Monday, October 12, 2009

Grumpy me

I need a break!

I got to admit that I am addicted to traveling and if I don’t get my regular dose I will slip into a withdrawal symptom being grouchy and grumpy the whole day.

Why I like to travel? Well maybe because I hate this place?

Food sucks here. For good quality food you have to pay a premium.

Weather sucks. No need to explain.

Public transport sucks. No need to explain.

People? Kiasu and now ¼ of us are “foreign talents”.

Things here are overpriced and not much of a design.

I usually travel on the average of 4 times a year and normally I get into the travel drought between May and Oct. (YES this is exactly why I am grumpy now!) No a good period to travel due to the monsoon.

Just counting down to my Tokyo trip next month. Arghhh…..

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Anonymous said...

Mr Chan writes:
Eh, I in HK now is good..not hot like SIN...good food (needless to say)....and lots of shopping...but after a few days here, now miss home leh...miss my kids...