down to my Tokyo trip next month. Arghhh…..

Thursday, October 08, 2009

Bad day at work.

Somali pirates attack French military flagship
Yahoo News Wed Oct 7, 11:10 am ET

NAIROBI (AFP) – Somali pirates attempted to storm the French navy's 18,000 tonne flagship in the Indian Ocean after mistaking it for a cargo vessel, the French military said on Wednesday.

The crew of La Somme, a 160-metre (525-foot) command vessel and fuel tanker, easily saw off the brazen night-time assault by lightly armed fighters on two lightweight skiffs and captured five pirates, a spokesman said.

"The pirates, who because of the darkness took the French ship for a commercial vessel, were on board two vessels and opened fire with Kalashnikovs," Admiral Christophe Prazuck said in Paris.

La Somme is the French command vessel in the Indian Ocean, overseeing French air, sea and land forces fighting Somali pirates and hunting terrorists under the banner of the US-led Operation Enduring Freedom.

Officers on the ship have directed commando operations to free French hostages in the hands of Somali pirates.

The pirates tried to flee when they realised their mistake but were pursued by French forces who, after an hour-long chase, caught one of the skiffs, Prazuck said.

On it they found five men but no weapons, water or food as the pirates had apparently thrown all of the boat's contents overboard, the spokesman said……………

This is hilarious!

Talk about total screwed up….haha…

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Wish list

I am bored.... thinking of what to get next. Shit no $$$ for all.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


S'pore population to hit 5 million soon
The growth has been fuelled mainly by the increase in PRs and new immigrants.

Tue, Sep 29, 2009 my paper

SINGAPORE'S population hit almost 4.99 million in June this year, up 3.1 per cent from last year.

The growth has been fuelled mainly by the increase in immigrants, as the number of babies delivered by Singapore residents rose only marginally.

The figures released yesterday by the Department of Statistics show that the number of citizens grew from 3.16 million last year to 3.2 million this year, while that of permanent residents inched up from 0.48 million last year to 0.53 million this year.

The number of non-residents rose by 4.8 per cent to reach 1.25 million this year - a lower rise from the over-10 per cent rate in the last two years.

Just slightly more babies were born last year than in the previous year: 39,826, up 0.9 per cent. However, the total fertility rate dropped from 1.29 to 1.28 last year.

Associate Professor Paulin Straughan, a sociologist from the National University of Singapore, said that it is positive that Singapore has been able to sustain population growth, despite the recession and competition from other developed countries.

Like Singapore, they seek immigrants to make up for falling fertility rates.

Prof Straughan, who is also a Nominated Member of Parliament, said: "It shows that Singapore is a draw for migrants, that there are still jobs and quality of life here."

Administrative planner Yvonne Tay, 35, became a citizen in April this year, 16 years after coming here from Perak, as she wanted her children "to enjoy better education opportunities and subsidies as a citizen".
She said: "We're used to the lifestyle here, it's safe and peaceful. Half of my family is also here, and my sister's family also took up citizenship three years ago."


In 2000-2005, net migration in 28 countries either prevented population decline or doubled at least the contribution of natural increase (births minus deaths) to population growth. These countries include Austria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Qatar, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom

All nice and positive comment by new immigrant Yvonne, wonder why they did not interview and Singaporean.

I have no qualm about “good quality” immigrant. But if our gahment just bring in any Tom, Dick and Harry so they can earn from the taxes they collect then this is really sad.

Not to forget only Singaporean are F**King serving NS for 13 years so everyone living on this Island can enjoy it.

Time to get out of here.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Singapore F1 2009

Taufik Batisah apologises for Singapore national anthem error
27 September 2009 2323 hrs

SINGAPORE: Local celebrity, Taufik Batisah who was given the opportunity to sing the national anthem during the Formula One Grand Prix tonight, made a mistake while doing so.

His televised performance was viewed by millions all over the world.

But instead of singing "marilah kita bersatu", which means "let us unite", he sang “marilah kita berseru" which means "let us proclaim".

Speaking to MediaCorp, Taufik said, he's very sorry for making the error.

He said he was very nervous while singing.

But the winner of the first season of Singapore Idol added that he's aware that there's no excuse for him to make such an error.

Taufik says he hopes that the public will forgive him for what he refers to as an "honest mistake."

I wonder how many of us knew he made this mistake. Even for those of us who know Malay,, I doubt there are many people who notice it.

Honestly I don't know what the exact lyrics of our national anthem except for "Majula Singapura. " This is the reality when you have a National Anthem in a language that not everyone in Singapore understand.

But I did notice Taufik was trying too hard to put his "Style" while singing the National Anthem. It was quite irritating that he tried to add some R&B element into the Anthem and in the end it changes the melody quite a lot. And it was rather irritating. Can he just #@%@# sing it properly?

My Toys

Saw a piece of Optimus Prime in a Toy shop 2 weeks ago and I though I got it. So went home and dig around and found it! Haha...

Think it is good to go through what you got once in a while. Its new discovery.

Here are some of my Toys collection. Er... though it is a good idea to take some photos of them to remind myself what I got.

Will try to do solo picture for them someday.

My "Cheong" Lego Chinhook and some nic-nac. Love the cute match boxes at bottom right from Japan.
The Lego (Made-In-Japan) Optimus is cool man!

Notice the classice original Sound Wave on the right. He.. My first Transformer.
I also love the LEGO Millenium Falcon Bag Charm on the Top Left.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New Bag

Bought the Davis about 2 weeks ago. Its a newly launch model.

Been looking for a bag with this kinda shape for sometime. Only I think the handle is too short for shoulder sling but I guess only the Japanese do this.

Overall. 5/5 for this new bag.

: )

Friday, September 18, 2009

New Phone

Got my new phone last weekend.

Its my first Samsung and first touch screen phone.

Not bad actually consider it selling at $248.

Still trying to get used to it.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Promoting gambling

I went to White Sand Mall at Pasir Ris on Monday’s evening for my dinner.

There was a booth set up by Singapore Pools to promote their online “gaming” Poolzconnect.

I have heard of this before but I am not too sure the exact detail but basically it is just like setting up a account with Singapore pools then you can easily place your TOTO/4D bet online. No more queue.

