Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Post Goal 2010 plan.

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Apr 13, 2010

Ambitious soccer plan overdue

I AM excited by the Football Association of Singapore's (FAS) ambitious plan to take Singapore's soccer to greater heights to match powerhouses Japan, Saudi Arabia and South Korea ("FAS targets top-10 soccer spot in Asia"; last Thursday).

This project is long overdue.

World Cup 2010 was just a pipe dream for the Singapore soccer team and aiming for the best in Asia is a more realistic target.

The emphasis on youth development is a move in the right direction and taking in boys from as young as eight augurs well for the scene. Stimulating interest at an early age will certainly give a boost and inculcate passion for the game.

The target for a gold medal in the South-east Asia Games has long been my wish.

It has been eluding us for a very long time and it is every Singaporean's desire to win it eventually.

The country has done well in swimming, table tennis, bowling and shooting in the SEA Games, and I hope more funds can be allocated to soccer, which is dear to the hearts of many.

Singaporeans share and believe in the vision that we will one day emerge as a powerhouse in soccer.

Bennie Cheok

This is yet another joke and I must applaud Bennie’s optimism.

Remember what our goal was back in 1999? Yes to be in the final of world cup in 2010. (Hey its this year!)


After pouring in millions of tax-payer’s money, even formed a S-League, look at the state of our national team. Pathetic.

So now we are lowing our standard to be the TOP 10 in Asia. Goash! More money down the drain!

Yes I agreed that our National Team has improved compared to 10 years ago, but don’t forget so are all the National Teams in the world!

We will never keep up with those countries that has developed comprehensive programme to develop their soccer players.

We should just concentrate to win Gold in some, debates or Physics Olympics.

Most soccer fan here rather support a team in Europe rather then the national team I guess.

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