Monday, December 11, 2006

Starhub's YouTube Saga

YouTuber temp from agency
Monday • December 11, 2006
Letter from Chan Hoi SanHead, Human ResourceStarHub

I refer to the article, "YouTube, you leave" (Dec 8), which stated: "StarHub fires temp staff member for 'misconduct' in office".

It was clearly stated in our email response to Today on Dec 7 that Mr Terence Tan was a temporary staff member engaged by an appointed manpower agency and assigned to StarHub to promote and sell StarHub products and services to corporate individual sales customers.

He was never an employee of StarHub.

However, there was no mention of the manpower agency in the article, and your readers will inevitably deduce that Terence was an employee of StarHub and that he was dismissed by the company which was not true.

Terence was filmed wearing StarHub's uniform horsing around with another temporary staff member on what was clearly our office premises.

This clip was made available for public viewing without the prior knowledge or consent of StarHub.

We take this seriously as this is not an accurate reflection of our employees at work and it is certainly not the professional image we project.

Our employees take pride in being part of the StarHub family and we are proud of our corporate branding and identity. We are a young and energetic team who are deeply passionate about the role that each of us plays in the company.

When the team's professionalism, reputation or credibility is misrepresented, every employee is adversely affected.

We would like to stress that, as Terence never had an employment contract with StarHub, we were never in the position to dismiss him.

His stint with StarHub was a temporary one to begin with, thus we decided to return him to his manpower agency for other job placement opportunities after the incident.

Yes we know his name is TERENCE!

In this 282 words letter from Star Hub’s Head, Terence name was mentioned no less then 4 times.I seriously wonder whether Star Hub is doing this deliberately?

Just a case of “Hey its Terence that is clowning around and he had nothing to do with us”

Poor Terence, I guess in the future he will have a difficult time finding a permanent job with Star Hub..

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