Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Tokyo 2007

Just took a week holiday to Japan.

This time I stayed in Tokyo City throughout the whole trip.

It’s actually quite interesting to see how different and similar the people in other country behave when compare to Singaporean and also what is different in the Society.

Firstly some facts:

Tokyo : Area 2,187.08 km², Population 12,570,000, Density 5796 /km²

Singapore : Area 704.0 km² Population 4,680,600, Density 6369.2/km²

Look like in Singapore we have less personal space then in our friends in Tokyo. But of cause we must remember there are lots of people who work in Tokyo actually does not live there, they usually travel from the suburb or even from nearby city like Yokohama.

What I like about Tokyo:

1) The have the most amazing trains system.

The trains are incredibly on time. And I don’t have to wait more then 2 min for a train during peak hour and not more then 4 min during off-peak. And judging from the complexity and the number of the lines and company Singapore's transport sucks big time.

2) People actually stand on the left of the escalator no matter where

They are doing this in shopping center, subways….etc etc. I shall say anything about what is happening in Singapore.

3) People are skilled walkers and you don’t see bloody baby prams around.

In a crowded area, I don’t get people banging in me not like in Seoul and Singapore. And people don’t bring their prams to crowded areas. One reason I find is that most parents prefer to carry their babies and they could rent prams at most department stores. In fact the only pram I saw in Shinjuku belong to a Singaporean’s couple.

4) Nobody talk on the mobile phone in the public.

I find this really amazing. People actually do respect others people rights to a quite train ride. Nobody, I repeat nobody talk on the mobile phone in the train, nor do they walk around talking on the phone. Their phones are normally on silent on the trains and when they need to talk on their phone, they actually stand at a secluded place to talk. In Singapore? We get teenagers blasting their music or ring tones on the MRT daily.

5) Prices are fairly fixed.

Prices for most items are quite standardized everywhere. You won’t be afraid of being conned since you are a tourist.

6) Cheap Toys and Food.

One of my main objective for my trip this year is to get some toys. Looking at the prices of some toys by the 奸商 in Singapore, I am laughing my way to the bank. Also for the same quality of food in Singapore, I find it cheaper in Japan.

What I like about Singapore:


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Balonglong said...

err... wat i like about Japan

Food, Hot Spring, Tokyo Game show, and hahahah Japaneses me mei of cos :]

err unless I am rich, else I dont know wat I can enjoy here beside pay and pay