Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Korean Movie "Hello Ghost"

Watch this on my flight back from Taipei

Great movie! One of the best I have seen.

Highly recommends it. I love the ending. Super touching. Am looking out for this Writer/director Kim Yeong Tak.

“Sang-man (Cha Tae-hyeon) starts seeing four annoying ghosts after a failed suicide attempt. Carrying out their individual wishes, he finds the pleasures of daily life and forgets about his loneliness and depression. Directed by writer-turned-director Kim Yeong-tak”

Monday, May 09, 2011

Post Election thought.

Now election is over and although I am glad WP had capture Hougang and Aljunied. I am sad that other then this the rest of Singapore still belong to the MIW.

Even more angry that sub-standard people like MBT, WKS and TPL got elected and one of the better Minister around George Yeo has to go.

Even more angry that stupid MM start to talk cock.

Yeah yeah… go back to your era. We have the right to choose who we want in parliament.

I advice to you is please stopped! You already did George in and please don’t sabo your son.

I am also disappointed with those Singaporean that voted for the 3 clowns. Why they do that? I tried to figure it out but cannot.

The only 2 reasons I can think of is:

1) People who don’t care about politic and just wan status quo
2) People who are afraid they will be punished if they vote against PAP.

If you look carefully, I think the only GRC who increased in favor of PAP is AMK under PM Lee.

Note AMK neighbours, Pasir Ris-Pungol and Aljunied carved some territories to AMK resulting AMK PAP’s vote went up and PRP and A both dropped resulting a loss in Aljunied.

I wonder is this deliberate?

As the Gen-Sec of the ruling party I am sure PM will want to do better then his last election so did the redrawing of GRC purposely scarify George and hurt Teo CH a little (He know he is still ok as the area has history of challenge by screwed up party).

Nevertheless, GE 2011 has made history with the most number of elected opposition in parliament. I do hope that the politic in Singapore will mature and bring healthy debates into the parliament and make this unique country a nice place to live in.

We shall see how the new MPs performance in the next 5 years.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

What to do on cooling off day.

Cooling off day which is on 06 May is a day when all campaigning and election advertising are disallowed .

This is to, I quote from the Election Department,

“let voters reflect rationallyon various issues raised at an election before going to the polls”

In another words, after days of rallies when emotion ran high, this day is for you to think about the threats by the PAP and hopefully makes you so frighten to vote for the opposition and you will vote for the MIW.

Only political broadcast will be allow this day and there is no prize for guessing who will get the most airtime.

In fact, I think all news and newspaper will be spreading messages for a certain party and there I shall skipped all this on the cooling off day.

So what I suggest you to do this coming Friday is to boycott all the newspaper and television. (You need to be cooled you know).

Instead use the new media.

Go to the website of all parties and see for yourself what are the trying to tell you.

Go to watch speeches by all parties at the rallies, judge for yourself how good or bad or how convinced you are by them. I suggest you watch Teo Ser Luck 1st rally for a good laugh.

So my fellow Singaporean.

Vote with you head and mind and have the courage to do the right thing.

Majulah Singapura! (Not Majulah PAP!)

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

The game PAP play.

These are the headlines I have seen around on the news regarding Singapore GE 2011 by PAP’s propaganda machine the SPH.

PM Lee: I'm sorry for our mistakes

GE: PAP recognises concerns of all segments of society, says PM

Yeo: Aljunied residents being used by WP

If PAP loses GRCs, it will weaken Government

GE: PM Lee urges Aljunied GRC voters to think carefully about their vote

George Yeo crucial to a first-rate government: SM

GE: People "being made use of" for a larger game: George Yeo

George Yeo 'too important' for Cabinet to lose: SM Goh

Tears fall during Khaw Boon Wan’s wet rally

NSP candidate accused of indiscretions

DPM Wong Kan Seng defends track record

Opposition will form ‘rojak’ government: Lim Swee Say

GE: Be careful when tinkering with system that has worked, says PM Lee

GE: MM Lee says Singapore is not Disney World‎

PAP's Bishan-Toa Payoh GRC team: SPP doesn't know how to run town councils

You see that PAP is frighten…I meant really frighten.

They are again treating Singapore as a stupid child. And the headlines are more or less the same.

First they threaten us.

Telling us if we vote for the opposition. It’s the end of the world.

Then they go on praising themselves on what they have done for us in the last 50years.

After that they start to discredit the opposition even resolved to personnel attacks.

Suddenly they start to cry and share with us their sob stories.

Then they again tell us how important they are and they are not irreplaceable and if George losses it will be the end of the world, again.

Suddenly they start to throw in more goodies for Singaporean.

And finally, PM start to apologies.

Geez… this is like some Taiwan soap opera man and frankly I am sick and tired of all these PAP threats.

I quote Vincent Wijeysingha’s speech on 2nd May:

“If you go into a dark room, and you see what looks like a snake, you will come out of the room. All you do is switch the light on, and then you realize it’s not a snake, but a coil of rope. The PAP’s threats are like a coil of rope.

They are terribly frightened that you will put the lights on – the lights in your heart and in your head, and then you will see that those threats are harmless, and will be harmless after the 7th of May.”

Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Dumb thing to say PM Lee

Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's open admission that PAP wards are favoured for HDB upgrading exercises has touched a raw nerve among netizens…..

"The answer is that there has to be a distinction. Because the PAP wards supported the Government and the policies which delivered these good things."

"Between the people who voted and supported the programme and the government, and the people who didn't, I think if we went and put yours before the PAP constituencies, it would be an injustice"

Pritam Singh from the Worker party summed in all up in his 1st May Rally speech.

“It lies in the PAP’s policy of linking votes to upgrading. This is despicable. All this policy does is to divide Singapore and Singaporeans.“

“My friends, the residents of Hougang and Potong Pasir pay the same income tax as all other Singaporeans. If war comes to Singapore tomorrow, we will be standing shoulder to shoulder with each other, regardless of race or religion or constituency.“

Singapore has always been a multi-languages and multi-religion country. I had classmates from all races and religion while I was growing up.

No one should be discriminated according to his race nor religion.

And now we have this idiot opening telling us PAP are discriminating people in opposition ward.


You just kissed your reputation or whatever is left of it goodbye Hsien Loong.