Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Holiday in Seoul

Just came back from a week break in Seoul.

Weather was rather warm for the first few days and the Sun was pretty strong. Then it got cooler towardes the end of the week. Started to rain and the temperature was hovering around 28 C.

Some interesting things I’ve notice about Korean.

1. They are still in the “couples dress alike fag”

2. They love to buy stuff onboard. (I notice the cart was 90% empty when they are done!)

3. Good girl friends like to hold hands

4. There always someone doing big business in the toilet.
(Yes! 80% of the time I visited the public toilets there are someone doing it. Even start doing on board the aircraft. I guess it’s the food, I did my business everyday there.)

5. They love to stand really close to you.

6. They more or less respect the elders.

7. They like to “fight” for the bill.

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