Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Time Keeping

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Feb 2, 2007
Parents display appalling attitude by leaving with their children before arrival of guest of honour

My son recently won the Edusave Merit Bursary Award for the third successive year for his excellent academic performance for the previous year.

The function was held at a neighbouring secondary school last Sunday. As scheduled, the function began at 9am. However, the guest of honour for the function, the Mayor of Northeast District, Mr Zainul Abidin, was held up at another function and had informed the organisers to start without him.

The organisers had even apologised on behalf of the mayor for his inadvertent delay. Furthermore, several announcements and requests were made to the audience attending the function to stay on until the end of the function.

The organisers reiterated that it would be inappropriate and discouraging for the rest of the award winners if the parents and the children left immediately on receiving their bursary cheques.

To my horror, there were only a handful of parents when the mayor arrived. And this, despite repeated attempts to have them stay back until the end of the function.

I am only a Permanent Resident but I feel that Singaporeans should be more appreciative of what the Government has done for them in terms of education. Try living in a Third World country for a month and see for yourselves why Singapore is the best place to live on Earth.

Muhammad Shaamel

Something interesting.

I personally think there is nothing wrong in leaving before the VIP arrive.

One kind of people that I couldn’t stand are those that have no sense of time. In this case Zainul was held up in another function and he did the right thing to inform the organiser to start without him.

But I guess the organiser wanted to “look good” and therefore are trying to make the people to stay.

All our times are equally precious no matter whether you are the head of State or the toilet cleaner.

Singapore in the best place to live on Earth? Well Muhammad Shaamet made my day by telling the best joke ever.

There is no one place that is “BEST” on this Earth for everyone. Every have different needs and expectation on the country they are living in. I guess dear Muhammad will make a good Grass Root Leader.

Nonsense on TV

ST Forum Jan 29, 2007
Locally produced TV shows appalling

Locally-produced TV programmes are a big disappointment.

Apart from some local soap operas that are still worth watching during those evenings when there is absolutely nothing else to do (even then it is the same old, tired plots most of the time), most locally-produced TV programmes are merely multiple versions of copies of overseas programmes.
Moreover, it is always the same old faces no matter which channel one switches to.

I'm sure many of the programmes produced locally do appeal to the masses and ratings must be good but, to be honest, the antics of the hosts, the lack of originality and the quality of the programmes make me cringe.

Come on, local TV programme producers, surely you can do better.

Dr Michael Loh Toon Seng

ST Forum Jan 29, 2007

Shocked over local TV programme

A few nights ago, while channel surfing, my husband and I chanced upon one of our locally produced programmes, Girls Out Loud.

We were shocked to see that the show featured two 14-year-old girls showing off exotic dance moves. They were skimpily dressed, and dancing in a room with poles.

How could the TV station and producers of this programme - even though it carried a PG rating - allow this to be aired? Are they trying to convey the message that this behaviour is 'cool"?

We should be more mindful of the social and moral issues involved when producing such programmes.

Daphne Lim Jean Ai (Ms)

ST Forum Jan 31, 2007

Host not appropriate for TV programme

I find it shocking that Mediacorp has hired Ms Xiaxue to host the TV programme 'Girls Out Loud'.

A quick visit to her blog will be enough to convince any person that she has denigrated certain ethnic groups. She has particularly written out against Bangladeshis. On her Jan 12 blog posting, she even declared herself to be a racist.

Mediacorp should have known better than to have hired her. As a broadcaster, its management is aware of the impression TV hosts and actors have on young people.

Hence, having someone holding such irresponsible, irrational and immature views on their programme is a serious error of judgment.

Harminder Singh

An outburst of condemnations for Mediacorp.

I have to says that the local produced programme are getting from bad to worst. And mind you, these programme are occupying prime time slots.

I think this due to the fact that there is a lack of competition.

If one monopolised the market, one tends to be complacent.

I remember I still watched locally production long long time ago where they are more meaningful.

Show like “Girls Out Loud” are just crap. If feel like a “trying too hard to be that Paris Hilton show”.

I also think Harminder had a valid point. I am still trying to find the reason why Mediacorp got Xiaxue as the host of the programme.

It will be interesting to read what they will reply this letter if they does anyway.

