Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stupid Standard Charted Bank

Been receiving tele-marketers calls on behalf of Standard Charted bank quite often these days.

They are different 3rd parties companies working for SC and they can be quite persistent.

Heard from other sources that Standard Charted are one of the more aggressive telemarketing bank around.

Told SC to removed my name from their calling list for 3 times already, and also wrote a couple of complainst to their website and I only got a lousy standard computer generated reply.

I also wrote in to their CEO but don’t seem to get any reply leh.

So folks do help to write to the CEO is you receive hard selling tactics from Standard Charted.

Geez….. I thought there are some law against spamming.

Lim Cheng Teck
Standard Chartered Bank
6 Battery Road
Singapore 049909

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FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

I also received spamming calls from ABN AMRO when I am in Thailand.

Bloody nuisance