Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Not been blogging for quite a while now as I was away for a week during Chinese New Year and then was sick for 2 weeks after that.

Went to Fukouka again during CNY.

As usual weather was great and ate lots of nice food too. Weather was fantastic, nice and cold between 4 – 10 C. It s a good place to rest and relax as it is not too crowded like in Tokyo.

Bought quire a few things as well. Bought 4 pairs of sneakers this time but the red converse was an emergency as the shoes I wore there broke in the middle of the road! Haha….

Happy with all my shoes purchase as they are mostly limited to Japan only.

Came home and dug out my shoes collection.

3 more pairs bought last year in Tokyo in the front here.

And here are the rest of my shoes. Mmm… running out of space soon.

May have caught a cold in Fukouka, was having a terrible cough and was sneezing after a fews days back in Singapore. So after 14 days, 2 visits to the doctor, 3 bottles of cough mixture, 20 flu tablets, 20 anti-inflammation tablets and 10 paracetamols, I am feeling much better now. The hot weather is not helping with my Flu as well.

So am drinking lots of water these days and resting well. And time to pack for Taipei!