Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Beware the Cons that prey on people sympathy!

No too long ago we have bogus monks and nun preying on people sympathy by collection alms. Then just a couple of month ago Straights Time run an article on beggars syndicates operating in Singapore.

I have seen a few of these “beggars” operating at various MRT and bus interchange but yesterday I witness their true colour with my own eyes.

I was at Pasir MRT yesterday evening at about 7pm and there was this crippled beggar just outside the MRT station. He was sitting on the floor begging with both hands holding on to some dollar notes and in-front on him there are some coins. ($1 or 50cents).

Then I saw a man approached the “beggar” and he squat down to give him a coin, (look like 10cent or 20cent), the “beggar” actually threw the coin back at the man!!!

The “beggar” was indication to the man he wanted noted by pointing to those he was holding on in his hand.!!!
Basket! If I see him again I will call the police and I hope he ends up in a place where they fire never stop burning.

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