What surprised me was this booth is actually allowed to be set up at a heart land malls. Also do note the people manning the booth are quite aggressive handling out pamphlets to people walking near them.

Notice that cinema in heart-lands are not allow to show R(A) films but malls in heart-lands are allow to promote gambling.

Maybe this is a warm up to our IR.

Sex is bad. Gambling is good.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Lousy source of news.

Jailed for oral sex with maid
The auxiliary police officer was sentenced to 18 months' jail.

-ST Mon, Sep 07, 2009The Straits Times

AN AUXILIARY police officer was sentenced to 18 months' jail after he was convicted of having oral sex with his domestic help.

Ahmad Dapon, 53, a lance corporal with Certis Cisco, was found guilty of engaging in fellatio with the 31-year-old Indonesian maid at his home in Bedok in April 2007.
He is out on $10,000 bail, pending his appeal.

I am still quite amazed at the quality of the news Straits Time published.

This piece of news serve no purpose except to warn people that oral sex is illegal and maybe a good laugh over meals with friends.

I just can’t help wondering how was Ahmad Dapon caught? : )

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Truth about College

Got this a few years ago. A good read! Haha....

The Truth About College:

College is a bunch of rooms where you sit for two thousand hours or so and try to memorize things. The two thousand hours are spread out over four years. You spend the rest of the time sleeping, partying, and trying to get dates.

Basically, you learn two kinds of things in college:
1. Things you will need to know in later life (two hours).
2. Things you will not need to know in later life (1,998 hours).

The latter are the things you learn in classes whose names end in -ology, -sophy, -istry, -ics, and so on. The idea is, you memorize these things, then write them down in little exam books, then forget them. If you fail to forget them, you become a professor and have to stay in college for the rest of your life.

After you've been in college for a year or so, you're supposed to choose a major, which is the subject you intend to memorize and forget the most thing about. Here is a very important piece of advice: be sure to choose a major that does not involve Known Facts and Right Answers. This means you must not major in mathematics, physics, biology, or chemistry, or geology because these subjects involve actual facts.

If, for example, you major in mathematics, you're going to wander into class one day and the professor will say: "Define the cosine integer of the quadrant of a rhomboid binary axis, and extrapolate your result to five significant vertices." If you don't come up with exactly the answer the professor has in mind, you fail.

The same is true of chemistry: if you write in your exam book that carbon and hydrogen combine to form oak, your professor will flunk you. He wants you to come up with the same answer he and all the other chemists have agreed on. Scientists are extremely snotty about this.

So you should major in subjects like English, philosophy, psychology, and sociology -- subjects in which nobody really understands what anybody else is talking about, and which involve virtually no actual facts. I attended classes in all these subjects, so I'll give you a quick overview of each:

ENGLISH: This involves writing papers about long books you have read little snippets of just before class. Here is a tip on how to get good grades on your English papers: Never say anything about a book that anybody with any common sense would say. For example, suppose you are studying Moby Dick. Anybody with any common sense would say that Moby Dick is a big white whale, since the characters in the book refer to it as a big white whale roughly eleven thousand times. So in your paper, you say Moby Dick is actually the Republic of Ireland. Your professor, who is sick to death of reading papers and never liked Moby Dick anyway, will think you are enormously creative. If you can regularly come up with
Lunatic interpretations of simple stories, you should major in English.

PHILOSOPHY: Basically, this involves sitting in a room and deciding there is no such thing as reality and then going to lunch. You should major in philosophy if you plan to take a lot of drugs.

PSYCHOLOGY: This involves talking about rats and dreams. Psychologists are obsessed with rats and dreams. I once spent an entire semester training a rat to punch little buttons in a certain sequence, then training my roommate to do the same thing. The rat learned much faster. My roommate is now a doctor. If you like rats or dreams, and above all if you dream about rats, you should major in psychology.

SOCIOLOGY: For sheer lack of intelligibility, sociology is far and away the number one subject. I sat through hundreds of hours of sociology courses, and read gobs of sociology writing, and I never once heard or read a coherent statement. This is because sociologists want to be considered scientists, so they spend most of their time translating simple, obvious observations into scientific-sounding code. If you plan to major in sociology, you'll have to learn to do the same thing. For example, suppose you have observed that children cry when they fall down. You should write:

"Methodological observation of the sociometrical behavior tendencies of prematurated isolates indicates that a causal relationship exists between groundward tropism and lachrimatory behavior forms."

If you can keep this up for fifty or sixty pages, you will get a large government grant.

More Stupid Elites.

05:55 AM Aug 12, 2009

Some Singaporeans are sore that they do not know enough about how "their money" is being invested by Temasek Holdings, acknowledged Singapore's first female Cabinet minister, Mrs Lim Hwee Hua.

"We have to ask ourselves if transparency is an end in itself, or if it is the means to an end," said the Minister in the Prime Minister's Office to Petir.

"If all our cards are revealed in pursuit of complete transparency, does that serve the purpose of having Temasek and the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation manage the reserves well? The goal is really to value-add for all stakeholders.

"It is reasonable for people to ask questions, but ultimately the government holds the responsibility for deciding how much to reveal in our best interests."

I don’t know how she became a Minister. Gosh but anyway you just have to be a yes-man or yes-woman in this case to be one anyway.

Hwee Hua is sprouting nonsense!

I almost fell off my chair when I read this article. Can’t believe one of our Ministers actually said this kinda thing in public.

Firstly every Singaporean has the right to know what is happening to their hard earn money.

"If all our cards are revealed in pursuit of complete transparency, does that serve the purpose of having Temasek and the Government of Singapore Investment Corporation manage the reserves well? The goal is really to value-add for all stakeholders.”

Er…what does transparency got to do with managing the reserve well? Hwee Hua actually is telling you that once we let you know what they are doing with our money, GIC and Temasek will have problem managing our reserve. Huh????????????????

"It is reasonable for people to ask questions, but ultimately the government holds the responsibility for deciding how much to reveal in our best interests."

Bull Shit! It is the right our the people to ask questions and decide ON THEIR OWN GOD GIVEN FREE WILL what is best for our interest.

If I read between the lines, I afraid the goverment interest is indeed not the people but for themselve, and they are afraid people will just pack up and leave for good.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

How our Telco earn money Part II

This week the National Day quiz had shifed to Channel 8.

