Monday, April 09, 2012

W are foreigner in our own country.

We deserve red card for expat package, says StarHub
Euro 2012 goodies now for first 2,000 who sign up for promotion, not just European fans here
ST Online 09 Apr

StarHub on Sunday apologised for running an expatriates-only football promotion that offered gifts worth $50.

In an attempt to placate angry Singaporean fans, the firm announced that the first 2,000 people of any nationality who sign up for the Uefa Euro 2012 television package will now receive the goodies. They include a travel bag, a mug, a portable fan and a six-can cooler bag.

The promotion, which started at the beginning of this month, was initially targeted at fans from England, France, Germany, the Netherlands and Spain. It was marketed directly to them through their clubs and association publications.

On Sunday, StarHub told The Straits Times it apologised for any ill feelings that might have been caused.

In the first place who ever in Starhub that think of this idea should be sacked.

Now can you blame the expatriate in Singapore behave like a ya-ya-papaya when Singapore companies are blatantly sucking up to them.

Note they can even jump bailed and ran away after beating up some poor Singaporean.

I think Singapore is the only county in the world who treats foreigner better then its Citizen. They got free scholarship, tax benefit and even good cable packages.