Monday, January 22, 2007

Yet another MRT Rambling.

I was at Orchard MRT station on Saturday at about 17:40.

It was rainy and it was rather crowded.

Heard this pre-recorded announcement over the station’s PA system.

“For faster boarding and alighting, please processed to the less crowded area of the platform”

“For faster boarding and alighting, please processed to the less crowded area of the platform”

“For faster boarding and alighting, please processed to the less crowded area of the platform”

The irony is that when I look around, think the platform is equally crowded everywhere.

How clever is that.

Prima Tower

Had dim sum with family on Sunday at Prima Tower restaurant at Keppel Road.

For those who don’t know about Prima Tower, it is established in 1977, and it is the only other revolving restaurant in Singapore.

I think I first visited the place at least 20 years ago.

It was an interesting place to visit since it in a revolving tower. It takes about 45min for it to make a complete round and you can enjoy the food with the changing scenery.

The food is not fantastic as it used to be but the experience is still quite nice.
Should try to go up there in during night time.

Friday, January 19, 2007

So Proud Of?

ST Forum
Jan 19, 2007
Sweet victory for the Lions against Laos

I AM writing with regard to the Asean Football Championship match between Singapore and Laos, which was held at the National Stadium on Jan15.

I would like to congratulate the Lions on their emphatic 11-0 victory over the Laotians. It was history in the making as I watched our boys put 11 past the hapless Laotians while, at the same time, erasing a 21-year-old record set during the Merlion Cup in 1986, in which Singapore demolished Indonesia 8-1.

It was my first experience going to the National Stadium to watch our Singapore football team play an international match and the victory made this experience all the more sweet.

Initially, I was expecting our team to win by a four-goal margin, but they surpassed my expectations. The win has injected confidence into the fans, regarding the ability of our football team and I am sure more fans will come to support the Lions in the remaining matches. I, myself, will definitely catch the remaining matches at the National Stadium.

Anyway, best of luck to the Lions for the rest of the Asean Football Championship tournament.

Kenan Kok Xiao-Feng

According to FIFA work ranking, Laos is ranked 150 and Singapore is at 126.
Why be satisfied with a small win against a weaker opponent?

Remember the scrapped
GOAL 2010 project? Is No. 126 the best we can achieved after all the $$ that had went it?

Should just stick with sailing

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Social Behaviour on Bus

ST Fourm
Jan 13, 2007 Old woman helpless on bus full of uncaring passengers
I TOOK a single-deck SBS bus No. 51 (SBS 237) to work on Friday, Jan 5 at about 7.50am. Since it was peak hour, the bus was considerably filled with passengers.

I got on at the first bus stop after the bus left the terminal in Hougang Central Interchange.
Half an hour into the journey, the bus was already crammed full of passengers with barely space to turn, yet the bus driver kept stopping at every stop to pick up more passengers.

During this period, a frail thin elderly woman in her 60s standing no more than 1.5m tall boarded the bus. Inevitably, she was clustered around by passengers.

Standing smack between other bodies, she could barely get a firm grip on the head rest of a seat occupied by passengers half her age.

As the bus lurched and jerked along, there were a number of times she nearly fell. The bus driver made it worse by forcing passengers to move towards the rear so he could pick up more passengers even though there was hardly space.

The poor old woman was bundled around helplessly. All this while, no seated passenger bothered to give up his seat. Only 30 minutes into the journey, the seated young and middle-aged men and women were already transcending into oblivion, I think.

When the bus drew near Ubi Driving Centre, the old woman began to shiver and her legs shook so much, they were hardly able to support her. Her hands were losing their grip though she tried her best to hold on. Her head started to tilt upwards and her eyes began to close. She had turned pale and was gasping for breath.

Involuntarily, she sank till she was almost kneeling on the floor but the passengers standing around her only stared at her and edged away. Some of those seating were watching how she crumpled.

I reached out to help her but was only able to extend one hand as I was blocked by another standing passenger who was watching the action unfold.

Another woman next to her also tried to hold her steady but was also constrained by non-moving 'meat'. An elderly uncle standing next to me had to ask those sitting down to give her their seat in Hokkien. But no one stirred and they still had the audacity to either pretend nothing was happening or continue their pious meditation.

