Friday, November 23, 2007


'Shattered' by Maths paper, but they did finePass rate for subject not much different from previous year, says a director from examinations board
Today online Friday • November 23, 2007

ONE parent said his son returned home "shattered" and countless others concurred.But after the uproar caused by the Primary School Leaving Examination (PSLE) Mathematics paper this year — which many parents had described as exceptionally difficult — all seems to have ended well following the release of the results yesterday.

At St Hilda's Primary School, most parents Today spoke to approved of their children's grades. "He did all right, even better than he had hoped for," said Madam Ivy Ng of her son, who scored an A for Mathematics.

But concerns remained for others, such as Mr Satish K Khattar, one of the parents who had written to this newspaper regarding last month's examinations.

Although his son managed an A for the subject in the end, he did not feel the commotion last month was an overreaction.

"As parents, we have the right to worry about whether our children are prepared for their exams and not unfairly thrown off by something they are not prepared for," said Mr Satish, a copywriter.

"It's not about the final result ... In principle, it is still unfair, even with moderation, to the average student if they have been set questions that they haven't been prepared to handle.

"For administrative officer Lisa Mak, her daughter's Mathematics grade was "disappointing", but she acknowledged that it was not a subject that her child was strong in.

"The toughness of the paper is still a factor, but I understand that other students have managed to do all right," she said.

Ms Piyali Roy, a freelance teacher, said her son had achieved an A star — much to her surprise.

"He was devastated after the exams," she said. "But even though he did well, he was so affected by the maths exam that he couldn't concentrate on his two other papers and that affected his grades for those."………….

Yesterday was the release of this year PSLE results. As usual yesterday news are bombarded by So and So is the top scorers…follow by some sort of interview blah blah blah.

But I was thinking… So what? Is the result day such a big deal that our local news have extensive coverage? There are other more important things happening in Singapore and the world.

Looking the the new articles…. Primay School student these days are “shattered” just because they did not achieve what they think they deserve in their grads. These young kids are being taught to do well no matter what! They cannot accept failure!!

Yesterday some guy in my office told us that his son cannot sleep the day before he get his PSLE results. I was thinking what happened to Childhood in Singapore?
At the end of the day, doing well in school doesn’t mean you are smart. Also certainly does not guarantee that you will turn out to be a nice person.


FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

A lot of my friends ask me why I dun bring my girl back for education....

just asked them to read the recent PSLE news and they diam diam already... hehehe

no, I would NEVER allow my girl to go through what I went through before, rather let her be in an International school in Thailand.

HH said...

I still think what we went through was not too bad. But these days Singapore's education is really in a pathetic states.

We only can produce straight As robots.

Balonglong said...

My Malaysian cousin took 1 yr finish his Private Dip.. come here, NB get the same pay as me... NB. I took bloody 3 yr plus bloody 2 1/2 NS.. end out, his pay higher then me... cos he had a head start.. so this story tell me tat, International/Private wont loss to Bloody sing education.. Pui~~~~