Friday, July 06, 2007

My letter to SBS Transit today

I must congratulate SBS Transit for making it to the top on my list of worst public transport operator in Singapore.

I commute to work from Pasir ris Bus stop 77019 to Air Freight Terminal daily by Service number 89 in the morning.

I reach Bus Stop 77019 daily at about 7.40am and trying to get on board Service 89 has always turn out to be an impossible mission at that time.

However thing had improved as there are a fairly empty bus arriving at about 7.40am daily to pick up passengers stranded in Pasir Ris as I believe this bus does not start its journey from Hougang.

But as good thing never last long. For the whole of this week, service No.89 at 7.40am disappeared miraculously with the introduction of GST increment on 1st July.

Service No.89 is impossible to get on board at Bus stop 77019 between 7.40am till 8.15am with passengers packed the brim. Worst still SBS Transit had changed one of the service bus to a single deck. Please explain the logic of introducing a single deck bus at peak hour.

The situation of Service No.89 had become even worst with the introduction of No.89E. Hooray for passengers living in Hougang and Sengkang but as the bus does not stop at Pasir Ris and these 89E had made the wait for Service 89 even longer.

SBS Transit must be grateful that pubic bus routes in Singapore are heavily regulated as no 2 bus company are allows to service the same route. As I certainly will not take and SBS transit service if I have the choice.

Please published the time table for service No.89 as this was no where to be found on your website.

Please explain why there are only 2 frequency of No.89 are Pasir Ris between 7.40am and 8.25am.

Please advice is a wait of 45min at peak hour for a passenger within SBS transit KPI.

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