Monday, March 26, 2007

Vegetarian at McDonald's?

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March 24, 2007
McDonald's should lower price for 'vegetarian' meal

BEING vegetarians, whenever we go to McDonald's, we would invariably order a meal without the meat patty.

Invariably McDonald's would charge us the same price even though the meat portion of the meal costs the most.

Can't it charge a lower price in these instances?

N. Nageswaran

This is quite amusing…

Question: Why is a vegetarian doing in a McDonald’s restaurant and complaint about them not selling a burger without meat at a lower price?

Firstly McDonald is not a vegetarian’s restaurant. And Mr Nageswaran can always visit the restaurant with a non vegetarian friends and he can just give or sell his portion of “meat patty” to his friend.

Simple solution.


balonglong said...

blur~~ like that also can.. how about order coke no ice, Fries no salt, err happy meal i just 1 toy.. got discount?????

Mr Ba Long Long

FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

Of course have to pay the same or actually even more!! Since its "special" order. It will take more labour to make a new veggie burger.

However, a suggestion to MAC is to overload the burger with veggies lor, (if possible as thick or the same cost as a meat patty), that way no reason to complain. :P

HH said...
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HH said...

Guess what? McDonald's actually replied! And they are going to look into it! Let wait and see anything from them.

"March 29, 2007
McDonald's will look into pricing of vegetarian meal

WE REFER to the ST Online Forum posting on March 24, 2007, 'McDonald's should lower price for 'Vegetarian' meal'.

We would like to thank N. Nageswaran for the feedback. We will certainly look into this matter and work towards a solution that is both customer-friendly as well as in adherence to our operational standards.

Linda Ming (Ms)
Senior Communications Manager
McDonald's Restaurants"