Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Strike by SMRT Chinese driver - Is there more then meet the eyes?

Yesterday a group of SMRT drivers from China had a strike.

Judging from the reaction from the public, I think most Singaporean want blood because these Chinese did what no Singaporean will dare to do and we all want the Chinese to be arrested and deport back home.

IF you don’t like the pay you can all go home FT.

Frankly that is what my thought was initially.

You bloody know what pay and what you are getting yourself into before agreed to work in Singapore……… wait… something not right…..

What if they really don’t?

What if they really don’t know they will be paid miserably, work 7 days a week and no leave etc etc?

I personally know someone who worked with a PRC as an air-con repair man. The PRC told him he was tricked to come to Singapore; the agent told him he will be working as a driver and will be paid $2000 a month. However he was ask to work as an aircon tech when he arrived in Singapore.

Since he had paid some money to the agent (I don’t know from China or Singapore), he had to pay off this amount before even consider going home. So this PRC has no choice but to work off his debt here before returning home.

I guess these PRC driver is throwing in the towels.

They are now asking to be paid equally as other foreign drivers and if not I guess they don’t mind being deported back home without needed to pay any penalty, maybe a few days stay in prison, full paid for by tax payers.

China is developing fast and I believe they can find a more decent working environment back home.

So the question is why is SMRT hiring cheap labour from China and making them work like slave? Is it because they are has no voice and SMRT is cutting cost so they can have their millions dollar profit?

Also we need to find out were these PRC drivers and all other foreign workers were told exactly what they will be working as and the terms and conditions before they come to Singapore.
If not then there is something very wrong and the government should come down strong on these errant agents, I call them slave traders.

I hope we can all look beyond the surface and look deep into what really cause this strike by the PRC.