Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Too much had been written on the nets on the recent Ministers Pay Hike.So I will not write on what all Singaporean should already know about their government that they voted for.

After all these sagas over the years, I am wondering what are the benefits of being a Singaporean after all? And what the government is doing for the “Stayers”?

When I look back the years, I see fares of public transport going up countless time, GST went up from 0% to 7%, medical cost going up, people being retrenched and got a pay cut during SARS and 911, people found new ways of killing themselves with the MRT, gross management of charities (NKF, Youth Challenge), plan to increase our population to 6millions with Foreign Talents, cost of basic food stuff are going up……………..

This makes me think more seriously on migrating… I may be a second-class citizen in another country but I may be better of being a “1st class” citizen in Singapore.

Just a couple of weeks ago, I was watching this charity drive on TV. They got several patients to relates on national TV how poor they are and how they need the help from the man on the street with donations. Yesterday, just saw the first wave of the gross increment for our government. How ironic…

“The world has enough for us, but not our greed”


balonglong said...

He tried his very best! Good Job


Mr Ba Long Long get less then peanut pay :[

balonglong said...

Err interesting crossfire between LKY and LYK


Mr Ba Long Long

MC said...

Mr Chan writes:

Enough said already. Dun forget they are the government and decision is already made to increase the civil service pay and all these talks and debates are just to further enhance the fact that they WILL be paying themselves much more...its not a debate on whether they are listening to the people or not, which obviously they are not...so since decision is already made long before already, nothing much to debate or say anymore.
Guess indeed their income gap has narrowed between themselves and the top earners like what they had been advocating to do at the last election...

MC said...

Mr Chan writes:

So morale of the story, if you want to stay in SIN, make sure u are super rich then u will ahve a damn good life cos its all abt the rich in SIN and abt making economy grow so that the rich can get richer while the poor get $30 more in subsidy from $260 to $290.

Mr & Mrs Chan said...