Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Wayangs

Have not been blogging much as I was rather busy at work.

In recent weeks I have notice the different type of personalities among the people I work with.

Firstly there are the workers, I called them the backbone of any companies, just leave them alone and they will get the work done. But sadly they normally fade into the background and most of the time their works are not appreciated by the boss.

Then there are the Wayangs, don’t see them around when there are works to be done buy they appeared out of nowhere when and wherever the bosses are. Even they may not be required to be there in the first place. These clowns are there to claims credits while putting in minimum effort.

Sadly as bosses are normally idiots and a fair and good boss only come about once in a blue moon, most people who moved up the corporate ladders are the Wayangs.

Same go for the government I guess.

Let say Emperor Lee decided that he want the 3rd Casino to be up and running by Dec 2009. (Impossible target). The Elites Forces aka Wayangs will not risk their balls by telling him that is impossible.

They will just happily agreed with the timelines and pass the job to the Workers.

When Dec 2009 comes and no casino, the Wayangs will blame the workers for not working 28hours eveydays.

Also the Wayangs will not be punish as they are there to fix the problem and are not there to take responsibilities.


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