They upsized.

Now each SMS cost $0.30.


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

How our Telco earn money.

Yesterday was watching the news on channel U and they started a segment to give viewer a chance to win a pair of National day Parade tickets.

All the viewer got to do is to answer a simple question and to text it to a specific number, and of cause each SMS cost $0.20.

Now here is the catch, I would have thought the winner should be picked by a lucky draw or the first correct answer.

But those clever blood sucker states that the winner should be “The one with the correct answer and the most SMS”

Bloody conman.

Rather then let this be a “get to know you nation more” event, I felt that this is just another money making exploitation by our Telco.


Monday, July 20, 2009

Our dumb Bank.

Recently I am experiencing some problem with my POSB ATM card and so I was thinking of changing it.

However POSB is charging $5 for any card replacements.

Not that $5 is a very big amount but I think why should the consumer make to pay for putting our money into YOUR bank and shouldn’t the ATM card be part of the bank services.

I think maybe, just maybe, the $5 charge is there to prevent people abusing the system by changing their ATM card as often as they can and also to prevent forgetful people from keeping on loosing their card.

But which idiot has nothing better to do that he want to change his ATM card every months? And losing an ATM card can be quite dangerous and I am sure nobody wants to lose their card purposely.

So how to beat the bloody system?

I just called POSB hot line. Now they limit one ATM card to each person, which you could link up to 8 accounts. (Try to make you damage the card as soon as possible with so many usages so they can earn your $5)

But when you open a new POSB Saving account, you are given a free ATM card.

So what you can do is to cancel all your bloody GIRO payment services and close your POSB saving account, return the damaged ATM card, then on the same spot, open a new POSB saving account with a new account number and this come with a new ATM card, FREE.

The only hassle is that you have to redo all your GIRO arrangement. I am considering this option, but I will not arrange for new GIRO arrangement, maybe put my money in another bank and do my GIRO from there.

I can pissed POSB off by closing this new saving account in 6months, (think this is the minimum you need to keep it open) , and open another new saving account with a new passbook and new ATM card.


Thursday, July 16, 2009

What it should have been.

July 15, 2009
Including opposition wards for upgrading a gracious move

IT WAS heartening to read yesterday that residents in the two opposition wards will benefit from lift landings on every floor under the Lift Upgrading Programme earlier than expected ('Potong Pasir, Hougang to get lift upgrading').

This is a most welcome 'queue jumping' and win-win situation for residents, the Government and people of Singapore.

It further exemplifies the Government's commitment to the people to rejuvenate HDB estates - in good and bad times regardless of whether they reside in opposition wards.

I salute this pragmatic and magnanimous move. It reinforces my belief in the Government's 'Triple A' rating. It is a government that has displayed transparency and astute long-term planning, fostered social cohesion, inculcated self-renewal and intelligently made leadership its main catalyst for change, enabling the nation to stay relevant, while engaging the future.

Whatever critics may say about our system of governance - and though I am the first to acknowledge it is not perfect - it is as perfect a system as you can get anywhere. And it is still being tweaked as it evolves to tackle the vicissitudes of the economic environment.

Show me any other government that is able to house 85 per cent of its population - nearly all owner-occupied - complete with modern facilities comparable to First World standards.

Credit must go to opposition MPs Chiam See Tong and Low Thia Khiang too. Both have shown total commitment to their constituents' welfare and are the kind of opposition Singapore needs more of.

Clinton Lim

Er…. Hello? Shouldn’t we asked why in the 1st place opposition wards are not in the scheme in the 1st place.

Don’t forget people statying in Hougang and Potong Pasir are paying taxes too you know.

Guess the PAP finally realised that lift upgrading is not a carrots they can use in election anymore and they are trying to pacified the resident or hope that they can sell they flats are a higher price now and moved out of the opposition wards before the general election.

So I can safety predict that election in in 2 years time. Watch this space.

Monday, July 06, 2009

Rewards = Good Company?

MacDonald's bags top prize at HR awards
SPH clinches awards for corporate social responsibility, among others. -

ST Mon, Jul 06, 2009The Straits Times
By Francis Chan

FAST-FOOD giant McDonald's took home the top prize at the Singapore HR Awards last night by winning the inaugural Corporate HR Champion Award.

The new category recognises organisations that have consistently demonstrated creative and proactive human resources and people management practices.

Over three consecutive years, McDonald's - a consistent winner of HR accolades - managed to clinch the award thanks to its continuous emphasis on staff development, said the event organisers, the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI).

'Winning this award is proof that our people-first culture drives every HR action and decision at McDonald's,' said McDonald's Singapore general manager Alex Yeo.

The fast-food chain was joined by 43 other public and private sector organisations in receiving the HR awards from the Minister of State for Community Development, Youth and Sports, Mrs Yu-Foo Yee Shoon.

Mrs Yu-Foo told about 600 industry leaders at the Raffles City Convention Centre that the award winners deserved praise for raising the standard of HR practices and making Singapore 'a leading economy with well-trained and well-managed human capital'.

McDonald's, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary in Singapore this year, is no stranger to such awards.

In April, management consulting firm Hewitt awarded it the Best Employers prize, an accolade it also won in 2007.

Despite the downturn, McDonald's has almost doubled its investment in staff training to around $3 million this year.

As part of its training curriculum, it sent its first batch of 23 restaurant managers to Las Vegas in April for a diploma course in food and beverage services with more to follow.

'In this economic downturn, we will continue to invest and support our 7,000 people with training and developmental opportunities,' said Mr Yeo.

While McDonald's took much of the limelight last night, the SHRI also launched the HR Advocate Award, which was conferred on 11 firms.

This award recognises organisations that have won the Leading HR Practices Award for three years within a period of five consecutive years.

The Leading HR Practices Awards itself acknowledges firms that have conceptualised and implemented innovative HR practices.

Other award recipients included a variety of firms such as IBM Singapore, Singapore General Hospital, Singapore Power, SingTel and Republic Polytechnic.

Media group Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) was also among the big winners, clinching four awards last night.

SPH took home the HR Advocate Award for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR); Leading HR Practices Award for Talent Management, Retention & Succession Planning; and a Leading HR Practices Award for CSR.

