Monday, July 16, 2012

You sacrify while we continue to get rich.

Public support needed to balance foreign talent and economic growth: Ng Eng Hen15 July 2012

“SINGAPORE: Defence Minister Dr Ng Eng Hen said Singapore will be able to strike a proper balance between economic growth and foreign talent - with public support.

He urged Singaporeans to play their part in helping to achieve such a balance.

Dr Ng said it will always be difficult to do so, and added that Singapore should not pretend that it is going to be easy.

He said: "The balance depends very much on what Singaporeans are willing to support. Because if you tighten too much, your jobs are at risk. And not only your jobs, because you become less competitive. But not only that, for example in essential services, we need people to build our homes, man our hospitals, so on and so forth. Your quality of life will be affected…. “

S Iswaran urges new citizens to integrate, be part of larger society
15 July 2012

“SINGAPORE: Minister in the Prime Minister's Office, S Iswaran, has urged new citizens to learn to integrate and be part of a larger society.
He said this on the sidelines of a racial harmony event in his constituency, West Coast GRC, on Sunday morning. …..“

Approach integration with same spirit as racial harmony: Chan Chun Sing
15 July 2012

“SINGAPORE: Singapore will be able to integrate new immigrants in the coming years, if it approaches integration with the same spirit it has approached racial harmony.

Acting Minister for Community Development, Youth and Sports Chan Chun Sing said he is confident of this, but stressed that everyone needs to play a part.

He said: "That will require two hands to clap, it will require fellow Singaporeans to remain open to people from different backgrounds.

"Yet at the same time, it will require new immigrants, our new friends, to come on board and play a part in our society, to reach out, to understand our social norms and to reach out to fellow Singaporeans. Only so, will we be able to build an inclusive society for everyone."

Holy shit! Channel News Asian ran not one but 3 articles with 3 different Ministers telling Singapore the same thing yesterday.

They are telling you to “integrate” with immigrant and you have to sacrifiy else Singapore will be doomed.

Ok to be fair S Iswaran is telling to the new citizen to buck up else Singaporeans will hate you.

These 3 jokers no doubt is being task to echo Hsien Loong message last week, they are reminding Singaporean that we need the new immigrants, we must bite the bullet and accept them else our country not have any growth and they can’t have their millions. But they also claims they are telling the new citizen to behave like Singaporean else they will face discriminations.

Also note Eng Hen is telling you to sacrifice my friends, not him nor the other Ministers nor the Elites. They want you to share resources with the new citizen while they still live in their private house, travel in their luxury cars and eat their lunch at expensive restaurant with no immigrant. Meanwhile they are enjoying their million dollar salaries while you and I are competition with the new immigrants for bus seats, MRT standing space, food in the hawkers, medicine at the clinics and urinals in the public toilets.

This idiot go on saying your quality of live will go down if you don’t have the immigrant, maybe yours but not the poor Eng Hen, how will the poor quality of live go down if we minus the immigrant? So what we are less competitive and our economy don’t grow so fast? I rather have less pay in a country that is less expensive and less crowded.

You just worry for yourself not ordinary Singaporearn.

So my dear Singaporeans, do you want these idiots yes men to be your leaders? You think they will work for your or your children to make this country a better place for you?

These MIW has been living in their ivory towers for too long and they sound stupid even when they try to understand your plight.

Vote wisely come 2015 else we will be slave forever.