Monday, June 28, 2010

No Sick Phase

I call this period the No Sick Phase.

It meant you die die cannot on sick leave. Why? It is because of the World Cup.

Whoever fall sick during this period is automatically classified as “Keng”.

It doesn’t matter whether you are genuinely having a fever of 44 C or has a cast around you feet, if you call in and tell your boss that you are sick your will be classified as a “Chao keng”.

Another No Sick Phase that I identified is during the BMT.

All recruit who fall sick during this period are again, automatically classified at “Bloody kengster” that is true unless you are a “white horse” where all thing you say is classified as the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

I feel that you body need rest to recover from “minor” sickness etc flu, headache.

If you do not get sufficient rest when you develop this warning signals your body give you, you will be dead if you still push your body any further.

So I guess that’s explained why there are people dying in BMT as recruits are afraid to be labelled as a “Chao Keng”.

A couple of year ago I went back to my army unit for my FFI. I saw my docket and realised I only felt sick twice in my 2years 4 month in the army.

Once in BMT where I had a fever and once back in my unit when I had chicken pox.

I also remembered “remote diagnose” is invented in the army.

That is where the Medical Office can tell whether you are sick or not from 10 meters away without even touching or looking at you.

Anyway you will be diagnose with “Chow Kengster” with attend C bunk no matter what. Unless you have to be stretcher in, then that will be a different story.

So if you are catching the world cup, do remember to eat right, drink lots of water, exercise and have enough rest because it is still 2 weeks till we are officially out of the No Sick Phase. (Which will be back in 4 years time)