It also received a Special Mention for Compensation & Rewards Management.

'We are happy to be conferred the HR Advocate Award for Corporate Social Responsibility at this year's Singapore HR Awards,' said SPH chief executive Alan Chan.

'At SPH, we pride ourselves on being a responsible corporate citizen, actively engaging all segments of the community through various events covering the arts, charity, sports, education and conservation.

'Some of our notable initiatives include the SPH Gift of Music series and the annual SPH Group Giving to charity.'

The SHRI said the number of award submissions this year increased from 169 to 201.
First-time entrants and award recipients included industry leaders such as Chevron Singapore, Standard Chartered Bank, Starbucks and public sector agencies like the Singapore Prison Service.

SHRI executive director David Ang said that with the downturn, HR practitioners need to be 'change agents' and better manage human resources.

'Times are bad and companies are tightening their belts. HR plays a pivotal role in helping to save cost, prevent job losses and be a strategic business partner within the organisation,' he added.

Somehow I wonder how these awards are awarded.

Who are the people on the panels of Singapore Human Resource Institute that are giving out these awards?

If you ask me, whether MacDonald deserve to win these BEST EMPLOYEE award or not, the best way is to interview its staffs and not some people sitting on a panel is some aircon room.

My mum has been working for MacDonal for about 20years (WOW so long liao) and from the stories I heard from her I think MacDonald suck big time as an employer.

I don’t know how many General manager was there before Alex Yeo in this 20 years, but here are some crap stuff Macdonal are doing with their employee.

1. At one point. MacDonald stop hiring older worker. Too slow?

2. The manager at my mum’s branch keep trying to con her to work at a lower wage packing those fork and spoon for Big Breakfast. (F**K U) If my rate is $6 an hour you jolly well pay me that no matter what job you assigned me.

3. Worker are only to allow to eat a certain among of food. And some food are off limit to staff.

4. Worker are not allow to used those plastic tray for their chillie sause. (HELLLLOOO how expensive is that bloody piece of plastic)

5. Those so call social activities like Christmas for staff organized are not sincere at all. Present given out to staff are those left over MacDonald toys.

I think awards can always be “bought” and it does not really reflect what the company really is like. One company may look nice from the ouside as it portray a false images to outsider but to truly know how it is like you got to ask its people.

Maybe Macdonald is good at training people in the management grade but treat those aunties and uncles in the kitchen like crap?

I think those joker from SHRI should work undercover for Macdonald next year before deciding should it deserve to four times in a row.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Transformer Toys

In view of the Transformer movie, just to show some of my Transformer collection.

Shown here are my Binaltech collection. These are from Takara Toys company and gotta say the robots articulations are quite impressive.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Birthday Present

Am Happy with it.

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Taipei 2009

Belated post.

Went for a short trip to Taipei in May. As usual the food is fantastic.

I used to think that the food in Hong Kong food is good now I find the food in Taipei can really rival fthose in Hong Kong. Also the service and dining environment is much better too.

Again went to鼎泰丰for the小笼包. Fantastic!

You can forget about the 鼎泰丰 小笼包 here is Singapore.

Taste totally different.

In fact you need to go to the鼎泰丰 at XinYi Road if you are in Taipei. Heard from the local it tastes better then other branches.

Also celebrated my birthday oversea this year. (Again!)

The hotel is thoughtful enough to send me a cake and a birthday card from the General Manager. Good service!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Paper Chaser

June 25, 2009

Changi has bagged 12

I THANK readers who wrote in response to the report, 'Down - Changi slips to third spot in global airport ranking survey' (June 11), about the results of the recent Skytrax survey.

We are encouraged by the letters of support and grateful for the ideas and suggestions to improve Changi Airport.

Their passionate response affirms our belief that Changi Airport holds a special place in the hearts and minds of many Singaporeans and airport users.

The Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore shares the same desire to achieve the highest standards at Changi Airport. External awards and surveys are an important source of feedback on how well we are serving our customers.

Each year, we monitor our performance in a basket of more than 30 surveys and we aim to do well in each survey. Last year, we won a record 30 awards and accolades.

In the first six months of this year, we have won 12 out of 14 best airport awards.

This bears testimony to the hard work and tireless efforts of all airport staff and our airport partners - ground handlers, immigration, Customs, police, tenants, service providers and more.

Every award won is not taken for granted and any award lost is taken seriously. We scrutinise every available survey report to learn where we may have fallen short so as to serve our customers better.

For the Skytrax survey, we have developed an action plan to improve the cleanliness of toilets and are also working closely with security agencies to improve the experience of passengers during security processing.

While every award we win is an encouragement for airport staff that they have done well, winning awards is but one source of feedback we get from airport users that we are on the right track.

Ultimately, the final judge is the thousands of passengers we serve each day, and we, with all our partners at Changi Airport, aim to give each individual passenger a consistently user-friendly, enjoyable and hassle-free experience.

Foo Sek Min
Senior Director (Airport Management)
Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore

A few day ago there was report that Singapore Changi has lost it top spot to Incheon and Hong Kong.

Today we see a CAAS Director responding and defending Changi so much as to mention Changi has won 12 our of the 14 possible awards. Note it is not enough for him just to say Changi won 12 but must highlight that Changi won 12 our of 14.

Geez… I know our education system produce paper chaser and this letter has proved our government agencies mentality are the same as well.

How significant are these award? Why in the first place there are bloody 14 awards? If it is really important, there should just be one award.

So CAAS are just like trophies collector. Just grab everything out there even if the award is given by Tan Chow Keng’s coffee shop.

Note Sek Min said “any award lost is taken seriously”, talk about kiasu.

To me you just have to do your best and if these reward come by it is a sign of your good work. But looking at Sek Min’s replies, it seem that winning rewards is the object of our dear CAAS. So can just care no shit about people like you and me giving feedback but they just suck up to those awards giving organization.

E.G Mr Award Giver A say that the Changi will score more point if they play Jazz music in the toilet. So to win this award, I bet CAAS will just play Jazz music.

Finally Sek Min said “every award we win is an encouragement for airport staff that they have done well”, I just cannot help to wonder what happened to those staff that caused Changi to loose that 2 out of 14 awards.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Strange people

June 8, 2009

Thank you SPCA, for the prompt action

I REFER to last Friday's report, 'Animal abuse cases at a high'.

