Monday, June 23, 2008

Family in Singapore.

Has not been blogging for a while now been busy lately with some traveling and well maybe I was just being lazy.

Will be heading off to Hong Kong tomorrow for a short trip so just decided to enter a blog entry before I disappear for the week.

This week saw a clip during prim time by The National Family Council.

A girl was narrating about her Dad taking care of her since young after her mom passed away, they as she grew older she admitted that it is getting more and more difficult for her Dad to cheer her up. Once scene shows she wanted a $70 red shoes but her dad managed to convince her for him to get her the $15 one. Unfortunately the shoes broke on her first date and she was quite pissed with her day. But next day, when on the way to work, she found the $70 red shoes on the shoe rack and her Dad sound asleep after working the night shift. She goes on saying her dad is a generous man beyond his mean about the greatest gift he gave her was the un-condition love.

Although I am not a pro family kind of person but I still find that this short clip is actually quite good.

First it talk about a Father’s love, which is seldom touch on and what the actress said was quite true that most parent love their child unconditionally.

So what is the purpose of this clip?

Well I guess its one of those campaign by our government to try to encourage Singaporean to have more babies.

Like I said before, I feel that the government should do more if they are serious wanting Singaporean to have more babies.

Firstly is the rising cost of living, then there is the work-life balance, better child care system, better education system etc etc…..

Showing a 3 min clips on TV or giving baby bonus will not solve the babies shortage problem.

But I guess the government had half given up by importing Foreign Talents.

I foresee some social problem coming up really soon.

Once of them is National Service.

When a Singaporean Boy reaches 18 years old, he is obliged to serve his county till 40 years old.

Let say 20 years ago, 1/3 of Singaporean man is defending 1/3 of woman and 1/3 of children and old folks. But today its ¼ of Singaporean man defending ¼ of woman , ¼ of children and old folks and additional ¼ of Foreign Talent.

Where is the logic to that? These FT are here to work and enjoy the good life while paying the government taxes to be around but they don’t serve our country. Their loyalty is not here.

If war come, they are the first one to get out of this country.

So my dear government, please do something significant to improve our population if you are serious about it.