Monday, October 09, 2006

3 days experience in the CBD

I happened to go for a 3 days course at International Plaza a couple of week ago.

The impressions I got from people who work in town are “rush, rush, rush!”

When I got out of Tanjong Paga station, oh boy, these people are mad. The were dashing towards the escalator. Mind you these people are very well dressed but their manner are worst then an aunties you see at the hawker centers.

Lunch time its another “rush, rush, rush!” People were “choping” table with their tissue. This can happen even when you are about to sit down at the table in front of your where suddenly you see the packet of tissue appear out of no where. How sick is that.

Going home its another mad rush.

If you want to see ugly Singaporean, go to our financial districts. Sad…..

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