As a lifelong dog owner, I know right from wrong.

However, it took me more than a year to muster the courage to call the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) about a neighbour who had kept a huge 30kg breed on a short leash on landed property, barking 24 hours a day.

SPCA's Mr Eric assured me of confidentiality and I noted that a check was made within the next two working days. The dog is now free, dignified and no longer barks non-stop.

Thank you SPCA, for the swift action.

Tan Ai Ling (Mdm)

I can never understand what Mdm Tan Ai Ling is trying to do here.

It is good that she reported an animal abuse case to SPCA and she praised SPCA’s Eric for his swift action and assurance of confidentiality but now she go and write to the FORUM???????

Now everyone know Madam Tan Ai Ling and also Eric from SPCA.

I don’t know what Tan Ai Ling is trying to prove here.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Things that went through my head during the 2.4km run during IPPT.

0m – All right so this is it. Stop watch started and here we go.

100m – Ok pace yourself well don’t run too fast….

150m – Stupid bugger blocking me…

151m – Haha…. Eat my dust fatty…

300m – Shit weather is hot today. Don’t run too fast.

400m – Ok not bad 1min 40 Sec…

450m – I hate the #@$ bend

600m – Shit this is tough!

700m – OH MAN ONLY 2nd round??!

800m – Ok ok you can go it. 4 more F**KING rounds.

850m – No think I can’t make it. Should I stop?

855m – Damned it better cleared this or kennat RTs! Waste Time! Waste Time!

860m – Don’t wanna burn my weekend lah!

900m – Ok relax and you can do it one! Still within the time.

950m – I going to finished the damned 100plus at home!

1km – Cold Drink! Cold Drink!

1.2km – OK half way there!!!!

1.3km – Damned it! Hope I don’t collapse the bloody medic cannot make it one.

1.4km – Breath! Breath!

1.5km – Hate this joker walk and spring, walk and sping, go and die lah!!!

1.6km – Ok 2 more #@%$3 rounds! You can do it!!!!!!!!

1.65km – 1,2,1,2,1,2,1,2…..

1.7km – Bloody SAF. What the hell am I doing here running for my life!

1.8km – Ok money money money……..I want that bloody burger later.

1.9km – Damned it the next batch of runner going to start. The track going to get crowded!

1.95km – Fainting….so shit!


2.1km - $#@^%$#^%#&%^#^%@%$#

2.15km – Come on think got 2min to finished this round!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2.2km – Damn it my legs it getting wobby! Out of my way you fat pig!!!!

2.25km – ALL THE WAY!!!! #@^%#&%$@%$#@

2.3km – #@$#^%$$#@%$#@&^%@%#$#@%$#@^$@%$#@&^%#@%$#@%$

2.35km - #@!$ ……………………………#$#@$


Wednesday, May 06, 2009


Target for next Tueday!

Firt year doing it at Cat Z level. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Gusiness book of record of dumbness!

SMRT's train frequency to be reduced if flu alert hits red
04 May 2009 2123 hrs

SINGAPORE: SMRT said train frequency will be reduced by 30 per cent once Singapore's pandemic alert level hits red.

This is because its service staff are divided into two teams to prevent the potential spread of the H1N1 virus.

SMRT has increased its cleanliness vigilance level in trains and buses by more than three times ever since the Health Ministry raised the flu alert to orange.

Public areas are cleaned once every two hours and temperatures of SMRT officers are checked twice daily. There is also a quarantine room for passengers who display flu symptoms.

Ventilation within the trains has been increased, while windows and doors of buses parked at interchanges will remain open. Temperature of bus captains are also being checked at bus interchanges

I almost puked out my dinner when I first saw this on TV last night.

I know SMRT is stupid but I didn’t know how dumb they are now until this announcement. GOSH somebody nominate them for the Guinness book of record please!

How can reducing train frequency prevent the spread of the virus? Reducing train frequency will only discourage people from using the SMRT so these people may chose alternate mode of transport and this may be the only reason it will help stop the spreading of the virus.

Put it this way. If 1000 people need to get from Bedok to City Hall station between 9am – 10am and they boarded 10 trains, if you reduce the train frequency, the only result is that these 1000 people will pack into 7 trains instead.

Now suppose Person A is a H1N1 virus carrier, he will infect 100 people in the current scenario, let say our “Clever” SMRT reduced the train frequency by 30%, which imply, that now each train carry 143 people instead of 100 and there fore Person A infect 43 more people.

The root cause of these is SMRT is not willing to increase manpower to help the spread of the virus. If the alert level reaches red, they could just stop all unessential work and get their staff in the back end to help the service staff. GOSH what a stupid organization, no wonder our world-class transport system is in such disarray.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wayang again?

Check out the differences between the Hand Washing Steps recommended by Singapore and the World Health Organization (WHO)
Singapore recommends the 7 steps technique and it ends with “rinse and dry thoroughly”.

WHO specify after the soaping, you rinse your hand in running water (Step 8 Blue), dry with a single use paper towel (Step 9 Blue) and use the towel to turn off the faucet (Step 10 Blue).

I don’t know about you, but I suspect Singapore deliberate left out the last 3 crucial parts.

Why? Firstly almost all faucet in public toilets are either those “push button” type or if you are lucky those infra-red sensor type.

If you get those infra-red sensor type faucet and you Step 10 of WHO recommendation is no necessary.

HOWEVER, if you got those push button type then you know these stupid faucet sometime only allow water to run from 0.01s – 5s with each push. So you have to keep pressing the damn button with you WASHED hands to keep the water running. So you have washed you hands for nothing.

Also note WHO states to dry you hand with a disposable towel, as it has been shown that the use of a towel is a necessary part of effective contaminant removal, since the washing action separates the contaminants from the skin but does not completely flush them from the skin - removing the excess water (with the towel) also removes the suspended contaminants.

When you look at the pubic toilets in Singaore we don’t see many that provide disposable towels. Most only has those hot air blower which studies has shows are a hotbed for bacterials since it is warm in a moist enviroment.

Hand washing promotion? Some even go as far as to give out a car to encourage people to wash their hands but are we just have the habit of doing it half way?

