Thursday, February 14, 2008

NSF are getting weak

NSF recalled to camp despite the pain and a medical certificate
Thursday • February 14, 2008
Letter from Lee Kwok Weng

My son, who is serving his full-time National Service, was given medical leave for a week by Alexandra Hospital after two of his wisdom teeth were extracted.

Two days into his medical leave, he was ordered to report back immediately to his army camp.

The pain was still causing him much discomfort. He was unable to eat solid food or get sufficient sleep.

If there wasn't an emergency situation, I find it hard to understand why he was made to go back when he was still on medical leave. Can the relevant authorities please explain?

Check out the loser NSF who need his father to write to the forum for him. How old when are you when you go to the army? At least 16-18 years old.

If Lee Kook Weng has an issue with MINDEF, he should just write to them and not to the forum. I suspect there is some hidden story behind this saga which I will SPECULATE. Hee….

Firstly which dumb ass will remove 2 wisdom teeth at the same time? Unless it is causing pain else the doctor will normally remove one at a time. Or Mr Lee son want to “Keng” since lower wisdom tooth will give you only 3 days MC and the upper ones will give you 5 days MC.

Extracting a wisdom tooth is no big deal, unless the dentist screwed up. Normally the pain will affect your for a day or two and then you are ok except feeling a little uncomfortable.

If Junior Lee is “unable to eat solid food or get sufficient sleep” after 2 days, then he should go and see the doctor again.

Also Lee Kwok Weng did not mention why his son is being asked to report back to his camp.

Maybe it is just to endorse his MC like we all have to when we get MC outside and even though we are going to die we still need to travel all the way back to get our MC endorsed.

So Lee Kwok Weng just want his son to be special? Trying to paint the black horse white I think.

This rule is dumb but I thought MINDEF had improved it somewhat?

The problem with Singaporean is they are spoiling their sons.

I see parents driving and fetching their son every weekend when they book in or out of camp. Some even help them carry the black bags.

Come on man! You son is already old enough and NS is an opportunity for him to learn to be independent. For God sake can you make he grow up?

So you see how can we depend on these mummy and daddy boys to defend the country?

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Balonglong said...

just 1 words come out from my mind "KENG"

and he can upgrade to Keng Officer cos he even know how to make his dad do the shit work wahahahaha. 1 chocolate bar