Monday, March 31, 2008

Decision making

Just back from a trip to Taipei.

Since it was the week after the Presidential election, there were many coverages on TV regarding Ma-Ying Jeou , 馬英九 landslide win against Frank Hsieh, 謝長廷.

The Democratic Progress Party held the Taiwan Presidential Seats since 2000 after snatching it from the KouMinTang for the 1st time and now in 2008 the power is shift back to the KouMinTang.

Taiwanese are not very happy with the performance of the DPP for the last 8 years and they are now giving the KMT another chance.

I find that this constant check of the government by the people is very important.

Any layman will know that any new party in power will go 110% out during the 1st few years in power to gain the trust of the people.

So what happen to parties which stay in power for too long? (40years)

They become compliance and proud.

When the government makes a decision, who can tell they are doing it for the Good of the country and its people or are they doing it for their own party?

I believe that a good government should make a decision base on the development and well being on the country rather then selfishly decided on what is good only to them.

Give you an example, the YOUTH OLYMPIC.

Why it is good to host it?

For the government: More Money.

For the people: More crowded trains and buses.

Yes it is good for the economy to hold big event like the Youth Olympic games and the Formular 1 race here but did the life of average Singaporean got any better off from these money making event?

The answer is no!

We are facing record high inflation, GST hikes, higher transport cost etc etc....

So where has all the money gone too?

We should think carefully about this.

Decision making is easy but to make good decision against your own gain is difficult.

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