Monday, April 27, 2009

Step by Step instructions

Good Neighbour Award", "HDB Guidebook" launched to promote harmonious HDB living
27 April 2009

SINGAPORE: With Singapore becoming more populated, there is an increasing need to make living in HDB flats more enjoyable.

For most HDB residents, loud music is a nuisance. But sometimes telling your neighbour off can be difficult.

In fact, some MPs - who are also advisers to the Workgroup on "Promoting Better Social Behaviour" - have noticed reduced communication between residents.

To deal with those who deliberately disrupt the peace, a new penalty framework will be implemented in the third quarter of 2009. Details such as demerit points and fines are being worked out.

Grace Fu, Senior Minister of State for Education and National Development, said: "We need to have something that probably would make people think twice before they continue with the behaviour. So that is the reason why we suggested some sort of a moderate penalty system."

And to encourage neighbourly relations, HDB has come out with the "Good Neighbour Award" and "HDB Guidebook".

Nominations for the "Good Neighbour Award" will open from May 1 to August 31 in all 81 constituencies.

Come end-May, some 800,000 households living in HDB flats islandwide can find a copy of the "HDB Guidebook" in their mailboxes.

Another 100,000 copies will be given out to potential flat buyers when they apply for a flat at the HDB Hub.

Channel NewsAsia understands that a majority of the 680 cases handled last year by the Community Mediation Centre were on neighbourly disputes. The Centre handles an average of 600 cases annually. - CNA/ir

I don’t know about you, but I think its kinda sad that we have to resolve to a HDB’s Guidebook to tell you how to be a good neighbour.

Maybe we has already been brainwashed by the gahment for so many years or maybe our brains had been fried by our education that we can only follow step by step guides to become a good neighbour.

This is yet another prove that social graciousness is long gone in Singapore society.

PS: Wonder how much does it cost to print all these Guildbooks.

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Community Centers

One of a good thing about the block I stayed in is that there is a relatively new Community Center right in front of it.

Not that I am a avid user of its facilities,(I tried to book the badminton courts a few time but the number of activities they have there make my successful rates rather slim), but what make it interesting my GRC is using it as a home base for all sort of activities and my GRC Minister had his weekly meeting there.

So what I have observed.

My GRC’s Minister visits the CC a least once a week. He is being escorted by a white VOLVO XC 90 with has those stylo siren light fitted at the windscreen. If you look carefully, it even has a display sign at the rear with read “POLICE KEEP CLEAR”. Gosh so you can’t ask them for help if you are being robbed. (PS: Not bad leh, can drive VOLVO XC90 when you are on duty.)

How you know if your Minister is visiting today?

Easy, you can see a marked police car with a couple of policemen there to secure the ground before the Minister entourage arrive. This is not enough; there is also a member of the plain cloth bodyguard there to secure the secured ground. I think they are quite poor thing as I witness one of the bodyguard munching his dinner while keep a look out for the VIP entourage.

When the Minister drive into the CC compound, the police or bodyguard will block off all pedestrian and a throng of grass-root members will appear out of no where and to welcome him.

There used to be a big grass patch next to the CC, but hey had expanded the CC ground by constructing a large multipurpose concrete ground with super lightings over it.

People used it for their weekly CC activities, Taichi, wushu, aikido,Tae Kwan Do and not to forget the yearly Grassroot’s , CNY Dinner, Mooncake Festival Dinner, National Day’s dinner etc etc. It can even double up as a car park when there are some special events.

It quite interesting to stay near a Community Center, I used to stayed in front of another one when I was young. But strangely I barely used the facilities in this 2 CC. In-fact I think I only used them 2-3 times in my life.

I think the facilities in my CC now cater more to the children.

Lots of enrichment classes and activities for kids.

Think kids has no more time to catching spider or play catching these days.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

World Class Transport my ass!

I usually check the SBS Iris next bus system before I go to the bus stop at the end of the day.

Check out the 2nd bus arrival time during evening peak hour at about 5.35pm!

Either the system is faulty (screw up) or the bloody work class transport company really need to review their profit margin.

For God’s sake 44min – 6min = 38min for a bus to come is totally crap!

Does this justify for their annual fare increase? You say for youself.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My New Luggage

My new luggage! Remowa Topas 4 wheels. Delivered on Saturday after much drama.

I think the delivery service in Singapore sucks and is just plain stupid.

They only can do delivery from 10am – 6 pm, from Monday to Saturday and you can only specify whether you want them to come in the morning, 10am – 1pm, or in the afternoon, 2pm – 6pm.
They can’t even offer you an estimated time and you just have to stay at home either in the morning or afternoon just to wait for your deliveries.

So if you are a working adult, there is just no way you can get your deliveries done on Monday to Friday.
Come on lah! What kind of crap company is this when they only work during office hours when most people are, well, still IN THE OFFICE?

So you only left with Saturday, and you have to stay at home either in the morning or afternoon to wait for your deliveries. Needest to say, I bet Saturdays are their busiest days.
They should just work from 2pm - 8pm from Monday to Friday and with this I think they can even affort to work only half a day on Saturdays.

This has already made me think twice before buying anything from Takashimaya again.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Telemarketer's Info

A good site with those blood telemarketer phone number and counter measure!

New Law Suggestion

Some suggestion to be included in our penal code.

Make our Nation a better place LAW

Voluntarily standing on the wrong side of the escalator.

555. Whoever, voluntarily stand on the wrong side of the escalator at any Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) Station, shall be punished with corrective action by directing human traffic on escalator at any MRT’s station for a term which may extend to 15 years, and shall also be liable to fine or to caning.

Playing of Music/Sound via portable devices on Public Transport.

556. Whoever use his/her portable devices to play audible sound when there are other people in the Public Transport voluntarily causes hurt for the sufferer, shall be punished with imprisonment in a cell with two loud speaker place no more then 5 cm from both his/her ears playing a sound/music which the offence don’t like for a term which may extend to 10 years, and shall also be liable to fine or to caning.

Failed to switch mobile to silent mode in cinema or theater

557. Whoever failed to switch his/her mobile devices and causing it to ring non-stop during a show or performance in the stipulated cinemas or theaters, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to 5years, and shall also be liable to fine or to caning.

