Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Foreign Talents?

Give foreign talent equal dues
Why treat overseas employees differently?
Wednesday • December 6, 2006
Letter from Robyn M Speed

I refer to the report, "Permanent Residents debate price of citizenship", (Dec 5).

One might argue that Singapore citizens in other countries should not be entitled to the same benefits as the citizens of those countries.

It is only fair that they pay full health costs and pay more for education.

If they want the same treatment as citizens, they should take up citizenship in that country.It should not matter if Singaporeans have been living in Australia, New Zealand, or the United States for a decade or more — they should not get the same rights as the citizens. They should expect to pay more.

It is only fair. Right?

I bet you would say no; that if you do the work, you should get fair and equal treatment.

Yet, that is what Singapore wants to do to foreigners here.

You want the top professionals in the world to come and work here, to build Singapore as the top research place in the world, the top education hub. Yet you want to hold them distant, to treat them as second to the locals.

Surely these foreigners are working for Singapore and her citizens, to build your country and economy, to add to your markets and prestige.Some come here, with their families, for career opportunities.

They pay rent at the market rate for a condo apartment, their children attend an international school (because they want a sense of continuity for their children's education). Add up these costs and they are paying a lot of money, while supporting Singapore's economy.

Why do these foreign employees come here?

Because the employer decided that they were the best person for the job. Singapore is a small country and it is difficult for anyone to have the same experience as a worker who has travelled the world, worked in massive markets and learnt from the top people in their fields.

I am an expat. We all have a bond with our homeland and to turn one's back on it is considered to be almost despicable by many. Our homeland is our home in the world — you cannot lightly ask a person to give that up.

Singapore wants to be an international hub of research, education, tourism and so on. And yet, this latest move smacks of: "You are welcome to come, but … ". Foreigners are either welcome or they are not.

And beware, for there are always other markets for these people to go to.

Poor Robyn is bickering she is being treated differently from Singaporean.

Again isn’t this a logical think for every countries in the world to put their citizens first prior to expatriates.

Robyn gave a reason on why these foreigners come to work in Singapore is because their employee decided that they were the "BEST" person for the job.

The fact is many of these foreigners are facing unemployment back home and are forced to seek employment elsewhere.

Not to mention that Singapore is a much better country to live in compare to some of those countries these FTs come from.

Also we must be careful not to be a sucker for FTs as some of them are worst then Singaporean in term of work performances.

Having traveled the work does note necessary make you a better worker, in face it may even mean you cannot adapt to the new working environments.

And yes we know there are jobs elsewhere but please note these jobs are also available to Singaporean and that is the reason why the Govt is trying to make the them stay as they are cheaper compare to most expatriates.

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