Monday, November 27, 2006


Just came back from a week of in-camp.

Every year we all took this opportunity to catch up with each other. This year there had been some re-organizing going on in my reservist Battalion so got to see some old faces for the first time since we ORD.

Looking back, we all had ORDed for about 11years already. Most of these army pals had started they own families and working each in very different fields to earn a living.
Most of us are married and with Kids, some like me don’t think it is wise to bring up a kid in Singapore.

Its great fun talking about the good old days where we suffer together during NSF time.

I also must comment that the army boys have it easy these days. The cookhouse food is much better then what it used to be. I still remember the rubber band Mee Sotos, the yam cake with ice inside and not to forget the dreaded fish during dinner’s time. YUCK.

Also it never fail to amazed me is the rush to wait, wait to rush symptom still exist in the SAF after so many years. Haha…. It is quite amazing how we could stretch 1 hour worth of work to 8 hours.

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