Monday, March 19, 2007

SIA Krisflyer

In recent months I have noticed an increase in publication on Straights Time’s Forum regarding complaints on SIA’s Krisflyer program.

Most are some Krisflyer’s members bickering about their experience on failure to redeem their mileage or failure to be upgraded to a higher class when traveling with SIA. They are normally followed by quotes of their wonderful experience from other airlines and it usually ends with complaints on slow or absent of replies from SIA.

Several things crossed my mine when reading these letters I just can’t help to think:

· How many of these passengers actually bought their First/Business class tickets and not being paid by their companies?

I know that SIA’s Krisflyer program may not be the best loyalty program in the world but I believed there are certainly a fair amount of abused by passengers.

I just can’t help to think some of these so called Krisflyer’s members are just want to get a “free lunch” with mileage clocked by their “Free” business travels to upgrade themselves whenever possible.

If these members so claim SIA had lost their business then what the purpose of writing in publics about it?

If they praised other airlines so much then they should just stick to fly with these airlines and enjoyed their loyalty program and be happy about it. They don’t have to fly SIA which they have so much complaints.

I’ve also heard horrific stories on unreasonable passengers from my cabin crew friends.

Although I am not a frequent flyers, I had flew with Cathay, Thai, Qantas, Emirates, Air France and British Airway and my experience with them on the whole are slightly below par when compare to SIA.

In summary, SIA is suffering a drop in service standard but so are all the other airlines in the world. Competition, terror treats and rising fuel prices are driving airlines to cut cost. But on the whole SIA are still up there among the best 4 airlines in the world.

So if you don’t like an airline, you have the option of taking your business to another. Stop being a bickering cheapskate.

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