Thursday, May 08, 2008

The sorry state of Public Transport in Singapore and the ignorance leaders.

Not too long ago, an idiot from in Singapore proudly commented that he can get from one point to another point in Singapore within 20min.

My finger to you!

My office is about 10.7km away from my home.

There is no MRT or LRT and normally I take a bus to work.

I take about 10min to walk to the bus stop and the bus ride itself during peak hours is about 40min (20min my ass!).

All in all it take me about 60min to reach my office every morning.

Today it took me 90min to reach office!! As I spend more then 30min at the bus stop waiting for the bloody bus!

20min my ass!! This show how tall the Ivory tower is for out Elites and they have totally lost touch with how daily life is for the average Singaporean.

I am not complaining about my 60min traveling time to work every day but I am complaining about the bloody 30min bus wait.

World-class transport system? My finger to you!

SBS transit? ($59m profit in 2007!) My finger to you!
20min traveling time in Singapore? (Not unless you have your own police escort!) My 2 fingers to you!

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FatBoi IN MaeSai said...

Go get a car lah... I support you :P