Monday, July 30, 2012

Social problem in Singapore. All need sex and Money.

Female teacher's sex romp with pupil: Prestigious school imposes gag order on students

Raffles Institution imposes gag order on students, warning them not to discuss sex scandal involving former female teacher .

Singapore’s top boy school Raffles Institution has imposed a gag order on its students warning them not to speak to the media or discuss among themselves the shocking sex scandal involving a former female teacher in her 20s.

The state media reported two days ago that a former teacher in her 20s from a “top secondary school” in Singapore is currently under police investigation for allegedly having sex with an underage student who was a member of one of the school’s sports teams.

The woman was the teacher-in-charge of the team and was described by those who know her as ‘demure’ and ‘outgoing’. She is a married MOTHER of two kids.

She reportedly had sex with the male student more than once at the school and incident came to light after the boy’s parents lodged a complaint to the school.

According to an email we received from a RI student, the Head Prefect of RI sent a mass email out to its students last night asking them not to comment on the incident:

The female teacher has since left RI and she was described by those who know her as ‘demure, easy-going and approachable’ and was ‘well-maintained’ such that she appeared younger than her age.

The student who had sex with her is currently studying in Secondary Four and is reportedly the ‘envy’ of his classmates for having ‘shagged’ his teacher who is more than 10 years older than him.

Dear oh Dear what has our country and society became.

If you ask me what happened in Singapore for the first half of 2012 I can only recall scandalous stuff.

Underage prostitute who got 51 men in trouble include some high profile customers.

Corruption trial of High Ranking Official in the Central Narcotic Bureau and Civil Defence due to sex with their customers.

Corruption trial for Kong Hee and gang.

Sex for grad between a law student in NUS and her professor.

Now RI boys shagging his teacher. Still he became an envy of his classmate!

Happy National Day Singapore.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Standard or Singapore News

Jurong MP Desmond Lee falls, fractures arm at bike event
He had stopped to check phone and was trailing behind group when the accident happened, Shin Min Daily reported.
Wed, Jul 18, 2012

Desmond Lee, Member of Parliament (MP) for the Jurong GRC Group Representation Constituency (GRC), has fractured his left arm after falling off a bicycle during the Bond & Bike overnight cycling event held on July 14 and 15.

In a Shin Min Daily report published on July 17, Mr Lee was said to have been taking part in the awareness event organised by the People's Association Youth Movement and the Singapore Association for the Deaf.

According to the paper, MP Desmond Lee had already begun cycling from East Coast Park and was in the vicinity of Kallang when the incident occurred.

He told the paper that he had stopped to check his phone and was trailing about 20 metres behind the group of 150 cyclists.

Mr Lee fell when he was making a turn and could not lift his bicycle when he got back up on his feet. The roller chain on his bicycle also broke in the fall.

As he could no longer continue cycling, he decided to take a taxi back to East Coast, where his car was parked.

There, he called his wife for help.

Despite his wounds, Mr Lee did not think his injuries were serious, he told the Chinese daily.

It was only when the pain did not subside the next morning that he realised something was amiss.

A doctor told him that his left arm had been fractured, Shin Min reported.

The MP also suffered from injuries and abrasions to his knee and arm.

I can’t believe that they actually classified this as news. But again it’s Shin Min anyway.

I also think no one really care that Desmond broke his arm while cycling.

Since it is written I will be “Bo-Liao” and go in depth about what this story said.

Firstly we know that Desmond is not a very good cyclist, as he was trailing behind the group by 20 meters. In fact he is the last rider of the group.

 I am actually quite surprise that there weren’t any bootlickers beside him during the ride to help him when he was in trouble.

 If it is true then the cycling event was not very well organise as I think there should be a safety rider at the end to help if there is an accident.

 Another question is what happened to his bike when he gave up riding and took a cab to East Coast from Kallang? Unless his bike is a foldable one or the taxi was a London or Space Wagon Cab, you simply cannot fit a normal adult size bike into a regular sedan taxi.

 Lots of un-answer questions.

On a serious note, I am quite shock that our quality of media had fallen into this level.

There report unimportant events and don’t report important events just because it is not pro-government.

Also if you want to be a tabloid then be the best, go dig deeper into the details and not give us half F report.

No wonder our newspaper is rank 135th by Reporters without Borders in 2011-12. Gosh we are even behind Nigeria and Ethopia!

Monday, July 16, 2012

You sacrify while we continue to get rich.

Public support needed to balance foreign talent and economic growth: Ng Eng Hen15 July 2012

“SINGAPORE: Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen said Singapore will be able to strike a proper balance between economic growth and foreign talent - with public support.

He urged Singaporeans to play their part in helping to achieve such a balance.

Dr Ng said it will always be difficult to do so, and added that Singapore should not pretend that it is going to be easy.

He said: "The balance depends very much on what Singaporeans are willing to support. Because if you tighten too much, your jobs are at risk. And not only your jobs, because you become less competitive. But not only that, for example in essential services, we need people to build our homes, man our hospitals, so on and so forth. Your quality of life will be affected…. “

S Iswaran urges new citizens to integrate, be part of larger society
15 July 2012

“SINGAPORE: Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, S Iswaran, has urged new citizens to learn to integrate and be part of a larger society.
He said this on the sidelines of a racial harmony event in his constituency, West Coast GRC, on Sunday morning. …..“

Approach integration with same spirit as racial harmony: Chan Chun Sing
15 July 2012

“SINGAPORE: Singapore will be able to integrate new immigrants in the coming years, if it approaches integration with the same spirit it has approached racial harmony.

Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing said he is confident of this, but stressed that everyone needs to play a part.

He said: "That will require two hands to clap, it will require fellow Singaporeans to remain open to people from different backgrounds.

"Yet at the same time, it will require new immigrants, our new friends, to come on board and play a part in our society, to reach out, to understand our social norms and to reach out to fellow Singaporeans. Only so, will we be able to build an inclusive society for everyone."

Holy shit! Channel News Asian ran not one but 3 articles with 3 different Ministers telling Singapore the same thing yesterday.

They are telling you to “integrate” with immigrant and you have to sacrifiy else Singapore will be doomed.

Ok to be fair S Iswaran is telling to the new citizen to buck up else Singaporeans will hate you.

These 3 jokers no doubt is being task to echo Hsien Loong message last week, they are reminding Singaporean that we need the new immigrants, we must bite the bullet and accept them else our country not have any growth and they can’t have their millions. But they also claims they are telling the new citizen to behave like Singaporean else they will face discriminations.

Also note Eng Hen is telling you to sacrifice my friends, not him nor the other Ministers nor the Elites. They want you to share resources with the new citizen while they still live in their private house, travel in their luxury cars and eat their lunch at expensive restaurant with no immigrant. Meanwhile they are enjoying their million dollar salaries while you and I are competition with the new immigrants for bus seats, MRT standing space, food in the hawkers, medicine at the clinics and urinals in the public toilets.

This idiot go on saying your quality of live will go down if you don’t have the immigrant, maybe yours but not the poor Eng Hen, how will the poor quality of live go down if we minus the immigrant? So what we are less competitive and our economy don’t grow so fast? I rather have less pay in a country that is less expensive and less crowded.

You just worry for yourself not ordinary Singaporearn.

So my dear Singaporeans, do you want these idiots yes men to be your leaders? You think they will work for your or your children to make this country a better place for you?

These MIW has been living in their ivory towers for too long and they sound stupid even when they try to understand your plight.

Vote wisely come 2015 else we will be slave forever.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Elites will always be Elites.

Govt 'will manage social impact of immigration'
PM Lee urges newcomers to the Republic to play their part in adapting to society
Jul 11, 2012

SINGAPORE - Hong Kong and Singapore, which have seen an influx of Chinese immigrants in recent years, have had to adjust to the social impact of a rising China, said Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong yesterday.

Speaking at the closing dialogue of the FutureChina Global Forum, Mr Lee said Singapore deals with this issue by managing the inflow of immigrants and getting them to adapt to the local way of life.

He felt it was "completely understandable" that Singaporeans may feel uncomfortable with the recent influx of mainland Chinese immigrants, who may look the same as Singaporean Chinese but sound and behave differently.

Mr Lee said the Government will continue to manage the social impact of immigration and urged newcomers to play their part.

"We have to encourage the non-Singaporeans who are living here to adapt to the circumstances in Singapore and understand that this is a different society with different values and cultures, and (a society that is) multi-racial and religious," he said.

"(They) have to make those adaptations which the Singaporean Chinese have adapted and learnt over several generations.

"Of course, we also have to manage the numbers and the flow and make sure we're not overwhelmed. We have to make sure there is effort on both sides to make this a working, adapted and well-adjusted relationship."

The forum brought together more than 60 speakers to share insights on China's evolving society and culture.

On the issue of attracting and retaining talent in the Republic - a problem faced by cities around the world - Mr Lee said: "We must expect that people will go and, at the same time, we must attract people who can make a contribution to Singapore to come to Singapore."

Singapore is an attractive choice because there are opportunities here and it is an exciting and good place to live, he added.

"We try to make it such that if you come (to Singapore) and make a contribution, you can do well and fulfil your potential. I think we have to be like that if Singapore is to prosper."

On the business front, Mr Lee said Singapore companies can benefit from the continued cooperation between the two countries. The key to success is to ensure that companies continue to deliver and that the Singapore brand does not get tarnished, he said.

It took a lost of a GRC for the PAP to realise the seriousness of the situation on how ordinary Singaporean are sick to the neck of the open immigration policy of the government.

Hsieng Loong used to tell Singaporean on how much we need to rely on foreigner and Singapore will be collapse and lose it competitive edge if we don’t have them.

Now after losing the record number of seats in the parliament the PAP is stating to sing a different tune.

They are now finally putting a filter on the open flood gate and is now telling the immigrant to changed instead of asking the Singaporean to change.

Frankly I think it is too little too late and I foresee the PAP will lost more seats in parliament in the next GE. Why? Because the changes PAP promised in the last GE is taking too long and till now I don’t see any concrete improvement of Singaporean lives since.

What we need now is to send stronger signals the incumbent that your Elite pro policy is obsolete and we demand changes. Give me back the Singapore we want!

These policy makers are sitting comfortably in their ivory towers, they don’t sit and eat at the same table with the immigrants, they don’t fight for seats with them on the MRT and buses, they don’t queue up at the supermarket with them and they don’t wait in line at the polyclinic with them so how can the Elites know the Peasants problems?

Till now I cannot see how serious the PAP is to make life in Singapore better for the ordinary folks.

So I guess the people will not take you seriously too dear Hsien Loong.