Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Taipei 2009

Belated post.

Went for a short trip to Taipei in May. As usual the food is fantastic.

I used to think that the food in Hong Kong food is good now I find the food in Taipei can really rival fthose in Hong Kong. Also the service and dining environment is much better too.

Again went to鼎泰丰for the小笼包. Fantastic!

You can forget about the 鼎泰丰 小笼包 here is Singapore.

Taste totally different.

In fact you need to go to the鼎泰丰 at XinYi Road if you are in Taipei. Heard from the local it tastes better then other branches.

Also celebrated my birthday oversea this year. (Again!)

The hotel is thoughtful enough to send me a cake and a birthday card from the General Manager. Good service!

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