Wednesday, September 09, 2015

The Bully

When I was in Primary School there was this quite boy sitting in front of the class.

He was a shy and timid boy who did not socialised with the class.

Every recess while we played football or catching, he would just sit in class and read.

A few of in class tried asking him to play with us but he simply refused and soon people in class don’t talk to him much and we sort of left him alone.

Then there was this big boy in class, who talk a lot and think he is the best. He like to pick on weaker boys and soon he had a reputation of being the bully of the school.

I can’t remember how it started, but one day the bully started to pick on the quite boy.

He would taunt him, make funny face at him, kick his chair, etc etc.

One day, the bully came to class and saw the shy boy reading a new book, he went over snatch the book away from the shy boy.

Then the shy boy snapped…..

He put the bully on to the floor and start to punch him again and again and again….

We were all shocked.

I remember there was crying and blood and they were sort of shuffled away to the principle office.

From that day onwards, the bullying stopped.

So my friends, remember:

The bully always pick on the weak and helpless.

They will never dare to challenge anyone bigger or the same size as them.

If you don’t stand up to them, they will keep coming at you again and again.

The only way to stop them is to show them you are no push over, and fight for your own rights.

These loser are cowards, they will never dare to do it to you again.

The above is based on my true experience.

PAP is the bully. 

They redraw electoral boundaries with no good reason.

They uses national resources for their own political gain through People Association whom their Secretary General is the Chairman.

They do not respect Singaporean choice, where elected opposition MPs are not able to utilized PA asset in the constituency and are not invited to any events in the constituency organised by government agencies.

(NOTE PAP IS NOT GOVERNMENT, They are just a political party of Singapore)

They punish tax paying Singaporean in opposition wards by delaying upgrades. The fund are not even from PAP pockets. 

They are arrogant and think they own Singapore and only the PAP can rules Singapore as the rest of the Opposition Parties are either crazy or corrupt and will bring us back to the 3rd worlds.

How childish!

Can’t we all have a mature parliaments where MPs from different political parties have clears, gentlemanly, constructive and meaningful debates to build a better Singapore?

A Singapore where there is justice and compassion and note just economic success which only benefit a few.

I would rather trade the economic success for a happy and united county.

“We, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society
based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity
and progress for our nation.”

Tuesday, September 08, 2015

PAP is running our of ideas for the GE campaign

'Opposition engaging in 'politics of anger, envy': PAP's Vivian Balakrishnan 

If you read the whole articles on the rally by Vivian's team last night you have this conclusion.

1. They say opposition is no good.

2. They say PAP is good.

3. The continue to say SDP is no good.

4. And more no good from SDP.

5. And Dr Chee is no good......

6. And no good.....

Er where is your policies on the national issue? 

What are you going to do for me if I vote you into parliament to be my voice for the next 4 years?


These people has no substance and can only resort to personal attacks.

Why? Because they are the YES MAN.

Do you want this kind of people to lead Singapore and pay themselves millions with tax payer money?

You want such people in parliment?

"Even if you jeer us, we will improve your lives"
- Ng Eng Hen

But you decided to punish Singaporean in Hougang with 2o years of upgrade delay.

The poor old Ah Ma have to suffer and climb stairs just because of you ego!!

Moreover the upgrades were done using Tax Payer money and not PAP money so who are you to use it as your party political tools.

Such a jerk!

Singaporean deserve a more compassionate and mature government.

Monday, September 07, 2015

Talk cock Goh

EMM/EGM/EMM (Whatever) Goh Chock Tong responded to WP criticism of speaking only once for the last term was: 

“I spoke up once, but once was enough. It was impactful. That’s all I need to say.”  

And he spoke to support the 6.9M white paper and was note speaking up for his Marine Parade residents.

Wah lau er!

If I was caught skiving on the job I will keep quiet and will be quite shameful of myself.

This thick skin idiot still have the cheek to defend himself.

Now this is what I call shooting yourself in both feet with a single bullet.

This show how arrogant PAP is and they seem to think it’s their birth rights to be in parliament.


Remember it’s the people of Singapore that put every single MPS , Ministers, Prime Ministers and you in the parliament. 

Not yourself.

Your better get your priorities right. 

If you are too lazy to speak then please retire and enjoy you million dollars.

You are now a dead wood of Singapore.

Friday, September 04, 2015

The man PAP feared

Day 2 of the rally is all about Dr Chee Soon Juan.

Everyone be it PAP supporters or not should listen to this man.

He don’t sound like a mad man as what PAP want everyone think he is. 

In fact after hearing his speech you can understand why PAP want to keep him out of parliament.

In days where there is no such thing as social medias, the PAP has full control over SPH and the TV stations.

They tried very hard to make people think Dr Chee is a troublemaker and a mad man.

I have to admit that I once really though he is crazy.

But thanks to social media, about 6 or 7 years back, I started to read more about Dr Chee and actually I found out he is actually a very intelligent and logical man.

You got to give it to him for the courage he has for standing up to his belief after so many years of shits PAP thrown at him. Even till today they are attacking his character rather than his policies.

I am happy to see him back in the GE.

I am also happy that many of my friends who though he is crazy before GE2015 all agreed that this man is of substance and not so crazy after all.

Thursday, September 03, 2015

Day 1 of Rally. PAP nothing new to say....

First day of the Rally is over.

As usual Worker Party’s rally is always crowded. 

It’s the only time where people can listen without censorship.

PAP rally is always well organised. I think even the crowd are organised by their grassroots with free buses ferrying them to the rally site and back home.

Work Party’s crowd came from all over Singapore, paid for their own transport and bought their own dinner just to show their support for the party.

Can almost hear them saying to PAP “We don’t need your goodies to listen to your craps.”

As expected PAP still is harping on AHPETC issues and yes still LKY. 

Heck even the PM who is running for the whole county was at PAP rally last night taking up at least a third of the time allocated.

He spoke at length about integrity of candidates and also on getting the right candidates with heart and integrity is important to the country and its people.

Hey I totally agreed to this but not only PAP candidates are as above. In fact many opposition candidates are as good as if not better than many PAP candidates.

Some of my favourite quotes of the night:

"When somebody pushes you around, you must fight back or else the bully will keep pushing you around." – WP Yee Jenn Jong

"I guess fixing the Opposition is more important to the PAP than fixing the SMRT, the hospital bed shortage, and improving the Singaporean core in our workforce." – WP Png Eng Huat.

If you read today papers and Shamugan has join the in AHPETC issue. Gosh guess all PAP candidates must say something about this.

Oh come on! 

Please focus on telling me what your plan for our woes is and stop putting other down to make yourself less stupid.