Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Shit flow downward

Yesterday LTA announced that it will fine SMRT about $400K for the train disruption it caused in January 2008 as they were found not complying to operation procedure during maintenance work.

SMRT reported it might appeal fine and ensure the discipline action will be taken against the staff concerned.

I seriously doubt any Top management from SMRT will take responsibility and resign. Most probably some poor soul will be made the scapegoat and take all the blame and be sacked.

Same go for the Mas Selamat escape.

I can be almost sure that DPM Wong and the Chief of Police will still be around for a long long time.

This is what I can “shit flow downward”.

Same things are happening at work places all the time.

When come to a crisis, no top managements are there to take the responsibilities. They are there all the time to enjoy the perks but never there to take the blames.

So if the government act like this, we can’t blame the government related companies for doing the same thing and we most certainly can’t blame Singaporean for being “bochap” and selfish.


Anonymous said...

Really, what is the point of fining if the money just rotate among the same LEE family business ?

What is one man's loss is another man's gain. Ultimately, these fine instead of helping to improve service will likely endup in coffers'perks and salary.

The fine is nothing more than just appease to the public that justice is perpetuated. . But really what;s justice ? Is this fine endup in reduction of fare or create better service for the public ? Nope, not at all. Rather it is simply meant to pacify the angst commuters who suffer from disappointed quality of service and that is only sole purpose.

As usual, publics has to be critical of wayang show that has no benefit to them at all but only to satisfy their egos.

In the end, the service is shorted of $400,000 to improve the service, and isn't this mean that they will raise the price fare quoting the high cost of operation ?

Do the accounting right, this $400,000 becomes part of operation cost that become a case for fare hike.

How dubious is our gahmen so effectively putting up show !

Anonymous said...

I agree fully with the First Anon.
Much of so-called punishments are no different from other window dressings. It is like beautifying the dead before cremation; much ado but purposeless. As explained by the First Anon; the fine goes to the Coffers and the Offender(s) tabulates the Fine($amount) into its' annual account. And it may and is likely to be used as a reason for fare hike. In the end, it is the commuters(public) that get punished. What a wonderful arrangement!
But, the people will get to realize the punishment is impotent and ineffective. The Coffers get richer with each and every mistake.

And worse, the People feel disappointed and sad that there were attempts to fool them(people).

Singaporeans are disappointed with the Leadership but they have proven themselves to be resilient. And without a doubt, the People themselves, will one day make repairs to the flaws of the System.