Thursday, January 14, 2010

National Service

Next week I will be going for my annual ICT.

This will be my 9th year and hopefully will be my second last in-camp training before I join the rank of the enlightened at the MINDEF Reserve.

So again there will be an IPPT test, camping in some remote part of Singapore, wearing Green clothes and some sleepless nights again.

I don’t really mind going back for my ICT. Really.

Its an opportunity to catch up with old friends and to exercises other part of your body that you seldom use in the office.

But it’s the dreadful time wasting waiting that I hates.

I just can’t help to wonder how inefficient the Army can be sometime. I never understand why. Not to forget highly paid individual runs the organisation.

So I was looking back the day when I was a CHOW Recruits and compare to now, many things has changed. Here are some where I can think of:

  1. Use to wear the WWII Tin Helmet. Now it the stylo Kevlar one.
  2. Use to wear the super old SBO. You need to fix the two pouch and water bottle and the “bra strap” your self. Now they get the Load Bearing Vest.
  3. Running shoes are black canvas type. Now you get either Brooks or New Balance.
  4. Uniform is different as well. Green camouflage replace by Pixel Camouflage.
  5. Beds are sponge on spring support. Now got super Dunlop.
  6. I got the camouflage green shorts and Plain green T-shirt as PT KITS. Now its olive green and black shorts.
  7. M16 then and SAR 21 now.
  8. Cookhouse are run by Ah-Beng. Now its aunties from Singapore Food Industries.
  9. You used to keep a Tin plate when you go to the cookhouse and you need to wash them. Now there are plates in the cookhouse and you don’t do the washing anymore!
  10. Boots you wear are hard and stiff. Now it’s the gotex.

So our soldiers are different now. Compare to even just 10 years ago. People are more educated and also there is less ill treatment now.

Then I just can’t help to think what remains the same in the army… mmm…

1)The towel is the same!
2) So is the Beret!
3) Still got the same #@$@# regular.
4) Water bottle and mess tin is still the same. But I wonder does anyone uses the mess tin these days.
5) Still uses the tleat over map.

Feel free to add on…. I running out here…haha…

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Anonymous said...

Mr Chan writes:

item 7 : not only M16, but SAR80. Bloody rifle that doesn't have luminous tip so no need to fight at night wan. My unit last time still using that.

as for what is the same, it is still the same cock up place where all the blurr f*cks gather...end of the day, what 3G soldier...the attitude still the same what, how to be 3G...all the nice-to-hear terms only.