Monday, May 15, 2006

Bon Jour!

Ok have to admit that I sort of MIA for quite some time now but I am back!

Just settled in at Frace, a place that I will call home for 6 weeks due to some work commitment. Had already been here for 2 weeks now and gosh hope I am not over eating too much.

The weather is fantastic, a nice change from the hot humid weathere in Singapore. Nothing much to do after work though as most places closed at 7pm.

Working life is so much nicer here when compare to Singapore. People are less stressful, more relax and therefore friendier. If a French driver drives in Singapore, I can bet he will get a shock of him life. Haa...

Good think is Mr Chan and Mr Soh, my colleague back in Singapore are here this week!!! Alright! Then I will not be too bored and we can paint the town red! Er... gotta censor a bit just in case Mrs Chan come upon this blog of mine. Haa...