Sitting with his legs up against the back of the front seat on a public bus.

558. Whoever places his legs up against the back of the front seats shall be punished by having the relevant leg/legs amputated.

Illegal gathering of credit card sellers / time-share promoter.

559. When any person commit or attempt to commit a transaction places by approaching the public shall be punished with death by firing squad.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

How dumb our law is.

ST March 19, 2009

Phone threats a non-seizable offence

WE REFER to Madam Tan Lian Gim's letter, 'No action on phone threat' (March 11). Under the law, verbal threat is a non-seizable offence where the police have limited powers of investigation and arrests.

Nonetheless, when a report is made, the police will look into the facts and if no aggravating factor is found, the police will advise the complainant to lodge a complaint before a magistrate, who has the power to direct further action as provided under the law.

The magistrate can direct the police to lawfully investigate the case and take further action where appropriate.

In Madam Tan's case, the police had found no aggravating factor and Madam Tan's husband was thus advised to lodge a magistrate's complaint accordingly.

DSP Paul Tay,
Assistant Director, Media Relations,
Singapore Police Force

This is another case of how stupid Singapore Law is.

The police simply try not to do anything at all.

The question is will the Police still give this kind of attitude if the person being threatened is a MP, Minister or the 3 wise men themselves?

So theoretically I can call someone in the middle of the night, verbally threatened them in a polite and none aggravating tone and then apologized.

The police cannot do anything to me. (But to make sure, you call someone who is poor so he cannot hired a lawyer to sue you, see the law protect the rich)

Else you will end up in court like him.

Geez….. Think the police do a better job in harassing opposition parties then to protect innocent taxpayer from gangsters and speeding cyclists.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bruce Lee Advert

Got this in an email... cool man.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How to make your money worth.

Spend last week in Taipei.

Weather was typical spring, unpredictable.

Temperature ranged from 13C – 30C and most day it was raining. But nevertheless I had a great time there. Bought lots of comics and ate till I drop.

I seem to enjoy myself when I am oversea. Call me a bias but I don’t really like the fake concrete jungle Singapore is today. Things are expensive and people think they own the whole countries. Only think on the gahment mind is nothing but $.

In Taipei, cabs are everywhere! It is really quite competitive to be a Cab driver in Taipei.

Also the cab don’t have out super complex fare system too, not peak hours surcharge, no midnight surcharge…. etc.

On the train people actually reserved the Priority Seats for the elderly and people do STAND ON ONE SIDE on the escalator. Try teaching a Singaporean / FT in Singapore to do that is like ramming your head into the wall.

Foods are cheaper and are of better quality then those you get in Singapore. I guess Singapore food are all frozen and imported cheaply so the merchant can survive. Therefore to get good quality food in Singapore you have to pay a bomb.

Comics and clothes are much cheaper then Singapore too.

I guess the killer in Singapore are the rents and the shop owner has no choice to sell their stuff more expensive to pay the landlord.

Conclusion – Singaporean are being short-changed with the quality and services they get from things they buy here. As a big percentage of what you pay for are channeled to the gahment.

My advice, save you money and spent in oversea. You will not regret it.

Friday, March 06, 2009

How SAF haress NS-men long after their ROD.

I did not take my IPPT during my last in-camp in Oct 2008 as I was still awaiting my FFI result. The SAF system know I am not allow to take the IPPT until I am FFI cleared. Wow! Quite impressed with MINDEF.

I was cleared of my FFI in Dec 2008 and my IPPT window will close in May 2009.

Sometime in Dec, I received 2 SMS from MINDEF automated system reminding me to clear my IPPT by May 2009.

I check the on-line NS portal then and as what I suspected, my unit has not update my FFI status so MINDEF is still sending me these SMS reminder. Note I can’t even book my IPPT date since my FFI is not clear. Wow! The system so advance.

So I called my unit up and finally MINDEF system was update in Jan 2009 and I booked my IPPT test in Apr 2009.

Thinking this will be automatically updated the MINDEF Super Advance system?


I still keep getting these stupid MINDEF’s SMS reminding me to clear my IPPT before May 2009.

Gosh! I can’t do that now stupid! My IPPT test is in April!!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Good old days!

Thanks to Tok Kiang Shi Xiong for the link!

Wah this is classic man!

Look out for the tabe at 义安理工学院武术龙狮团.

Ouch! #@$!@%

A sign of bad year ahead?

Or a warning from the man above to the men in white?

What is can say is that the Merlion is damn “suay” man.

March 2, 2009

Merlion caged

THE Merlion had to be 'caged'' yesterday for workers to examine the hole in its head.

A lightning strike on Saturday had taken a chunk off its mane. The debris landed on the statue's base, cracking it.

Testifying to its iconic status, the Singapore Tourism Board lost no time sending in the troops to see to the damage.

Tourists and residents alike gawked at the 8.6m sculpture yesterday, trying to make out its injury through the mass of scaffolding.

Mr Anton Johannson, 23, from Sweden, was disappointed that he could not capture the Merlion 'in action'' on camera. It had stopped spouting water. But when told of the lightning strike, he cheered up: 'Now we have a story to tell people!''

STB did not say if this was the first time the Merlion, sited at One Fullerton, had been struck by lightning and whether there was a lightning conductor nearby that could have saved it from harm.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Stolen Chinese Treasure Auction

Imagine a robber come into your house…. takes your thing and selling it 100 years later.

No doubt YSL may have bought the status with his own money but should these status be listed under stolen goods?

Open Auctioning of STOLEN GOODS is really the final insult.

Don’t forget the French and British plundered these items from China in the first place.

Even Victor Hugo described the looting as, "'Two robbers breaking into a museum, devastating, looting and burning, leaving laughing hand-in-hand with their bags full of treasures; one of the robbers is called France and the other Britain."

Possession of Stolen is already a crime and now the whole world just watched as these two Chinese National Treasure are being auction off at 13.7million Euro.

Better take a good look at them before they disappear into the hands of some private collector.

"Christie's: auction of Chinese relics to proceed, private sale denied

BEIJING, Feb. 12 (Xinhua) -- Auction giant Christie's has denied a possible private sale of two Chinese relics, saying that the auction will go on as scheduled despite criticism from China. ……

The two bronze head sculptures were housed in Yuanmingyuan, Beijing's Imperial Summer Palace. They were stolen when the palace was burned down by Anglo-French allied forces during the Second Opium War in 1860"
What is the purpose of signing this if it is not enforced?

