Friday, November 21, 2008

Why eveyone should own a G-Shock.

I was clearing my cupboard over the weekend and I found my old Casio G-Shock under a pile of paper.

It is still functioning after at least 18 years. The day and date are still accurate but it had gone faster by about an hour.

Gosh I remember this watch had been with me through school and Army day and note the outer rubber protection are all gone but the core watch is still working fine!

Shall give it a new battery and keep it working for sentimental value.


FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

the old series are great... but the new ones not as lasting liao..

i oso got one that I used in Sec till now and out of batt.. hehehe

Jennifer said...

Wah...G-shock man....i last time can only drool cos so expensive...only can afford those lousy casio ones...

HH said...

Look like a re-launch for G-Shock 25th Anniversary!

Can go buy liao?