Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The poor will always suffer first.

By Channel NewsAsia
03 December 2008
CapitaLand executives take pay cuts of 3-20% amid economic gloom

SINGAPORE: Property developer CapitaLand said on Tuesday it will not be laying off staff for now.

Instead, executive-level staff will take pay cuts of between three and 20 per cent as part of the company's cost management measures.

In a statement, CapitaLand said the cuts are due to the deteriorating global financial environment and economic uncertainties.

President and CEO Liew Mun Leong will bear the maximum salary reduction of 20 per cent.

According to CapitaLand's annual report, Mr Liew earned S$1.15 million in base salary in 2007, and was paid S$5.35 million in bonuses.

All salary reductions will take effect in January 2009.

CapitaLand said the salary reduction exercise is one of several cost management measures it has taken. In the last crisis from 2001 to 2003, CapitaLand had also implemented a salary freeze for management and staff.

Management subsequently took a significant pay cut when the recessionary environment persisted.

Despite the latest pay cuts, CapitaLand said it will continue its training and development efforts and review its business operations for future growth opportunities.

Its good that the top is taking the lead to take a pay cut but my question is, “Is it really enough?”

Are they taking pay cut just for show and to appease the share holders only?

Look at Liew Mun Leong’s announcement that he is taking 20% pay cut, WOW not bad you may say.

Annual Pay : $1,150,000
After Pay Cut: $920,000
Pay Cut: $230,000

Actual Pay loss in % = 230,000 / 1150000 + 5350000 = 3%

If you look at Liew Mun Leong’s pay after his pay cut, he is still taking home more then $70K a month excluding bonus.

Gosh there are really some rich people around in Singapore.

Why there is so many charities asking money from the public at bus interchange and MRT stations? They should go to where the moneys really are, AT THE BOARD ROOMS. As you see, the rich don’t take public transport.


neobc said...

There's an article in Today's newpaper written by a public on her experience on going around to seek donations. Even amongst those on the streets, she shared that the seemingly richer ones are donating less than the seemingly average ones.

what's the real use of keeping that $ in a proportion that's way above the average living standards of our lifestyle. if such people eat a $300 daily of 3 meals, it's about $10000 a month. Plus all other necessaries, can we estimate about $50K per month? So, there's cold hard cash of $20K to spare. A 10% - $2k to go into donating to the charitables shouldn't be too demanding yah....?

The Chansters said...

Those CEOs have a huge responsibility to make sure company survive. So they deserve a good pay.....however, just dun ask the rank-and-file to cut pay also......