Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I am back!

I am back in business!

One of the reason I didn’t blog recently is because there seem to be some technical problem with the blog site. There are days that I could not log on.

Looking back it had been a year since my first blog on 28th Feb 2006!

I find it quite interesting to read my old blog. It is really nice to have read what you have written. You find certain part of you may have changed and some things still remains.

The other reason I did not blog for weeks was I was busy traveling!

I went to Taipei from 23th-27th Feb, back in Singapore on 28th Feb and flew to Hong Kong on 1st March and only came back yesterday.

The trip was tiring but fun! Will try to post some of the interesting toys and comics that I bought.

A word of advice: Spend your money oversea people! It is more worth it!

More to come……….


FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

Wah ... Gahment sure dulan you for not spending money in Singapore. Cannot earn your 7% tax :P

hehe.. anyway, welcome back.

Mr & Mrs Chan said...

Mrs Chan writes:

Where is next? Still in holiday mood I presume...

HH said...

Hopfully will be Japan in Nov.