I had to shout at the selective-hearing people in the seats to move one pair of gluteus maximus for the old woman. Finally, one of them heard and gave up her seat to the old woman who had to be helped to sit down.

The woman who gave up her seat applied medicated oil to the old woman who was in a daze. During the commotion, the bus driver continued to shout at us to move in more to accommodate more passengers.

To the management of SBS Transit, what is considered a safe full load on a single-deck bus? How does the bus driver know when the bus is full? Why is a single-deck bus used to ply the No. 51 route during morning peak hour when the route is long and there are so many passengers?

Except for three standing passengers and one seated woman on the bus who helped the old woman, none of the people in the front half of the bus lifted a finger. If we cannot even lift a finger to help one of our own, we, as educated adults in an educated developed nation, have failed.

Fabian Chia Choon Liang

Sad that Singapore Society had became so uncaring.

This is what our education had brought us to.

Basically it is the survival of the fittest symptom.

From young we are brainwashed to exceed academically and don’t need to pay much attention to subjects that are not exam-able like, Moral Education, Arts or Physical Education.

When you step into a working environment, again you have to be involved with office politics whether you like it or not. And you have to make yourself stand out of you peers so to get a good “not so transparent” appraisal so you can move up the corporate ladder.

It is to no surprise that we had become what we are today.

Also Fabian had posts a good question to our “world class public transport” provider. Which I will try to answer on their behalf.

To the management of SBS Transit, what is considered a safe full load on a single-deck bus?
As long as people can get in without dying in the process.

How does the bus driver know when the bus is full?
When somebody die?

Why is a single-deck bus used to ply the No. 51 route during morning peak hour when the route is long and there are so many passengers?
To maximised profit. It is better to get a single deck 110% full then to get a double decker 90% full.

Privatisation of public transport provider is really a nonsense. The company primary target is to reel in maximum profit at the expense of passangers therefore the commuters are the one made to suffer. Bottom of the food chain my friend.

Personally I also had an encounter with a fellow passenger got into a fit on a bus. The bus was fairly empty and a gentlemen and myself have to help that man to seat up. Meanwhile the driver just ignore whatever going on. To be fair, it was about 2 bus stop away from the interchange. But once the bus pull into the bay, the drive nonchalantly walk towards us and then pick up his phone to call his supervisor.

I thought the should all driver be taught some first aids? Or does SBS Transit has a guild to its drivers on what to do during medical emergency?

I doubt there is any top management in SBS Transit, SMRT or Trans Island takes buses or train to work. More less probable for the MIW.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Minister who blog

ST Forum
Jan 10, 2007
Minister George Yeo's blog is one very powerful tool in connecting with the young

Foreign Minister George Yeo's blog is indeed an eye opener for me into the life of a Singapore leader.

Ever since he started blogging several months back, I have been reading his postings and it has given me an insight into the roles and responsibilities of a minister.

As blogs are a popular communication tool for our younger generation, Mr Yeo's initiative to start blogging is one very powerful tool to reach out to our young.

I start to see more transparency into the life of a minister and I feel that it is a good sign that our society is opening up.

This will help build an even stronger bond between Singapore's leaders and its people.

I look forward to future postings on Mr Yeo's blog and would certainly like to see more of our Government leaders blog.

Khoo Lih-Han

I think Lih-Han is so “3 legs”.

I have read George’s blog and it is nothing much. Just simple day to day event just like any other blogs out there and it seem so sanitised. I am sure it will not win any blog award.

Somehow I got the feel of it all being set up by the gahment.

I seriously wonder whether did George start blogging out of his own interest or does he got the “task” by someone.

Remember all the publicity regarding P65 MPs blog site? I doubt you remember it, its just another white elephant.

I wonder does Lih-Ha belong to any grassroot. Look like another publicity attempt for George’s blog here.

I shall not add his blog’s link here. There is enough publicity from the Main Stream Media.

"IKEA" in the forum

ST Forum
Jan 10, 2007
Loud drilling by Ikea staff during a late-night delivery

I was rudely awakened at 11.30pm on Jan 7 by the sound of an industrial, heavy-duty drill, punching holes on the wall I share with my neighbour.

The shock made me jump out of bed thinking that something happened inside my house.

