Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Reminder Again

Just putting up this post to remind myself how shitty the Public Transport are in Singapore. Remeber what happen in 01 Oct 2007?


Jennifer said...

The public transport is actually not that bad. Nowadays I often see new buses (those by Scania) and less of those old buses liao...that is a good sign...however, I dare not say that the public transport is REALLY GOOD cos up till today, I am still not willing to give up my private transport for public transport.

And recently, I took the bus and MRT..boy, has the prices increased like crazy also..I was wondering, i think it may even be about the same costs to ride a motorcycle than take public transport and yet enjoy the convenience with a bike.

HH said...

If you notice, new buses are for mostly for those routes going to the City area. If you got chance see the condition of those feeders bus services... wah lau.. can faint. : )