Monday, May 19, 2014

A holiday observation.

I was out of the country last week for holiday. Although I do enjoy myself oversea but I never really like the journey especially at the airport. 

I do not mind being on a moving object like the plan, train or bus but I absolutely hate being in a long queue at the airport. I can never understand why the custom has to take so long every time. In fact the only country I find the custom is fast and efficient are in Japan and Singapore. 

Maybe Singapore welcome all foreigners so they don’t really care. I personally has not seen a long queue of foreigners waiting to clear custom at Changi ever.

A dumb thing I observe at the airport was why the airline allowed the frequent flyers to board the aircraft first even though they are flying economy.

Boarding sequence are there to speed up the boarding procedure so it is logical passenger sitting at the back rows are boarded first so they do not hold up the aisle. 

Children and old folks are ok to board first as they are slow and need assistance. Business are First Class traveller are ok too as there are less seats in there so they should be quite fast.

But letting a frequent flyers sitting at the front of the economy to board first to hold up the aisle is damned stupid.

These cheapo are the worst lot of traveller. If you want to board first please buy a first class ticket. They want to be treated as frequent traveller but yet are too cheapo to buy a business class tickets.