The very loud noise sounded like a motorcycle racing through my house! To make matters worse, I had great difficulty going back to sleep - a symptom common amongst the elderly.

The powerful drill went off about six times indicating that six holes were drilled. Each drilling was accompanied by light taps of the hammer, presumably tapping in Rawlplugs.

The drilling ended at about 11.45pm at which time I saw an Ikea delivery truck moving off.

Even if an Ikea customer allows such a noisy installation late at night, Ikea should have rules not to disturb the peace in the neighbourhood.

I understand that the store has high sales volume and therefore a busy delivery and installation schedule. Please do not fulfil your commitments at the expense of others.

Ong Yoke Fei

I am pretty sure IKEA does not do any delivery on Sunday. So Yoke Fei may be barking up the wrong tree.

I remembered I had tried, on several occasion, to get IKEA to delivery my stuff on a weekend but they only do it on Weekdays and Saturdays.

Anyway to be precise, IKEA had subcontracted their delivery and installation service to a 3rd party. They drive IKEA van with IKEA advertisement and they wear similar colour scheme uniform but they are not IKEA staff.

This is a good case study to of getting all the facts wrong.

Also there is no prove that it was the “IKEA” personnel that did the drilling just because Yoke Fei saw an IKEA van moving off.

It may well be any other neighbour and the “IKEA” is the easy target just because they were in that area.

Look like Yoke Fei is not a very good detective.

Also does getting back to sleep has anything to do with age?

Anyway it would be interesting to see if IKEA do any investigation and reply the letter at all.

Artificial Turfs for our Schools

ST Forum
Jan 9, 2007
Plastic grass? You can't be serious, MOE!

As John McEnroe once said, 'You cannot be serious!'

Exactly my sentiment with regard to the article, 'Goodbye muddy pitches, hello synthetic turf' (ST, Dec 30).

Amidst Straits Times columnists (Janadas Devan: 'Time to wake up to global warming', Jan 5; Ho Hua Chew: 'Don't neglect the green, green grass of home', Jan 5) writing about the effects of global warming and getting more in touch with nature, the Ministry of Education is attempting to make one or more (foreign) producers of plastic grass very, very rich indeed.

Wake up, sanitized Singapore!

Dirt is good. The English have a saying: You must eat a peck of dirt before you die. I believe there is a Hokkien equivalent: 'dirty eat, dirty grow'. For what it's worth, the hygiene hypothesis postulates that our quest for utter cleanliness has played a part in the rise of asthma and allergic reactions amongst young children.

Plastic is bad, especially for the environment.

How do you clean this plastic grass? Detergent and bleach have been suggested. These require precious water to wash it away, poisoning the ground.

How do you dispose of this grass at the end of its life (15 years at best estimate)? Burning plastic releases toxic dioxins into the air.

The economic/maintenance argument is myopic and I agree with Chen Bin ('Don't rob our children of naturally green grass fields by going synthetic', ST Online Forum, Jan 5).

Take the UK economy where the manufacturing sector has shrunk dramatically in the last decade and thousands are still left without jobs because they do not have the wherewithal to do the 'knowledge' jobs that are available.

In the UK welfare state, people do not starve. But while their bodies are well-fed, their souls are famished. Joblessness (just as an excess of material goods) leads to spiritual emptiness, which might go some way in explaining the rise in anti-social behaviour. People have nothing (else) to aim for.

Many in colder and dryer climes would envy our weather that gives us such verdant grass growth. Would the Inuit buy a snow-making machine? Have we Singaporeans gone barking mad?

Is the grass really greener on the other side? If it's synthetic grass, then from the health, economic/social and environmental perspectives, the answer is a definitive 'no'.

After the next heavy rain, smell the sweet smell of wet grass that plastic grass does not give. It is good for the soul.

Dr Lee Siew Peng

Again I think the Ministry had overdone it again. Spoiling our dear children.

Is it necessary to go for artificial turf at all our schools? Siew Peng and several others had wrote to the forum to express their view against the plan and they had listed several disadvantages of artificial turf.

I agreed with them.

There is nothing wrong getting dirty and on muddy fields. I believed most of us ,if not all, had done that at least once in our life.