China and France signed the 1995 Unidroit Convention on Stolen or Illegally Exported Cultural Objects, which stipulated that any cultural object looted or lost during war, regardless of how long ago, should be returned.

Monday, February 09, 2009

Nano Block

Interesting find in Japan.

Its a Nano block buiding set of the Japanese WWII Battle Flag Ship Yamato.

basically it is the Japanese version of Legoes and each Nano block is about 4mm x 4 mm, claims to be world's smallest.

Good thing is the set is MADE IN JAPAN and I got it cheap at Y5880 when most shop are selling at Y7000+.

I think the finised product will be about 35cm long and look like I gotta find some space in the cabinet for it before I start my constuction...hee...

Thursday, February 05, 2009

New Year In Japan

Spent my Chinese Holiday abroad for the first time in Fukouka.

Weather was cold and I truly enjoy the holiday, even got 2 days of snow and Rahmen taste extremely nice in winter.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quotes from Our Dear Millionaires

Received this list from a friends.

The words they said speak for themselve..... Gosh!

" For a person who runs a million-dollar charitable organisation, $600,000 is peanuts as it has a few hundred millions in reserves." - Mrs Goh Chok Tong

"If you don't include your women graduates in your breeding pool and leave them on the shelf, you would end up a more stupid society...So what happens? There will be less bright people to support dumb people in the next generation. That's a problem." - MM Lee in 1983

"Save on one hairdo and use the money for breast screening." Lim Hng Kiang

"Only 5% are unemployed. We still have 95% who are employed." - Yeo Cheow Tong

"Retrenchment is good for singapore. If there is no retrenchments, then I worry." - SM Goh

"We must encourage those who earn less than $200 per month and cannot afford to nurture and educate many children never to have more than two... We will regret the time lost if we do not now take the first tentative steps towards correcting a trend which can leave our society with a large number of the physically, intellecually and culturally anaemic." - MM Lee in 1967

"Contrary to public perception, the White Horse classification is not to ensure that sons of influential men gets preferential treatment. Instead it is to ensure that they do not get preferential treatment."- Cedric Foo

"I give you an example: you put out a fun podcast, you talk about 'bak chor mee'; I will say "mee siam mai hum", then we compete." PM Lee Hsien Loong

"I don't think that there should be a cap on the number of directorship that a person can hold." - PAP MP John Chen who holds 8 directorships
"It's not for the money because some of the companies pay me as little as $10,000 a year." - PAP MP Wang Kai Yuen who holds 11 directorships.

"We started off with (the name) and after looking at everything, the name that really tugged at the heartstrings was in front of us. The name itself is not new, but what has been used informally so far has endeared itself to all parties." - Mah Bow Tan on the $400,000 exercise to rename Marina Bay as Marina Bay.

"Having enjoyed football as a national sport for decades, we in Singapore have set ourselves the target of reaching the final rounds of World Cup in 2010." - Ho Peng Kee

"I would want to form an alternative policies group in Parliament, comprising 20 PAP MPs. These 20 PAP MPs will be free to vote in accordance with what they think of a particular policy. In other words, the whip for them will be lifted. This is not playing politics, this is something which I think is worthwhile doing." - SM Goh

"If you want to on a bar top, some of us will fall off the bar Top. Some people will die as a result of liberalising bar top dancing¡­ a young girl with a short skirt dancing on it may attract some insults from some other men, the boyfriend will start fighting and some people will die." - Vivian Balakrishnan, Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports

"People support CPF cuts because there are no protest outside parliament." - PM Lee

"Singaporean workers have become more expensive than those in the USA and Australia." - Tony Tan

"No, it was not a U-turn, and neither was it a reversal of government policy. But you can call it a rethink." - Yeo Cheow Tong

"¡­I regret making the decision because, in the end, the baby continued to be in intensive care, and KKH now runs up a total bill of more than $300,000¡­" - Lim Hng Kiang, regretting the decision to save a baby's life because KKH ran up a $300,000 bill

"Without the elected president and if there is a freak result, within two or three years, the army would have to come in and stop it." - MM Lee Kuan Yew

"Please do not assume that you can change governments. Young people don't understand this" - Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew, post-2006 General Elections

"How much do you want? Do you want three meals in a hawker centre, food court or restaurant?" - Dr Vivian Balakrishnan
"People could buy frozen food instead of more expensive fresh food" "They could opt for house brand goods, which cost less than others. " - PM Lee

"Based on figures provided by ComfortDelGro, Singapore's biggest taxi operator, cabbies are pocketing about $11 more a day, earning about $318." - Mr. Raymond Lim

"GST hike is to help the poor." - PM Lee

"'I mean, we are different. This was a lapse, what to do, it's happened." - PM Lee

'You know, the cure for all this talk is really a good dose of incompetent government. You get that alternative and you'll never put Singapore together again: Humpty Dumpty cannot be put together again...and your asset values will be in peril, your security will be at risk and our women will become maids in other people's countries, foreign workers.'
- MM Lee - Justifying pay hikes for Singapore ministers, The Straits Times, 5 April 2007

'This should never have happened. I am sorry that it has.' - Wong Kan Seng

Lim Swee Say:
Every month, when I receive my CPF statement, I feel so rich and the best part is, I know the CPF money won't run away. CPF will still be around for a long, long time to come. Not only is it earning good interest, my capital is protected.

Leaving the best for last...
"Right now we have Low Thia Khiang, Chiam See Tong, Steve Chia. We can deal with them. Suppose you had 10, 15, 20 opposition members in Parliament. Instead of spending my time thinking what is the right policy for Singapore, I'm going to spend all my time thinking what's the right way to fix them, to buy my supporters votes, how can I solve this week's problem and forget about next year's challenges?"PM Lee Hsien Loong, 3 May 2006.

AND last but not least, here's what MM Lee said in April 2007:- have to pay the market rate or the man will up stakes and join Morgan Stanley, Lehman Brothers or Goldman Sachs and you would have an incompetent man and you would lost money by the BILLIONS.....!!!!!!