Monday, December 17, 2007

Life is good?

Looks at how worst off we are in 2007.

More good years? It all depends which ends of the bell curve you fall in.

SMRT To Raise Taxi Fares From Dec 21
by Channel NewsAsia 14 Dec

Top Public Sector Officers To Get 4% To 21% Pay Rise In January
by Channel NewsAsia 13 Dec

ComfortDelGro Overhauls Taxi Fare Structure
by Channel NewsAsia 10 Dec

Singapore Economy To Slow Next Year
by Associated Press 08Dec

Price Of Chickens Goes Up By 50 Per Cent In Singapore
by Bernama 03 Oct

Electricity Tariffs To Go Up Because Of Higher Oil Prices
by Channel NewsAsia 25 Sep

Singapore's Inflation Highest In More Than 12 Years
by Bloomberg 24 Sep

Bus Fares To Go Up By 1 To 2 Cents From Oct 1
by Straits Times 11 Sep

Singapore Home Prices Rise To Decade-High In Q3
by Reuters 01 Oct

Inflation Hits 12-Year High In July
by Associated Press 23 Aug

Suicide Rate Climbs Despite Good Times
by The Star 18 Aug

Electricity Tariffs To Be Raised By Almost 9% From July
by Channel NewsAsia 15 Jun

GST Hike 'Unlikely To Raise Hawker, Cooked Food Prices'
by Straits Times 08 Jun

CPF Minimum Sum Up To $99,600 From July
by Straits Times 07 Jun

Singapore Auditors Find Irregularities In Ministries
by Reuters 25 May

The Ministeral Salaries Are Going Up... And Away
by Whispers From The Heart 14 Apr

Are Top Global Companies Really Dying To Hire Our Ministers?
by Mr Wang Says So 14 Apr

Singapore PM In Damage Control On Salary: Analyst
By AFP 12 Apr

Top Civil Servants Will Get A Pay Increase Of Between 14% And 33%
by Channel NewsAsia 09 Apr

Singapore Ministers Set For Million-Dollar Pay Hike
by Reuters 05 Apr


Balonglong said...

Thanks 2 u.. I can foresee my "bright" future in this land of leeches..

Mr Ba Long Long

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

So what's the use, election comes and PAP wins again..... more increases and increases... time to get out of the system before its too late...