The Ministry can just replace some several fields with artificial turf for competition purpose instead or they can train professinal ground men to maintain grass field better.

I found on the web several advantages and disadvantages of artificial turf.


  • Artificial grass can be a better solution when the environment is particularly hostile to natural grass. An arid environment or one where there is little natural light are examples. (I am sure in Singapore we got plenty of light, only hostile enviroment here I can think of are heavy rainfalls)
  • Ideal for holiday homes when maintenance of lawns is not practical. It is also a solution for elderly homeowners who find the upkeep of lawns too much hard work.
  • Artificial grass pitches can last up to 10 years. That is much longer than natural turf, and their toughness makes them more suitable for multi use stadia. (What happened after 10 years? Disposal of artifical turf will be an enviroment nightmare. Imagine all Schools in Singapore has one There is about 355 Primary, Secondary and Junior Collages in Singapore.)


  • A lot of its rubber can get in trainers very easily.
  • Some artificial grass requires infill such as silicon sand and/or granulated rubber made from recycled car tires. This material may carry heavy metals which can leach into the water table. The granules can also produce a distinctive odor which is considered to be unpleasant.
  • Needs to be disinfected after every game because it does not absorb body fluids like natural turf . (More water and dietergent need to wash it.)
  • Turf toe is a medical condition which is often associated with playing on artificial grass pitches.

I hope this is not another Scholar's project to rob our children of nature which is so difficult to come by thesedays.

Soon our children will only know chicken are rear in Supermarket and Fish all come without intestine .

Noisy Libraries

Straights Time Forum
Jan 4, 2007
Libraries here are just as noisy as ever

DESPITE numerous letters to the Forum Page regarding our noisy libraries, the situation has remained the same.

Having been abroad for a month, I returned to find the libraries still as noisy as ever.

The main culprits are young children and students who are fast turning our public libraries into a playground and meeting place. Library staff, perhaps immune to such behaviour, generally ignore them.

Poh Tip Twee

I seldom go to libraries these days.

The main reason being I do not have much time left for reading and I do have a few books lying in the bookshelf waiting for me to finished.

The other reason is that that our libraries in Singapore, together with IKEAs and our Changi Airport had became the unofficial playgrounds for children and families outing venues.

Try going any of the above places during weekends or school holidays and you know why.

Children are seen running around screaming their heads off with parents nonchalantly chatting away. Perhaps they see these as their tax-payer’s rights?

However my experience with Tip Twee is a little different on one occasion. Maybe it is happening to this library branch only?

About 6 months back I ended up in Toa Payoh Library. As usual there were some children running about but there was this uniformed security personnel walking around reminding people not to run and to aked them to speak softly when they talked too loud. He even ask people who talk on their mobile phone to take their calls outside.

I thought this was rather nice for a change.

But sadly, have our society became so nanny depending? It looks like it is a “Do whatever you like but don’t get caught” symptom.

Singaporeans are brought up to follow rule and authority blindly.

Shouldn’t we be more civil conscious and behave appropriately without anyone to tell us so?

Shouldn’t we respect other people when we visit public places and not treats these places like our own home?

Our countries had developed but I don’t think our civic manner had at all.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

I am Sick

Had a bad case of stomach flur yesterday.

I just know I am going to fall sick as I have been feeling weak and had some breathing problem for the past weeks. So it finally struck yesterday morning.

Woke up at 2.30am with a bad tummy arch. Went to the toilet and bombed the hell out of Hiroshima. Thought that was over and went that to bed after popping a couple of charcoal pills.

Couldn’t sleep at all as my stomach is really painful, like some sort of cramp feeling. So went to sit on the sofa at the living room. Had some difficulty breathing and went to toilet.

The moment I stood up, I felt like vomiting and fainting. Immediately I sat on the toilet floor and was breaking out in cold sweat. Had another round of Hiroshima and before went to lied down on the sofa. Took a pail with me in case I throw up.

Tummy was really painful, was contemplating whether to go to the hospital. Fell asleep on the sofa and woke up with terrible pain. Decided I better go back to bed with the pail.

Woke up at 11.30am yesterday. Luckily some clinics are sill open for half a day.

Took some medicine and am feeling much better now.

Oh yeah I got a MC for today.