Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Standard of out Public Transport

Read this on TODAY newspaper.

(The above link had been "removed" from ST website. Basically is someone who wrote in to complain about a train which failed to stop at a station.)

Personally I had encountered the same experience on the MRT. These happened quite a few years back and I would expect their service to improve after all these years.

Not to forget that they keep increase their fare too and judging from things that are happeing on their trains, E.g Dirty Seats, Long interval betwen trains (try Tanah Merah to the airport or Raffles place or City hall on weekend, Over Crowded Cabins during peak hours, Smelly Cabins, Escalator which took a week to maintains (work was STOP over weekend too!)

One just have to wonder how did they justified the fare hike? Note that their profit before Tax this year was $124.1M up from $83.9M in 2005.

The only improvment I've seen over the years are the free toilets and Lift Access to the platform. Maybe the recording CCTV? But don't forget they took away all the dustbins and the fine for littering still stands, how clever is that.


Mr & Mrs Chan said...
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Mr & Mrs Chan said...

There was this guy who wrote in the forum recently. The gist of it was that how can this company which is a cmpany that is supposed to serve its national obligation to the public to provide cheap transportation to the masses be listed in the stock exchange and become a profit-generating organisation? He mentions that that contradicts itself. On one hand, their main objective is to provide transportation needs and on the other hand, they are obligated to the shareholders to maximise profits.
SIA is different where it has always been a profit-generating organisation like what Snr Lee said from day one and it is not a national carrier for nothing and the government will close it down if it is not making money.