Monday, September 18, 2006

Hong Lim Park

Oh gosh! Singapore is getting all the wrong attenstion from the world media and local blogger who actually reporting what they saw at Hong Lim Park. Think they scored compare to the control Main Stream Media. After this, the credibility of the MSM sure had gone down even lower but not suprising as we know already know how low they ranked.

Reuter, ABC and IHT together with several local blogs, I-Speak and YawningBread had good reports on the event.

Serveral things crossed my mind when I read what is happening at Hong Lin Park.

1.Why is there so many police there to monitor the situation? And why are they filming whoever and whatever there?

2.Is it necessary to overkilled the situation? I meant who is paying the police salary man!

3. Why the police is behaving in such an intimitating way? Shouldn't they be protecting the public instead? (In another word, don't they have more important job to do like catching housbreaker and robbers)

I think the reputation of the police force is taking a nose dive judging by the way they are handling this situation.

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