Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More Nano Block

Earlier this year, I blogged about buying a Nano Block Set of the WWII Japanese flag ship Yamato.

Sad to say I still have not find the time to buid it. Maybe lucky for me, Haha.... I admit I took a look at the instruction for a couple of time and I knew it will not be easy.

For this trip to Tokyo, I found that Kawada came out with more Nano Block product. There is another super high level 1000 plus set of a Japanses castle (Like the Yamato). And they also came out with many more easier smaller sets.

I grab the Tokyo Tower and the Hokkaido Inu.

I told myself better start with the easier one and boy was I correct.

The Hokkaido Inu set took me 1.5 hours to complete! The blocks are quite small and you spent more time looking for time.

Anyway here is the finished Hokkaido Inu.

Tokyo Tower Here I come!

Coin added for scale.


Anonymous said...

Mr Chan writes:

Wah bloody small!!!! Fat fingers cannot do it...

HH said...

Yeah, I also found out if you got long finger nails you will also have a hard time.

yujun said...

hello! this is a old post but i really need your help, i am going to japan this wed 18th aug so i hope you can reply by then, my friend wants me to help her buy nano blocks do you know where in tokyo i can find them?

HH said...

You can get them from most toy shop. Try Tokyo Hands at Shinjuku or Loft at Shibuya.

Christine said...

Hi was searching on this topic and came across this blog. Just want to say that now these nano blocks are available in NTUC (AMK Hub branch). More designs also.

HH said...

So they finally made it to Singapore. Yup they had come out with more design since, I was back in Japan in Feb. : ) But sadly now they are all Made in China only the old stock are still Made in Japan. Kind of irony that the Tokyo Towers are Made in China now.

Nano Block said...

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